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This is the beginning of the River Life
fish studio! It’s gonna be great! I created this space with several key
features in mind. Who could that be? Fantastic! Another My Aquarium Box the
best subscription service in the aquarium hobby right now let’s see
what’s in this one back to the studio build and set up here
you see the three first components and that includes a work surface area or
work bench a seating or viewing area and a rolling tool cabinet that I’m using as
an aquarium stand and this is the aesthetic that I was going for and this
style of garage equipment is serving the purpose well thanks for tuning into this
video I think it’s gonna be a good one I appreciate you being here if you’ve not
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ground I’m sharing this story of course here on
the river life youtube channel but also on the Facebook group river life
community tank live Facebook group check us out over there I upload content like
this every Tuesday and on Thursday I do a live stream the river life community
tank live won’t you join us Thursday night we have a supporting Facebook
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check us out we have lots of fun we do lots of good things for the community
with share information and best of all it’s just a time for us to get together
and socialize we encourage each other and support each other it’s a lot of fun
I hope we see you there soon this is happening in the remote areas of
the rainforest and we’re trying to get fish to our city so we can put them in
our aquariums in our living rooms so the river life aren’t for a cause includes
me doing paintings as donations to project piaba
more on that as we go along first let’s take a look at this work surface
workbench adjustable legs super heavy-duty this one has an 800 pound
bearing capacity but I’m not gonna push it I just wanted a space to do product
reviews test products film a few things for the uploads on the river life
YouTube channel and maintenance on lots of aquarium stuff I really just wanted
it to look good as well so this is what we ended up with they come in several
sizes this one’s 4 feet long with adjustable legs the legs are easily
adjustable for height so I’ve adjusted this one to a height that is suitable
for standing and working on different projects project piaba is a nonprofit
organization which studies and fosters and environmentally and socially
beneficial home aquarium fish trade moving on to the second component of our
fish studio a viewing bench I went with the same product line the Seville ultra
heavy duty and a bench wide enough for two people to sit on. What tha’? Hey!
another box from Aquarium Co-op! I love getting these things and I know what’s
in this one I’ve even made a special modification on one of those nylon
spring clamps so that I can use this thing more effectively this is the USB
air pump it runs on so little energy I love this guy anyway about that bench
it looks sleek it is solid as a rock now the legs are not adjustable for height
but there is a storage tray I wasn’t able to find this particularly bench in
black I had to apply a bonding agent and then some black satin paint this was an
easy build it even came with its own tool the heavy-duty bolts and washers
are gonna last for a long time this is a heavy-duty bench it weighs about 19
pounds and supports about 350 pounds it has a nice finish on it so it will repel
water and it’s Beach that’s the kind of wood they make baseball bats out of it’s
gonna be around for a while I’ve dropped a ruler in here for scale but you can
see it’s a standard seating height and certainly big enough for two adults to
sit and enjoy a nice aquarium view project piaba is an all-volunteer
organization and they don’t sell fish they protect the habitat where the fish
come from and help the locals who’ve been collecting the fish for five
generations get their fish safely to market and now on to the third piece of
our fish studio the rolling cart being used as an aquarium stand this thing is
a beast! you’ve got to be kidding me! Oh! Wow, it’s a gift from my friend Otter
Creek Aquatics! Check this out, and check out out Otter Creek Aquatics YouTube channel
while you’re at it! This is a good looking suite and this is one beautiful
Beast look at the size of the rollers and casters on that thing they say it
rolls even when fully loaded but I’m not gonna be moving that equator and while
it’s full of water the capacity is 300 pounds or a hundred and fifty per shelf
so there’s one interior shelf and then of course the laminated wood top and the
aquarium there is a ten gallon aquarium and water at eight point eight pounds of
gallon plus hardscape I’m probably still shy of a hundred pounds should be in
good shape on the weight capacity I do like the push bar there on the front of
the rolling two door storage cabinet for ease of moving around even if I had it
loaded with dry goods there behind the two barn doors that do come with the
locking mechanism this thing was pretty sweet and an easy build this rolling
cabinet is also available as a locking six drawer model I didn’t think the
drawers were tall enough to handle a lot of my aquarium equipment so I went with
the two-door instead. Oh good, I think you’re gonna like this! Yep!
Jacob’s Aquarium just sent those plants I purchased. Check out Jacob’s Aquarium
for the most affordable aquatic plants I’ve been able to find on the Internet.
look at these beauties. I’d say it’s been kind of an organic process
I didn’t really have a lot of preconceived ideas it’s just kind of
been happening I continue to consume YouTube content via all of the fish
keepers and there’s some great ones out there the aquascape is kind of have my
attention right now and the way they do things is really appealing so lots of
YouTube influence a lot of experience coming to the table and just having
finished dozens of project tanks maybe it move in a different direction could
be fun so here we go it’s going to be a fish
studio just a few display tanks and I’m interested to hear what you think what
would make a good display tank in a fish studio discus goldfish stingrays
sturgeon nothing’s out of bounds I’m thinking about everything and I don’t
know where we’re gonna end up it’ll be fun what do you think I’m gonna end up
leave a comment below what do you think don’t forget to hit the notification
bell you can be reminded every time we upload new content which is about every
Tuesday and then Thursday there’s the live stream ooh the river life community
tank live stream come and join the community tankers we’re having a blast
Project Piaba has been compiling scientific data for over 27 years that
helped the fish the fish habitat the people that live in the fish habitat the
industry and the aquarium hobbyist I like Project Piaba I think you all – why
don’t you check them out we’re encouraging each other and our social
community we’re encouraging people on different continents who are catching
fish that eventually make it into our living room with the zero impact to
their population in the wild by the way no kidding check it out Project piaba
org now after all of this work assembling and putting together this
furniture I’m gonna sit down and enjoy my aquarium look at those Scarlet
Badis. I love those guys! I guess some videos take longer to make
than others has it been a month already? Check out this sweet bottle opener this
is actually the prototype oh man I can’t wait till they start putting these
things in boxes and look at all this other great stuff
glad that I subscribed to My Aquarium Box! I get this thing delivered to my door
for about 30 bucks each month, can’t beat it! Now back to looking at my aquarium
this is what it’s all about our fish keeping hobby can take our mind off
things that otherwise might bother us there’s no greater peace that I enjoy
than just sitting still and watching fish do fish things this little fish the
Scarlet baddest and a 10-gallon nano tank has kicked off the river life fish
studio we’ve migrated from dozens of project tanks into what’s going to be
just a few display tanks this may be the smallest inhabitant in the fish studio
but it certainly has a big impact which reminds me I did a video titled small
fish huge impact I hope you’ll check that out it includes the work of project
piaba so we can help not only ourselves as hobbyists but also the entire
industry and even the habitat where the fish come from well I hope you enjoy
watching this aquarium as much as I do and I’d like to know what you enjoy
watching about your own aquariums please leave a comment below and let us know
how you enjoy your aquariums we’ve got a long way to go we’re just getting
started we’ve got a long way to go I’m glad you’re here to see the beginning I
hope you’ll stick with us and go along for the ride and see where we end up
in the future we’ll be adding to the fish studio but for now we’re going to
enjoy it just the way it is don’t forget the links in the
description hope you’ll check out all my friends and vendors that delivered goods
during this video I found all those guys by watching their YouTube videos so I’ll
put a link to their YouTube channels in the description as well what do you
think should be the next piece of furniture in the river life fish studio
leave a comment below and also what’s the next display tank that you’d like to
see a special theme a special fish special plants leave me some comments
below so you can be a part of the river life fish studio build we’re not in a
hurry this is gonna take some time but we’re off the launch pad thank you all
very much for watching this video and all your support so far and thank you in
advance for your continued support I hope you enjoyed this video if you did
give it a like if you know someone else who might like it share it with them if
you haven’t subscribed to the river life YouTube channel please consider becoming
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upcoming content thanks again I’ll see you on the next one until then why don’t
you get out there and see it love it and live it

15 comments on “NEW Fish STUDIO !! Under CONSTRUCTION !!

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  2. With a name like River life I feel it would be fitting for you to do a River tank. Go fishing and use those USB air pumps to bring the fish home. Thank you for all of your awesome content and keep up the good work.

  3. Oooh… definitely goldfish, for the next display tank… ❤ …and as far as items in the studio, I think some of those, hang on the wall aquariums, with some cool aquatic plants, and a light/sconce on them would look nifty, especially as an accent to the houseplants and regular aquariums! I've thought this out… I just don't have the wall space myself, with pictures everywhere! LOL… Anywho.. Loved the video. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Swinging thru to show love and support. Love the door bell deliveries. It's really exciting to follow along while you're designing your fish studio.

  5. Love the badis tank, can't wait to see the plants grown in.

    You should do a biotope display tank. I'm a huge fan of geophagus myself. Can't wait to see what you pick

  6. Great video- left you a like! Man is your front door busy lol! Keep up the outstanding work….. Oh i keep fish because i love to see large fish become these amazing and sensitive parents – Nothing better than sitting in my fishroom and relaxing after a long day at work- Cheers

  7. I think you should add a green bandana stuck to that rolling cabinet with a magnet. Other then that looks amazing !!!!!

  8. Love your channel and content! Studio is looking amazing! This video though, was a hard watch for me. Too much editing, all the Project Piaba plugs and the deliveries. I thought my phone was misplaying your video.

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