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NEW GHOST SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 83 | Pungence

– Here we go,
(upbeat music) Ghost Shark versus Whale Shark. Okay, two Tiger Sharks. This guy won’t get off of me. Um, he’s doing a lot of damage. Oh! Dude, did I get him? Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys, today I’m so excited. We’re playing as this brand
new Ghost Shark, guys. I’ve never played as this thing before. It looks amazing. Look at this thing! So, also has some cool abilities. But, guys, last video we
played as the Colossal Crab and I was asking you guys,
what should we do next, should we do the Ghost Shark? We also have this Norway redfish which we’ve never played as before either. Also, dude, I don’t think
we’ve been able to play as the Tuna before or the Barracuda, so we got a lot of new fish we can do in the Great Map. But, guys, a lot of you wanted
to see this Ghost Shark. I was really excited
’cause it just looks cool. Like I said, it looks
like an amazing shark, so we’re gonna have some fun today. But, guys, I got a special
request to ask you. So, I found a little secret. I found a secret about YouTube. I don’t know if you guys knew about this, but there’s something in
YouTube where you can make my videos get shown to more people. Like, it makes the video
get even more exposure and more people see my videos. It’s crazy and it’s not even cheating. So, I don’t know if you
guys are familiar with this, but there’s like a button under the video and it looks like this. It’s like thumbs pointing upwards. And, if you click it, it helps
me and it helps the video do a lot better. It’s like a secret. I don’t know if everyone knows about it, but I figured I’d let you guys know. If like, I don’t know,
7,777 of you guys did it, it’d be interesting to see what happens. Okay. (chuckles) That’s my way of
asking if you like the video, feel free to hit the like button. Also, if you’re not subscribed, definitely hit the subscribe
button and you’ll basically just be able to see all my
videos when I upload ’em. Hit the bell, you get a notification. Okay, guys, let’s take a
look at these abilities. He’s got the Rip apart. I think almost all the sharks have this. When bitten into prey,
tears them to pieces, dealing additional damage. I like that. And we got the Electroreception. That’s pretty cool. The sense reveals nearby
light even through obstacles at a cost of some speed. Oh, I forget about that. Okay, so we got 66 coins. We can’t die, guys, we can’t die. Um, because I’m gonna
need to get more coins. So, let’s hurry up and get some coins ’cause I don’t even have
enough for another respawn. Okay, we’re the Ghost Shark,
that’s a lot of Ghost Sharks. Okay, we’re the Ghost Shark, dude. We’re in like the depths or the deep area. Okay, let’s eat one of these guys. I think they’re called Tomco
fish or something, whoa! Dude, we do 14 damage plus four. Oh!
(lively fiddle music) Guys, this Ghost Shark, this Ghost Shark is really powerful I think. Now, why is that guy eating the fish or the food that I made? I made this food. I prepared it, let me eat it. Okay, well one more coin. Is that an Angler fish? I see you trying to hide. You can’t hide from me. Angler fish trying to hide. Dude, I love this! Oh my goodness. Guys, I love this. This is a really powerful shark. Like all the sharks I feel
like are pretty powerful, but this one especially, man. And, I’ve got,
(funky music) guys, I’m sorry it’s so dark. Dude, that was one bite, one bite and a bunch of shake aparts. Oh man, 16 damage plus
four with the shaking. The problem is I’m not
really leveling up that fast. Hey, Angler fish, I gotcha. Problem is I’m not leveling up that fast, but maybe, I don’t know, man. (lively fiddle music) Dude, that’s actually kinda rough. I was gonna say maybe
we’re leveling up faster than we did with the Colossal Crab, but it’s kinda close, dude. The Colossal Crab was tough. You gotta admit, Colossal
Crab, that was a tough one. Wow, we’re like flying with this thing. That was a tough one to level up as. But, guys, I’m not gonna
spoil anything, but I’m happy. I’m happy with how it turned
out with the Colossal Crab. Okay, dude, oh, we got some
crabs, speaking of crabs. Maybe I can find one, too. Okay, I gotta get outta this dark area. Like, we’ll just have a few more snacks. You know, we’ll get to
level three or four, have a few more snacks,
and then we’ll get into like daylight ’cause this is really dark. Okay, are those? Oh yeah, these are the
Lantern fish, aren’t they? Those are a lot bigger
than I thought they were. Yeah, I think these are
called Lantern fish. Uh, they’re very beautiful. They’re new, they’re beautiful. I love ’em. Where are those Tomco guys? (chuckles) There were so many of them. Okay, I don’t know where they are. Guys, let’s get outta here. Let’s get some, let’s get some daylight. Dude, look at that swimming animation. It’s almost like we’re flying. Let me eat these fish. Can I swallow you guys whole? Yes! We’re level three. Dude, that swimming animation is awesome. It seriously looks like
we’re flying or something. It reminds me of like a stingray almost. That’s really cool. Okay, here’s a Tomco fish. Dude, one bite and he’s done for. Okay, he’s like really pink. Okay, there’s a lot of
dead ones around here. Did I do that? (chuckles) I don’t know. Oh my God, there’s a lot
of dead ones around here. Okay, dude, I think I spotted him. Is that the Tomco fish? Dude, it’s pretty much free food. You find these guys and
it’s pretty much free food as long as my friends don’t steal it. It’s free food. Like, I haven’t even
seen one of these guys bite me or anything. But, yeah, guys, I gotta admit, I didn’t get a chance to, oh, there’s a Whale Shark up there. We gotta be very careful. I didn’t get a chance to do
any research on this thing. You guys know, oh, he’s eating that fish. (chuckles) You guys know
I like to do some research on these fish before I use ’em, but I didn’t really get a chance to check out the Ghost
Shark, so I’m leaving this up to you guys. If you know anything
about the Ghost Shark, please let me know in the comments. Also, I’m gonna need a note from you guys what are we gonna name this guy. Last video with the Colossal Crab I said, what should we name the Colossal Crab? And, I’m actually recording
this video right, oh! Whale Shark. Hello, Whale Shark. Dude, he like bumped into me. I think he respects me. Okay, you know what, let’s
use some Electroreception. Okay, do you guys see anything? Do you guys see anything? I used the Electroreception
that shows me nearby enemies. Oh!
(rhythmic drumming music) Dude, that’s weird. Ghost Sharks are lighting up. I shouldn’t be able to eat a Ghost Shark. That’s not prey. That’s really interesting. Okay, well at least it’s cool being able to see things light up. I like that. Okay, dude, why is the, it
seems like our damage is lower. Maybe because he has a shell. That’s gotta be it. Okay, what did I say, daylight, yeah. Let’s get into daylight. It’s so dark around here. Dude, have I explored this whole area? This looks so epic. I don’t know if I’ve
explored this whole area. Oh, that’s where the map ends. That’s where the ends. But, dude, they keep expanding it. This map is gonna be monstrous by the time they’re done with it. Okay, here’s some more little fish. Eat these little guys,
eat ’em one at a time. There you go. And, a couple more. And, a couple more. I just wanna eat the whole school of ’em. Okay, there we go, couple more,
couple more little morsels. Dude, we’re not even level five. Guys, we gotta up our game a little bit. We gotta find something big. Oh, look at all the octaviuses. What’s up, octavius? I’m not gonna eat ya. I’m not gonna eat ya. And, dude, he was following me. Okay, guys, oh! There’s a Mosasaurus. Okay, I know I said we
gotta get some bigger stuff, but not the Mosasaurus, okay. Dude, speaking of the Colossal Crab, let’s eat a Colossal Crab. You’re not gonna fight back, are ya? Good. We got him. Guys, I’m really interested to see what name you came up with
for the Colossal Crab. And, I said no, you can’t steal from SpongeBob or anything. We can’t call him Mr. Crabs. You gotta come up with something original. Okay, can we get to, yes! We’re level five. Okay, we’re level five. We been going for maybe
five minutes or so. I’m feeling good. I feel good so far. What is this guy? Can I, oh! Dude, I didn’t think I could eat ’em. Okay, let’s go crazy. Maybe this is a bad idea, but
let’s go for a Hammerhead. Dude, we do 20 damage. Is he done? Oh my goodness! Okay, can I eat these big things? I can. Okay, dude, that’s a really good sign. That’s a really good sign. I can already take out Hammerheads. I can already take out Hammerheads. That’s really good. Okay, so I’m still level
five and the thing is, like, the bigger you
start, the longer it takes to, okay, don’t steal my meat. The longer it takes to level off. So, I think I start off
as a pretty decent size. Okay, you guys are stealing
the meat that I earned. Okay, so you’re gonna
have to pay for that. You’re gonna have to pay
for that by me eating you. Dude, I just keep shaking
him, I just keep shaking him till he’s dead (chuckles). That’s crazy. Okay, keep eating. Keep eating the food
and get me to level six. Dude. Guys, this is definitely
taking longer than I expected. But, we’re just gonna
get as big as possible. You know, last video the goal
was to take out some sharks. So, we went for Hammerheads,
we went for Tiger Sharks, we went for Great White. So, maybe we’ll do the same today. Or maybe, I don’t know, maybe
we’ll take it a step further, maybe we’ll go for some whales. Guys, do you think we
can take out a whale? I think we can take out, like, a Baluga. I think we can take out an Orca. What about the Narwhal, though? The Narwhal with that, like,
that big protrusion thing, that spike thing he’s got. That can be tough. And, the Giant Whale. We definitely couldn’t take him out at least right now. We’ll just have to see how big we get. Okay, it seems like my
health is kinda low, right? Maybe. Okay, we’re at least in the
triple digits with health. We’re over 100 health. That’s not too bad. Okay, that’s actually not too bad. Okay, guys, what should we do? I think we go for a Tiger Shark. Now, I just gotta figure
out where they are. I think they’re this way. They usually hang out by this, like, these pillars and stairs. Okay, guys, we’re just going for it. You know, we’ve only
been recording for, like, five, ten minutes. This is very good. That’s a lot of Tiger Sharks. I think, I think we could do it, though. Let’s just go for it. Let’s go for this one. Okay? Dude, he does kind of a
decent amount of damage. I’m a little, I was gonna
say I’m a little nervous, but we got him, dude. 24 with our first bite, oh! Plus seven with our shake. Dude, I need to take out these big chunks. ‘Cause if it takes me forever,
like, then the other fish can come and steal it. Like this, like these Zebra fish. Hey, actually it’s kinda like bait. It’s kinda like bait. I’m fishing for fish. Well, I guess that’s what
you usually do, isn’t it? (chuckles) You usually do fish for fish. Okay, dude, Zebra, stop stealing my food. This is what happens when
you try to steal my food. I eat ya, okay? ‘Cause I’m hungry. And I have an appetite
that won’t be satisfied. Dude, he only does eight
damage with his first bite and then two extra. We’re doing 20, 26! And there’s seven extra, dude. This is gonna be, I think
this is gonna be good. Only problem is, ew, yeah, these guys, these guys are pretty aggressive. The only problem is
that this takes forever to eat this stuff. Okay, you’re breaking it
up and you’re eating it. How dare you? How dare you eat my food,
my hard-earned food? Okay, two Tiger Sharks!
(dynamic music) Two Tiger Sharks is not good. Two Tiger Sharks is not good. Dude, this guy won’t get off of me. Okay, no, no, no. Am I biting him? I’m biting him. Oh, oh, guys, that was close. I only have 25 health left. Okay, dude, I gotta eat this food fast. We gotta heal up, eat this
food, and oh my goodness, dude. We did just take out two
Tiger Sharks at once, though. That’s pretty good. Yes! Now, I can eat the big chunks.
(upbeat fiddle music) Guys, things are gonna start to speed up a little bit, I hope. Dude, we’re not even in double digits yet. Okay, we can eat these big
chunks and get me to level 10. There we go. We’re finally in double digits. I don’t know, man. I don’t know if triple digits
is gonna be possible today. But, let’s just see what we can do. Okay, guys, we’re level 17. That’s my favorite number. That’s a good sign and,
dude, look at how fast we can take these guys out now. Okay, that’s one bite. And, then I can swallow this big stuff. Dude, that’s pretty good. So, I think every Tiger Shark we take out, oh this is a Black Tip Shark. Let’s take out this guy. Do you think I could swallow him whole? That’d be amazing, but
we’re not even close. (chuckles) We’re not even close. Yeah, I think every
Tiger Shark we take out is gonna get me up one level. Which is really good. Uh, what do I see out there? Do you guys see that? Oh it’s a Browurag. I bet we could take out a Browurag. That’d probably be pretty easy. Okay, let’s at least get to,
like, let’s get to 20 first. We’ll get to level 20 and then, um, we’ll go from there? This is very dangerous. I went straight for the Browurag. That wasn’t, that wasn’t my smartest move. We’re at level 19. Okay, we’re almost 20. I see some Tiger Sharks over here. Let’s eat ’em. The thing is this is kinda dangerous. Great Whites tend to hang out here, too. So, be very careful. Be very careful, don’t eat that. That’s my meat. (chuckles) Okay, we’re level 20 now. It wasn’t too bad. That wasn’t bad at all. Okay what are we doing first bite? 53. Okay, 53 damage first bite. Browurag, you’re done for. Wait a minute. Oh, we do less damage. 29. That’s almost 50% less
damage and it’s probably ’cause he’s got that
exoskeleton or something. That’s the thing about the Browurag. Like, it’s pretty cool. We should play as that guy again sometime. Like they did add the ability to play as the Browurag in Survival. So, guys, let me know if
you wanna see that, too. Um, ’cause yeah, we got a lot of options. We got a lot of stuff we need to do still. We gotta check out that Norway red fish. We gotta check out, oh, what is this? Ichthyosaurus. Let’s take out this guy. Yeah, we got that Norway red fish. We still gotta play as these Tuna. Like, there’s just a lot
of stuff we gotta do. Okay, how amazing would it be if I could swallow these guys whole? We’re still not there. Still not there yet. Okay, level 21. Guys, do you feel like we’re ready to take out a whale? I could probably take out an Orca, right? I think I’d do more damage. I think. I don’t know, man, like, if the Orca’s been leveling up a lot, he could probably take me out pretty quick. Thing is I know that
whale, dude, that whale it just takes out everything in sight. Like, it’s not passive at all. It’s just extremely aggressive. So, we gotta be ready. We gotta be ready for that thing. Okay, let’s just take out
a couple more Tiger Sharks. And, maybe we’ll take
out a Great White Shark. Um, that could be tough (chuckles). Although, okay, we got 300 health. We’re doing a lot of damage. We probably could take out a Great White. Dude, look at this thing. We do have some scars. I got some battle scars. But, guys, let’s go on the
hunt for a Great White. And, then we’ll go for some whales. That’s my main goal. I wanna take out a whale,
whether it’s a Baluga, whether it’s an Orca, whether
it’s that big giant one which I’m pretty sure we
wouldn’t be able to do that yet. Okay, so where is a Great White Shark? Oh, there’s one. Guys, I already know this is a bad idea. I gotta catch him off-guard. He’s not ready.
(dramatic music) Okay, dude, um, he’s
doing a lot of damage. Yes! I got him. Guys, we just took out
a Great White Shark. That’s very good. That’s very good.
(upbeat music) Okay, we gotta eat this food, heal up before another one shows up. Okay, we got the Great White Shark. That’s very good. We’re level 24. Guys, let’s go to this Ice
area, take out a whale, right? Let’s take out a whale. Also, speaking of whales, maybe
we’ll run into Whale Shark. We did see that guy earlier. He was a lot bigger before. But I think I’m bigger
than the Whale Shark now. As long as they haven’t
leveled up too much. Okay, where are those guys hanging out? They’re usually, they’re
usually around this area. Oh! Here we go. Dude, we got, oh, okay. There’s a Whale Shark over
there, we got an Orca here. Let’s go for the Orca first. Dude, I’m doing 60-some damage. He’s making that cute sign. One bite. One bite on an Orca? Dude, that’s crazy. Okay, Whale Shark here we go. Ghost Shark versus Whale Shark. Ghost Shark versus Whale Shark. Dude, I’m doing 68 on the first hit and 20, it’s like 20 every half a second. Oh, man, dude, that’s a lot of meat. Oh, my goodness. Okay, let’s take out another one. Take out another one. Dude, these guys, this is how you do it. Thing about the Whale Shark,
the only advantage they have is their big mouth. He’s flying. The only thing they have is a big mouth and if they can’t swallow you,
their damage is just so low. Okay, that looks like a bigger
Tiger Shark than normal. And, we’re doing 74 on our first bite. Okay, guys, let’s look for another whale. Maybe we can get like a Baluga Whale, maybe we can get a Narwhal. Guys, we just gotta be careful. If that big, giant whale
sees me, he’s usually over to the left. So, if he sees me, we’re dead meat. Okay, here’s a Narwhal. Guys, let’s get a Narwhal. Get this Narwhal. Hopefully he doesn’t hit me
’cause that thing is sharp. That thing is really sharp. Okay, let’s get a view from this angle. Where’s he at? I missed him. (chuckles) Dude, it’s kinda
hard, it’s kinda hard to, oh no!
(dramatic music) No, no, get off me. No, get off me. Okay, let me go. No! Uh oh. Um, we’re in trouble. Dude, everything’s going after me. Okay, can I get out of here? Oh my goodness, dude, we just got saved. Okay, that was really close. Um, time for some revenge. That’s right, one bite you’re dead. One bite you’re dead. Okay, um, don’t get hit by the Narwhal. Don’t get hit by the Narwhal. I gotta heal up. He’s doing 21 damage with his horn. Just make sure he doesn’t get me. Guys, I think the bigger
I am, the slower I get. So, I’m kinda getting slow. Like it’s hard to turn around. Um, yeah, I’m getting a
little discombobulated. Okay, we’re taking out
Killer Whales in one bite. Taking out Narwhals. Um, I haven’t seen a Baluga Whale yet. Okay, I think those other Orcas, I think they were like smaller. I think this is a full-grown one. I just did 81 damage on the first bite. That’s incredible.
(light upbeat music) (chuckles) Okay, dude,
where are the Balugas? I see Narwhals, I see Orcas,
I see the Norway red fish. I’m not seeing the Balugas. Where are they hiding? Oh, there they are! I see some Balugas. I see one, two, three, lining up for me. Was I trying to rhyme? Maybe, yeah, I was trying to rhyme. (chuckles) Okay, he’s
gonna explode into me. Okay, guys, we’re level 30. Okay, this is a horrible idea. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna die. But, here’s the thing, I’m
kinda running out of time. Guys, I’m actually getting this video done before vacation I have to go on. (dynamic music) So, I’m kinda running low on time. So, dude, we’re gonna go up
against this giant whale. But, I gotta, I gotta catch
him before he sees me. He sees me. Okay, I gotta catch him. Oh! Dude, did I get him? No, he’s still alive. He got me. (laughs) He does over 300 damage with each bite. Okay, that hurt.
(lighthearted music) Dude, there’s all my food. You’re not even gonna eat me? He’s just gonna destroy
me and leave my food? Okay, well, guys, I had a
feeling that was gonna happen, but I’m pretty happy with how we did. Like I really liked that Ghost Shark. And, guys, let me know in the comments. Is this your favorite shark or do you like the Whale Shark better? Tiger Shark, Hammerhead,
Great White Shark, Alpha Great White Shark. You guys let me know in the
comments your favorite shark. Hey, guys, if you missed
that Colossal Crab video, you gotta check it out. Or, dude, if you didn’t see my Megalograptus do the Scorpion creature, that one was really crazy too. But, guys, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and
subscribe if you haven’t already. And, I’ll see you guys
(electronic music) in the next Feed and Grow Fish. Now, is the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing is gonna explode! Oh, my goodness, it’s a Pungence gun. Oh! It turns everyone into Pungence. No, no, he got me! I’m popping him.
(balloons popping) I’m trying to get out! Crazy Red Shark. Dude, he’s going in. ♪ Get ready for ♪

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