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– Okay, poison. Ooh, great white shark can’t
see me in here, can he? Dude he’s right there. Oh my goodness, this thing is OP. Guys, we’re gonna get really big. It looks like I’m flapping
wings or something. There he is, dude let’s go for it. Hey what’s up guys, welcome
back to Feed and Grow Fish, so guys, today is a super exciting video, guys we can finally play
as the scorpion creature, and I think it was a few videos back, I mentioned I wanted to
someday play as this thing, and guys they finally made
it available, so this is gonna be a super super fun
video, and I think he’s got like a pretty cool ability, but guys also, something I wanna talk about today is kinda where I’ve been,
I know some of you guys have probably noticed,
I’ve missed a couple videos here and there, so I
wanna explain that today, but guys, I wanted to
say thank you so much, cause even if I miss a video or something, you guys are always there,
you guys always come back, and you’re always so supportive, so guys I’ve done this once before,
and I wanna do it again in today’s video, so,
here’s the plan, guys, If you hit the Like button on
the video, put in the comments just say, I hit the Like
button, or I liked the video, after you hit the like
button, and guys I will heart every single comment that
does that, as much as I can. After a couple days, I might
not be able to keep up, but guys the earlier you
do it, the higher chance I’ll be able to heart your
comment, but I’m always trying to think of ways
to give back to you, and I feel like this is
a fun way, it seems like you guys really liked it last
time, so that’s the plan, if you hit the like button,
put it in the comments, and I’ll heart your comment. And also guys, another
thing I wanna hear from you, what do you wanna see next video? Should we do this colossal crab? This is a new crab, or
should we do the ghost shark? We got a new ghost shark,
we got the Norway red fish. Let me know what you wanna
see, maybe I’ll even do a poll on the video, but guys
before I get into it, we gotta check out the
abilities, so his health is 32, damage is 4, that
actually isn’t too bad, but we’ll take a look at his abilities, active sting, so it injects
venom into caught prey. After a five second delay,
the prey is paralyzed for 10 seconds and takes
damage equal to 10 bites. That’s actually pretty
cool, it bites something, injects venom, and it gets paralyzed, guys this is a new ability, I
don’t think any other creature in this game has that
ability, so I’m really excited to check it out, and you
guys probably notice, we only have two options, that’s because we’re doing crab madness, so
this is actually crab madness in the great map, which is pretty great. Okay guys, let’s get in here. It only takes 15 coins, and here we go. Guys we’re playing as the megalograptus. Okay, whoa, there’s another one. Okay it spawns me right next to a shark? Okay, guys, let’s just be careful. Okay so this is interesting. So it says E to use our
ability, can I swim? Can I swim? Oh, dude it’s kinda like,
actually it’s a lot like the mantis shrimp, but dude
look at all that stamina. Okay, why is my nose itching? My nose is very itchy, dude
look at all that stamina. Okay that’s actually really really good. Okay, so guys here’s the plan. This is my goal for today’s video. I wanna get as big as possible,
it’s probably gonna be tough cause we’re, dude look at those legs. But we’re a pretty small creature. I wanna get as big as
possible though, and I wanna hunt down the colossal
crab and take him out. So guys, dude, we can’t
take out that much, so let’s just eat some of this stuff, and then maybe I can find some crabs. Guys I’m sorry if I keep itching my nose, but it’s just very itchy. Okay, dude look at that. Okay did we just get coins for that? Okay I’ll take some coins. But dude, okay before, that last one, we did five damage, this time we did 3.7, I don’t know what the deal is with that, but guys I gotta say, I’m
liking this thing so far. Okay, this is probably
a bad idea, but what if we could get a zebra fish, dude, the zebra fish, that might be tough. Okay what is that looking at me? What is looking at me? I see the shadow of something. Okay, where is the tiger shark? Yeah maybe we could get a
zebra fish or something, we’re already level
two, that’s not too bad. And the smaller we are,
the faster we level up, no. No, get away from me, get away from me crazy tiger shark. Okay he left me alone, that was good. Okay guys we gotta get outta here. I gotta find something small, I gotta find some crabs or something. Oh that’s where the brow
rag is, okay you know what? Let’s turn around, let’s go this way, but yeah guys in the ocean
map, there’s a king crab, and crab madness is the king
crab, you gotta take him down, steal his scepter and stuff,
but I looked around this map, I looked around the great
map to see if they added him, look at those brow rags,
to see if they added him, but it doesn’t look like
they did, which is fine, you know we don’t need
the king crab, but dude I might have to look around
again, cause that would be really really cool, okay I gotta say, it’s kinda nice being
able to swim that much, cause with the normal crabs, you can’t really swim that much, you
don’t really swim at all. If you hit the sprint
button, you just jump. Okay that’s a great white shark. Hide, guys we gotta hide. Great white shark can’t
see me in here, can he? Dude he’s right there, great
white shark is right there. He’s going away, okay that’s good. Dude I don’t know how we’re
gonna get past all these sharks. We got tiger sharks, you
got great white sharks, a tiger shark just spawned. Okay dude this is gonna
be very challenging, but it seems like they’re
not too aggressive right now. Okay let’s go over here, cause this is where the zebra fish usually hang out. Let’s see if I can get a zebra fish. Dude I just wanna poison something. Okay also guys, I said I
was gonna talk to you guys about where I’ve been lately, and I don’t know, maybe
I’ll make another video talking about it, but
guys I have traveled more in the past month, than I
ever have in my whole life. Guys I went to Los
Angeles, I went to Canada, I went to Boston, all
in the span of a month, and I’m going to the
Dominican Republic soon, so I’ve just been doing
a lot of traveling, so you may have noticed I’ve
missed some days uploading. Guys I try to do a new
upload every single day, but I did miss some here and there. Okay I see hammerheads
down there, we should be careful about those,
there’s the Mosasaurus, definitely can’t take him out, but yeah so I’ve definitely missed, oh look at all those crabs, I can take this guy out, right? Okay poison, ooh. Dude, that is so cool, oh
my goodness he’s paralyzed. He’s paralyzed, oh my goodness so we poisoned him with our tail? Guys that is so cool. Oh my, okay so we catch
him, and then we poison them with our tail, gimme this cuttlefish. Dude I wanna get this cuttlefish, that is so cool. Okay get the cuttlefish, and poison him. I got him, I got him. And I think it said the
poison, oh my goodness, dude look at that, the 2.2,
that green 2.2, that’s the poison effect, guys this is
really good, we’re level five. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness guys I love this thing. We’re already level five. Dude, we might be able to do
pretty well as this thing. The only thing is, if we get attacked by something that’s like really big, that could be bad, but dude that’s so cool when you do poison damage,
it’s like a green indicator. Okay poison, okay I
poisoned him and it takes five seconds, three, four,
oops, well I guess we got him. Okay we’re level six now, guys. Let’s go up here, and let’s
see what we can find up here. Okay we got a little blood, but guys, okay so let me explain a little more, so the reason I went to LA, I was flown out by Frontier Games to play
the new Jurassic World game, and if you guys haven’t seen those videos, definitely check them out, dude
I love this poison ability. We’re doing nine damage now,
but yeah so they flew me out, I was able to play the
new Jurassic World game, I got two videos on the
channel, so definitely check them out if you haven’t already, and like I said, I went
to Canada too, and I can’t really tell you guys
yet, I have a surprise. There’s some other stuff
going on that I’m really excited to share with you
guys, and I’ll probably do a separate video on
it, and then like I said, I went to Boston, for
PAX East, and I’m going to the Dominican Republic,
so guys I’ve just been super busy, but I’ve been
trying as hard as I can to get out as many videos
to you guys as possible. Dude we’re taking these guys
out in one or two bites. Guys this is really
good, we’re level eight. Dude we level up so fast. Okay gimme those crabs,
dude just gimme some crabs and we’re gonna level up really fast. Okay I think we’re gonna be able to take out that colossal crab. Okay dude we need to poison something. We need to find something a little, oh, do you think we could get
a, dude the sea turtle, that might be tough. Let’s go for it though, let’s go for it. It’s probably gonna be tough
with his shell and stuff, but I’m gonna do it. Oh, not a mahi mahi, okay
maybe I can take him out. Poison, I poisoned him,
yes, I poisoned him. Get him, dude he’s running away. He’s gonna be paralyzed. Oh my goodness guys, that’s so cool. Okay I just got flipped upside down, no. No, no, that sea turtle’s
stealing my food. That’s my food, that’s my food. Don’t eat my food. Dude that was really cool. We’re level 10 now, we’re double digits. Okay where’s that sea turtle? I bet we could take him out,
I bet we could take him out. Especially if we poison him. Guys that is so cool. Now does our poison
scale to how big we are? Oh my goodness, I think it does, so the bigger we are,
the more poison we do. Can I poison him again? Oh my goodness, guys this thing is OP. Oh my goodness, it’s OP. Dude we’re level 11, level 12. Oh my goodness, we just
took out a sea turtle. Guys I’m actually getting pretty big. Dude I love this thing, I
love this thing so much. We’re doing 15 damage,
guys, I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it,
we’re actually, okay. I think we can already take
out this colossal crab. Okay that’s a lot of
beebos, you know what? A pack of beebos could be tough. We’re good one on one, but
going up against a pack, that might be a little bit tougher. But guys like I said, thank
you so much for always supporting me, even when I
miss a video here and there, you guys are so supportive,
you always come back, and I can just seriously
never thank you guys enough, that’s a bunch of beebos,
okay stay away from me, I think they’ll leave me alone, but yeah guys I can never
thank you enough, so I feel like being able to
heart all your guys’ comments if you say you like the
video, I feel like that’s just a fun way to give back,
and like I said before, it seemed like you guys really enjoyed it, the last time we did that. Okay dude, I wouldn’t be
surprised if we could take out a hammerhead, okay you know what? We gain our stamina back so fast, oh, okay that’s a great white shark, we gain our stamina back
so fast, I could seriously just keep swimming, I really like that. Okay there’s another great white shark. Dude how many great
white sharks are there? Okay how bout this goliath fish? Dude that’s a bunch of goliath fish. Let’s just get this guy poisoned. Yeah, no. No, get away get away, get away from me. Okay get this guy, and poison him. I need more poison, I need more poison. Yes, he’s getting
poisoned, how am I doing? I think I’m doing okay on health. Okay boys now we’re doing
four damage with our poison, that’s very good, okay I’m gonna get him. Oh my goodness that’s a lot of meat. That’s a lot of meat, eat it all. Level 15, dude and like I said, Okay that guy’s poisoned too. Okay like I said, the bigger
we get, the more damage our poison does, okay this guy’s done for. Wait why can’t I swim? Okay here we go. It seems like our swimming
is getting much worse. Or maybe it’s just cause
I’m going straight up, I don’t know, but it seems
like we’re having a hard time swimming, that could be bad. Oh my goodness level 18, level 19. Guys, we’re gonna get really big. Okay how bout another mahi mahi poisoned. Okay let’s see what kind
of poison damage we do at level 19, dude I’m just grabbing him. Five damage, dude five damage
it’s like every second. Oh my goodness we’re level 20 already. Guys I’ve only been
recording for 20 minutes, we’re going a level a minute. Okay how bout a barracuda? Dude I could probably
take this guy out without even poisoning him, two bites, two bites, barracuda dead. Okay guys what do you think? Do you think we could take
out a hammerhead shark? Guys we start off pretty
small, do you think we could take out a hammerhead shark? Dude I’m bigger than this
guy, I’m bigger than this guy, that’s crazy. Okay he’s dead meat, he’s dead
meat, he can’t handle this. Now we’re doing six
damage with our poison. Whoa, okay he tried to steal my meat. You can’t steal my food,
I earned that food. I worked really hard to get it. Okay yeah, it seems
like the bigger we get, the slower we swim, so that’s kinda tough, you know the swimming thing is getting a little more difficult, dude the hammerheads they just
keep coming straight to me. You know what, I actually think
we have a really long reach, we have a long reach cause of those appendages or whatever
they’re called, dude. That’s really nice. Okay guys, let’s see how we
do against a tiger shark, okay 39 damage, how many bites? Okay let’s just poison this guy. Okay I’m level 37, let’s
see what our poison, 12, oh my goodness 12
damage with the poison. Okay and another tiger shark,
you wanna piece of this? Dude we’re doing 42 damage,
and dude when I grab him, he can’t go anywhere, so
I grab him, I hold him, I poison him, and it’s
13 damage over and over. Now can, oh, I was gonna
say, can that turn into meat? It does, it does. Guys this is really good. Just keep eating these guys. So I don’t think they keep
spawning in the same spot, well maybe they do. Guys if we get big enough,
this could turn out really really good. Okay they’re not spawning
in the same spot, that’s a little bit of
a bummer, but we can hunt them down. Whoa dude, look at all those
tuna, did they just spawn in? Yeah I think they just spawned in. Honestly guys, I’m not
too worried at them much, maybe the swordfish, I was gonna say I think we could probably
take out a great white shark. Let’s go for a swordfish,
dude the swordfish, they can do a lot of damage,
but we just took him on pretty easily, okay? Dude I gotta be able to swallow
some stuff whole by now. Okay how bout this guy? I can swallow him whole, that’s very good. Okay guys, let’s go for
something a little bigger, let’s go for this brow rag. Dude I took him out in one bite, that’s really good, can
I swallow him whole? I can’t swallow him whole
yet, but dude that’s like, I just did. Oh my goodness dude I just
swallowed a brow rag whole. I think I did, let’s try it again. Let’s see if I can get this
guy, dude that’s crazy. Okay guys, we’re level 86,
I think we’re big enough. Let’s check out some of
these other new fish, like we got the new whale
shark, we got the ghost shark, let’s see if I can find
some of those guys. Oh there’s the whale shark, dude we can take this guy out right? He honestly doesn’t do that much damage, all we gotta do is just bite him, okay? 153 damage, why did we do
200 against the brow rag? I don’t know. Guys we haven’t poisoned
anything in a while, let’s poison this guy. Okay let’s poison him. Okay 162 damage, we’re poisoning, oh there’s the colossal crab. Okay I wanna take him out, dude, 48 damage a poison? Is that a good sentence? I think so. Wait where’d that colossal crab go? Did I eat it? I may have eaten it. Okay we had a colossal crab,
it does hang out around here, guys my goal is to find
him and take him out, but now we might be able to take out, okay maybe I’m getting crazy,
but maybe we could take out the mosasaurus, I don’t know. Okay yeah this is the new colossal crab, let’s get this guy. Instantly dead, okay? I don’t know, I think
we can get big enough to maybe take out the
mosasaurus, I don’t know guys we’ll just see what happens. Okay guys we’re almost level 100, 99, dude I bet these zebra
fish will get me to 100. Dude at this point, I think
the only thing that could potentially take us out is either the, dude we’re level 100, either the mosasaurus or that giant whale? I don’t know if we’re ready
for those guys yet, though. We do have 1600 health,
I’m trying to remember how much damage those guys do, but I can’t really remember, I think the mosasaurus, oh, dude, we’re swallowing sharks. That’s very good, but, the mosasaurus, he could probably take us out in one bite, which would be very bad. That would be very bad for our health, so we might wanna get a little bit bigger before we try that. Okay we have over 2,000 health,
I think we’re at a point where if I do run into that giant whale, I think we could probably
take him out, so guys here’s what I’m thinking. Let’s see if we can find
some smaller whales, like some orcas and belugas, and dude, I bet we could swallow them whole. Here’s an orca, I just swallowed it whole. Oh my goodness, this is very good. Okay even if we run into
that giant whale, though, I bet we could take him out, maybe? Dude I’m level 124,
dude there’s a narwhal. That’s what we used last
time, guys if you miss, oh my goodness I just swallowed him whole. Guys if you missed my
narwhal video, definitely check that out, that was
definitely a fun one to play as. Dude we are, we’re actually
getting pretty big. But guys our swimming is getting so slow. Level 130, but we’re just so slow. Okay let’s eat some more
orcas, dude that was an orca and a narwhal fighting, well
I guess I broke that fight up. Okay that’s an orca, dude
I was a little nervous, cause the whale, the giant
whale, it makes kinda like a clicking noise, but it
doesn’t make the squeak. It’s like teeth chattering,
so guys if we hear that, we know he’s close. I’m kinda surprised I
haven’t seen him yet, though. He’s usually all over the place. Okay we got some belugas,
hopefully they stay there. Here’s one right here, he’s
swimming right in my mouth. Okay, dude you swim right into my mouth, I’m definitely gonna eat you. Okay that’s, this is really
good, we’re level 140. Guys there he is, dude let’s go for it. Let’s go for it, oh my goodness. Dude I’m doing 401 damage? I think I poisoned him, let’s
see what our poison does. Dude, that was crazy. I can’t believe how big we
are compared to this guy. Poison him again, dude that is crazy. We got this guy, don’t we? Oh my goodness we’re doing 118 poison, and he’s still alive? Dude that guy’s got a lot of health. And he levels me up quite a bit. Okay that’s good to know. Dude I hope I can find him again. Oh my goodness, okay there he is. Get him again, get him again. Dude we do 600 damage. We do 600 damage, plus the poison, okay the poisoning we’re doing 126 now. Oh my goodness guys, at this
rate, we’re gonna be able to take out the mosasaurus. Maybe we could already,
dude this is crazy. Get him again, and poison. Poison, did I poison him? I think I did, I think I did. Dude 600 damage, and 132 poison. Guys I know it sounds like
I’m obsessed with the poison, I kinda am, dude and he just keeps coming, he keeps coming, and he
keeps going right towards me. This is perfect, it’s so
perfect, and we’re doing 700 damage, guys we’re gonna
be level 200 in no time. Okay so guys, we’re level 365. Dude I just keep killing
this thing over and over. We’re level 366 now, every time I get him, it’s another level or two,
but the only problem is, guys we’re so big, that I’m
kinda falling through the map, and as you can see it’s
getting a little laggy, the game’s getting a little laggy, we’re glitching a little bit, okay you know what, we’re 373, guys
let’s see if I can make it over to the mosasaurus,
and I don’t know guys let’s just take him out. Let’s take him out. Dude I kinda wanna swallow
this guy whole, but I don’t know what level
we gotta be for that, so. Okay I don’t know if he’s
gonna leave me alone. Okay look at how big I am,
look at how big I am, okay? I’m kinda glitching, no no, I’m glitching, I’m out of the map,
okay dude I can’t glitch out of this map, that would be horrible. Guys I am so big, dude
you gotta be kidding me with how big we are, it’s like,
it looks like I’m flapping wings or something, guys, this
thing, this scorpion thing, is so crazy, we’re level 379. Oh no, okay I disappeared and we’re back. Okay guys, all we gotta do
now, is find the mosasaurus. It might be a little tough,
because game’s pretty laggy right now, but dude all
we gotta do is find this guy, I have a feeling I’m
a lot bigger than him, but yeah all we gotta do
is find him, bite him, and then poison him, how hard can that be? Dude I might take him out in one bite, what kind of damage do we do? Let’s see if I can, okay
we’re doing 2,000 damage, that’s actually, that’s pretty good. Oh there he is, guys
there’s the mosasaurus. Dude we gotta take him out. The only thing is, now,
I just gotta make sure we can catch him,
hopefully he swims to me. Dude he looks really
small in comparison to me. Okay let’s get him. Oh my goodness, he’s done in one bite. Poison him, dude we just
poisoned the mosasaurus, let’s see what kind of damage it does. Oh my goodness 700
damage, 700 poison damage. Dude that was crazy. I love this thing, I
love this thing so much. Dude we level up so fast,
the poison thing is amazing. Dude look at that tail,
that tail coming around. We just took out the mosasaurus. We’re officially the
biggest thing in this ocean, and actually by a long shot. Dude the mosasaurus actually looked small in comparison to me. Yeah guys like I said, last
time we played as a narwhal. If you didn’t see that video,
you gotta check it out. Also I started a Tasty Blue
series, guys if you’re not familiar with that game, it’s super fun. It actually came out a
while ago, but I’ve had a lot of requests to play
it, and I played it, and guys I am loving it, but also like I said if you hit the like button,
let me know in the comments, and I will heart as many
of your comments as I can, guys thank you again so
much for all your support. Thank you for understanding that I miss some videos here and there, you guys are seriously the
best subscribers in the world. But guys, that’s gonna have
to do it for today’s video, I really hope you enjoyed,
if you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs’ up button, and subscribe in already. I’ll see you guys in the
next Feed and Grow Fish. Now’s the moment of truth,
let’s see if this thing is gonna explode. Oh my goodness it’s a pungence gun. It turns everyone into
pungence, no, no he got me. But I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark, dude he’s going in.

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