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what’s up the shank people Dustin’s
fishtanks bring it to you with my hundreds video in a row how’s everybody
doing I hope you’re doing well what’s up fish tank people Dustin’s fishtanks
bring it to you with my hundredth video in a row in 2018 how’s everybody doing I
hope you’re doing well today’s video has nothing to do with fish tanks and
everything to do with fish tanks that’s right folks I believe there is a higher
power of some sort I like to call it the fish tank gods and today’s video I’m
gonna break down my top 5 of my fish tank guides signaling me in the right
direction yeah I believe there’s a higher power that kind of gives us
little clues that we’re heading in the right direction
first things first before I get into the light at the end of this video there is
a big omen from the fish tank guides that I received earlier last week on
Friday that I do want to share about with you simultaneously while I was
doing something with fish tank stuff but first I’m a big believer in goals one of
the goals I set out for in 2018 was to do 100 videos in a row just to see if I
could do it I got Andrew behind the editing doing a bunch of great jobs I
wanted to see can I do 100 videos in a row the great late Earl Nightingale said
this thousands of times many times in the strangest TV I should click links
around here to listen I get yourself motivated but he said success is the
progressive realisation of a worthy ideal if you’re working towards
something in the de predetermined goal you are a success he also said that
people with goals succeed because they know where they’re going so if you know
where you’re going you’re gonna have a heck of a lot better life so let’s get
into my top 5 fish tank got moments but with all the gold stuff aside folks this
story like most good stories starts in the jungle
yes folks were going back to the jungle but before we go back to jungle we got
to go back about 23 years when I was 14 years old hanging out at my buddy
jollies house reading the old tropical fish hobbyist magazines where I first
read about pink Amazon river dolphins and decided those are something that I
need to see in my life fast-forward the tape to around August
of 2012 your boy Dustin is on a trip with our friends at margarita tours you
can click the links around here or check out all kinds of videos I got from the
jungle but this one is a special one folks before you see I’m on the back of
the boat on the nanai River it is day four of a five-day excursion out in the
jungle okay and honestly I’ll be real with you
somebody said something to the effect that my house could be on fire and I
wouldn’t know we’re off the grid there’s no phones there’s no cell phones there’s
nothing and I kind of freaked out I was like oh man I got a wife two young kids
at home like a little nervous about what was going down and what happens while
I’m nervous and while I’m tripping I’m walking around there doing a staining
net like they always do so they’re singing in all the fish and I hear one
of the guys I think it was Segundo SAV who fail who fail is what they call the
pink Amazon River dolphins forget the fish at this point folks right like I’ve
got to see enough fish we’re collecting peacock bass severums you can click on
links around here check out videos of all that stuff being netted it’s all
about Dustin seeing the pink dolphin so what do I do I stop what I’m doing and I
see the buffet are over in this Basin I slowly roll over there and like they can
speak English I’m going don’t feds don’t feds dolphins and I’m standing in water
probably about this waist-deep okay I’m in dolphin territory and the Dolphins
are coming in front of me and they’re coming in keep in mind about 45 minutes
earlier I’m tripping out that something’s happening on my wife and
kids all of a sudden one of these dolphins goes
and breaches hey I’m talking like right in front of my face like from here to
that pole right there okay like that’s how that’s how far the dolphin came up
swam away from me in other words he came around behind me next to me and came up
you can see the clip I say a lot of four-letter words it was actually super
nervous but I’m just gonna say it folks it changed me like fish tank gods
shining down on dusty dust he’s been thinking about pink dolphin since he was
14 years old and bam mother nature delivers a pink dolphin swimming right
up next to me pretty much setting the tempo and ultimately changing a little
bit of my life the first time I had a pink Amazon River
dolphin encounter my number five my fish tank got mullets oh my god what’s up man
don’t hurt me and will try to hurt you holy crap oh my god yeah yeah you have
boys yeah we’re friends dolphins yeah yeah holy cow my number for my fish tank guys moments
rewind the tape back to about 2007 the pre YouTube pre kids era I roll into
just fish the long-defunct pet store here in Lexington
my man park is like a man kind of sounds like dave chappelle bit hey man I got
some in the back I want to show you I’m thinking he’s like got a new angelfish
new rainbow fish some sort of new fish we go past all the aquariums we go out
the back door we go out the back door into the back door of the warehouse we
go into the warehouse and sitting there on the ground is a 30 inch tall 6 foot
long I guess what is it 30 inches wide 220 gallon aquarium I take about two
seconds and I ask him hey man how much is it he goes for you 500 bucks I
immediately get the 220 note on that cliff legs around it you check out the
two years I actually sat and stared at that thing of my garage boy reads it our
basement getting ready for numero uno child but yeah my 200 fish tank God
moments and my number 3 fish tank God moment happened by a total stranger in a
random spot you ever have these happen to you so I’m up with an auntie no post
office here in Lexington this is back when I was selling fallen suit and tie
wrap that was cleaner than a bar soap I went from selling quarter-million-dollar
phones to $49 beginner playing a combo baggages but I’m at the post office I
got like 14 15 boxes this is back in the aquaticjungles days right before we even
had the dustinsfishtanks logo but I’ve got all these boxes spread I know this
old dude is looking at me and he’s looking at me like I know he’s looking
at me more than everybody else look gonna be in there like he’s really
checking out what I’m doing and I got all the boxes and I’m standing there and
I’m like you know putting stuff in or whatever and he goes Sonny god bless you
and your business turns and walks out and it was just a little signal like
that that I needed cuz I just am i quitting my job or just some random
person comes up – god bless you baby you walk down my number – fish tank God
moment kind of segues into number one and it’s real simple it’s this past
November I’m at the aquatic experience up in Schaumburg Illinois and I wish
they were moving that show but that’s another story I’m there and one day
three simultaneous fish tank things happened thing one
I actually was out of the bubble hanging out with real people in a real life
actually looking at a human instead of a camera lens think to which I can’t
believe is number two I got my hands on my first 350 gallon aquarium from our
friends at custom aquarium and loaded it into the back of my wife’s minivan and
the number one thing that happened I got a text that day from my banker saying
that the financing was approved on green Houston numero uno three things one day
fish tank people live three hundred fifty gallon aquarium financing for new
greenhouse television and my number one fish tank God moment happened to have a
two-part moment I’m standing in the hallway of Home Depot with a bunch of
pipes building I don’t even knows as I hit the camera
building this dude’s system in the greenhouse that you can see the clips
around for accidentally for his birthday because I didn’t know yesterday was his
birthday and I get a phone call while I’m holding PVC pipes from my banker
telling me we are set to close on the new property next freaking week folks
fish tank guys you get PVC pipes in your hand and get calls from your bankers
you’re gonna close on a property even waiting on for a year or more I love you
do me a favor folks drop me a comment on your biggest fish tank guide moment
something happened at a key moment in your life I’ve had people say fish tanks
got him out of PTSD or horrible experiences or just relax you’re after a
hard stressful event drop me a comment folks I love you
talk to you soon and take on late

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