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NEW PIKE LEVEL 1000 – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 91 | Pungence

NEW PIKE LEVEL 1000 – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 91 | Pungence

– Oh my goodness! Guys this is gettin’ crazy. This might be the fastest
I’ve ever leveled up. And guys, what are we lookin’ at? I’m doin’ a headstand. Look at my face. Am I flying? I’m flying. Okay well a, we’re flying now. Actually, we are flyin’. Here we go. (gurgle)
Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys today, we’re playin’ some brand new Pike, and also guys we’re playin’ on the new multiplayer version of the game. Guys like I mentioned last video, we just got a brand new update. And this is part of it. We gotta new Pike and guys, look at this, we can change the server settings. We can control all the fish in this pond. So we’re gonna have some
fun with this today. But guys last video, I told you guys if we could hit
7,000 likes by the next day, then we were gonna do back-to-back Feed and Grow Fish videos. Guys here’s the thing, I’m recording this video
right after that other video went live. So guys I haven’t seen if we’ve hit the 7,000 likes yet. But here’s the thing, I know you guys. I know you guys, you’re so supportive. I know we’re gonna hit that 7,000 likes. So guys we’re doin’ back-to-back
Feed and Grow Fish videos. Guys last video was pretty crazy. If you missed it, I highly recommend it. Guys we saw the new Megalodon. We got a Megalodon. But yeah for today’s video, we’re not gonna set a like goal, I’m just gonna let you guys surprise me. But here’s the thing, we’re gonna do somethin’ we
haven’t done in a long time. Guys if you like the video, if you hit the like button, put in the comments
that you like the video, and I’ll heart your comment. Guys I’m gonna heart as many as I can. Here’s the thing, I can’t guarantee I can
heart every single one, but here’s what I will guarantee, the first 100 comments, I’ll heart all of your comments. And then after that I’m just
gonna do as many as I can. Like I’ll do some today, some tomorrow, and later on. So guys like I said, it’s been a while since I’ve done that, but it’s just a fun way
to give back to you guys. Okay. Guys let’s do this. So I had to earn some coins. We got 34 coins and he costs 25. But guys look at this. This is something that
I’m really happy about. We can still play as the old Pike. So guys, this is the old Pike fish, this is the new one. The new one looks a lot
more realistic I think. Let me know in the comments which one you guys like better. This one’s pretty cool. Okay guys. Let’s mess with these server settings. So okay, players can do all the fish, bots, we can have all of ’em. Is there anything we don’t want in here? Guys we want everything. But dude look at this. So you can have a minimum amount of fish, and a maximum. Oh and a price. Oh my goodness guys, I didn’t know you could change the price. Okay. I earned these coins, I could a just put the price down. Okay that’s fine. Okay guys… For Blu fish, let’s do a ton of Blu fish. Oh my goodness 92. A minimum of 92. I don’t want to lag out the server, so let’s do like 80. This is gonna be great food for me. Catfish one. Let’s just do like one to two Catfish. Okay. Maybe a few less Diava’s. Gold fish, Lot’s of ’em. I want lots of Gold fish. Klej, not too many of those. Pike’s, I don’t mind havin’ some other Pike’s. Piranha, that looks good. Raptor, guys isn’t this amazing. Snakehead. Let’s just do, we could have two Snakehead’s. One to two Snakehead’s. Guys the new Swamp Crab. We’re gonna see the new Swamp Crab. That’s another new creature. We can do a bunch of these guys. Swamp Lurker. You know what? Guys here’s my goal. I wanna get big enough to where I can swallow
the Swamp Lurker whole, so this could be really dangerous before we get to that point. But let’s do like a minimum of five. A minimum of five. Maximum nine. Uber fish. We can do a bunch of Uber fish. And Wachuma. Wachuma are really dangerous. I’m not gonna have a lot of those. Okay guys. So experience ray is at 300. Max level. Apply and restart. So we restart the server. Everything gets reset. Whoa! Dude, look at all those Gold fish. I think it’s already starting. Okay ecosystem has been reset. Guys here we go. This is our first time
playing as this new Pike. Respawn available. Here we go. And so okay guys, if you missed last video, definitely check it out because I talk about all the new stuff. I’ll go over some of it again today, but guys look at the, look at this map. Cause this is, okay this is free food? Is this me? This might have been me. I was playin’ before a little bit. Guys we’re already leveling up like crazy. We’re already level four? Okay. Um, level five. That’s amazing. But yeah doesn’t the swamp
look a little different? To me, like the colors look a lot different. It’s almost like, they put some kind a color grading… Whoa! Oh man, guys look at all these Gold fish. I’m swallowin’ ’em whole! Guys we’re already level eight. Okay. What is happening? Oh my goodness. Dude why are they turning into meat, I’m just swallowing ’em. Do they… Wow do they get hurt if they touch my D… Okay maybe, maybe I made the server a little ob… Dude this guy’s actually shiny. That Gold fish is shiny. I don’t know if that’s new or not. But guys oh my goodness. I did forget to mention, the Pike has an ability. He’s got a pretty cool ability. Wow everything’s shiny under here. But the faster we go, the more damage we do. So let’s bite somethin’ without moving at all. Okay that’s six damage, and then we’ll do some… Okay, five damage. Whoa. That’s the Wachuma’s. That’s good. So let’s do full speed. I need to find somethin’ first. But guys what do you think…
Oh! We gotta watch out for the Raptor’s. What do you think? Do you like the new swamp map? It’s kind of interesting. Okay eleven damage. Eleven damage goin’ full speed. I’ll take that all day. Dude this is amazing. I don’t know, like I’m swallowing ’em, but they’re turning into meat. That’s really weird. Yeah I’m trying to swallow ’em, they turn into meat and
then I swallow them. I don’t know. It’s very strange. But yeah guys what do you think? Do you like the new swamp map? Okay. I need to show you guys
some of these new features. So I’m not sure where it is, but they added some new stuff in here. Hey. Okay do you think we
could take out a Diava? Let’s go for it. Full speed. Seventeen. Dude that was seventeen damage. I’m jumpin’ out of the water. Eleven. Okay let’s see if I can, okay he only has two damage. I don’t gotta worry about this guy. Okay here’s a new features. We got like new tires and stuff. And like, I don’t know. Someone was like, it’s almost like dumpin’
stuff in this swamp. Dude he actually did some decent damage to me. Oh my goodness. Guess I will eat all this. No! Dead Diava. He’s stealin’ my food. How dare you steal my food. Okay I need to be like bitin’ him and goin’ fast. I need to bite him and go fast. Okay and I can actually
swallow all these Blu fish. But yeah we got this tire. We got that barrel. We got like a toxic waste
barrel or somethin’. Dude we could, we could potentially die here. Okay give me that food. The Blu fish are gonna try to steal it. He can’t steal this. You can’t steal this. You guys can’t even, you’re not even big enough for this. Okay eat the Blu’s. Eat the Blu’s. Wait a minute. Oh, my, goodness, guys. We’re at level 10 and
we’re stuck at level 10. Can we change that? Let’s check the server settings. Max level… Infinite! Oh my God. Okay guys we gotta restart. We gotta restart. Well at least that’s an option. At least we can get to an infinite level. Oh guys this is the new Swamp Crab. So I don’t know, has this always been in the game? Like is this just the green crab, from the ocean? I really don’t know. You guys let me know if it
looks any different to you. Like he does have those red eyes. I don’t know if he’s always had those. It looks really cute. But yeah we do have to
plays this guy sometime. Okay here’s some more details. Dude we got… There’s empty cans, more tires. Yeah this, wow, dude. Okay guys here’s the
lesson for today’s video: Don’t Do Pollution. Don’t do pollution? Is that a good sentence? Don’t pollute. Don’t put…
Oh! There’s the Swamp Lurker. Guys there’s two, three. Are there three or four
Swamp Lurker’s in there? That’s a little dangerous. But yeah, don’t pollute. You guys what’s the right way to say that? I don’t know man. Okay we gotta be careful, cause I think there’s gonna
be a Snakehead around here. Whoa! Look at all these Blu’s. I’m gonna eat ’em. I’m gonna eat ’em all. Level 10,
level 11. There we go. Now we’re talkin’. You guy’s now we’re talkin’. Uh oh! People are eating me. They’re tryin’ to eat me but they can’t. You guys now we’re talkin’. We’re levelin’ up so fast. Dude these are just Blu’s. Okay I gotta feeling we’re gonna get really big, really quickly. And that’s what I love. That’s what I love. Guys so far, I’m lovin’ this. I’m lovin’ it. But since they’ve redid, like the multiplayer stuff… Uh oh. Since they redid the multiplayer stuff, I’m hopin’, maybe we can do some more online stuff. Maybe we can try to get on the SKisM. You guys let me know in the comments if we should try that again. Dude we’re already level 30. Well almost level 30. Dude this is amazing. There we go. Now we’re at level 30. But yeah like I mentioned last video, we got a new Pike, we got a new Piranha. We got a new Puffer fish. We got that new Megalodon. The new Swamp Crab, and unfortunately, dude look at these light rays. I think that’s new. Whoa. Okay those are just branches. They looked like wires to me. Okay. But yeah I think this whole
online thing right now is, they’re testing it. Okay there’s a Diava. Let’s take him out. Dude at full speed we’re
doin’ a lot of damage. Did that say 38 or somethin’? That’s pretty good. But yeah, so they’re testing it and right now we can’t do
the ocean online anymore. Whoa! That’s a lot of food. Yeah we can’t do the ocean online anymore. Guys we’re level 36. That makes me very happy. Yeah we can’t do the ocean. We can’t do the river online. All we can do online right now, is the swamp. But hey, I like the swamp, but I’m really hopin’ they add the ability to do those other maps soon. Yeah look at that toxic waste barrel. Wouldn’t that be crazy if you lost health as you were around the
tags with waste barrels. I don’t know. That’s just a crazy idea. Okay guys. Oh there’s the Piranha. There’s the Piranha. They did say the Piranha’s broken. I don’t know what about it’s broken. They seem delicious, they seem delicious. I’m eatin’ stuff like crazy. I’m really glad I put the
Blu’s at such a high minimum. Cause yeah that’s feedin’ us really well. Okay you know what? I bet we could take out a Swamp Lurker. Let’s just go for it. Okay let’s go full speed, and there we go. 34 damage. Uh oh. What is he do? Huh he does 20 damage. Okay he does have that shell. I think we can beat him though. Especially if we get some momentum goin’. Whoa! We got him. Oh my goodness. We got him. Here comes another one guys. Let’s keep goin’. Dude after this we’ll get the Snakehead, and where’s the Catfish? I haven’t seen a Catfish in a while. Oh guys this is how we do it. This is how we do it. Where’d that Swamp Lurker go? I thought…
Oh there he is. I was just gonna say, I thought he was droppin’ in. So this is what we’re gonna do. Once we big enough, can I swallow him right now? No. Can’t swallow him yet. But once we get big enough, we’re just gonna be swallowin’
this guy left and right. And dude we’re definitely
gettin’ in the hundreds today. Guys we level up so fast. Okay I already am really, really big. Guys I’m only level 54, and look at how big I am. Oh my goodness. Guys I love this new Pike. I love the new Pike so much. We’re gettin’ so big, I can barely fit through these bones. What do you think this is a ribcage of, by the way? I don’t know what it was, but it must’ve been pretty big, cause guys I’m huge and that was bigger than me. Dude imagine somethin’
that big in the swamp. I guess I’m probably gonna
get that big pretty soon. Guys we’re level 80. We’re almost at 100. And it seems like, I don’t know man, it seems like we’re runnin’ out of food. That’s not good. Okay I think there’s another
Swamp Lurker in here. Guys I fit in here. Oh my goodness. Dude there’s two of ’em in here. What are they doin’? They’re just sitting there. Hey wake up. Guys they were just sitting in here. I gotta get these guys outta here. But dude the only problem is, I might not be able to make it back out. I might be too big. Guys that is so great. I fit in here, just make sure I can get out again. Here we go. Oh yeah that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Guys we’re gonna get to
level a hundred quick. Oh my goodness here we go. Guys this is what I’m talkin’ about. Dude this is gonna be
the fastest we’ve ever been able to level up. We’ve never had three Swamp
Lurker’s spawnin’ in it. Whoa! Spawnin’ in it the same time. Oh my goodness. Guys this is gettin’ crazy. 132, 133, 134, 135, guys this might be the fastest I’ve ever leveled up in the history of the game. Guys it’s like instant. Oh my goodness. Imagine if we had like 10
goin’ at the same time. Guys they just fall right into my mouth. This is insane. Whoa okay I’m starting
to lose my orientation. Guys I’m only level 190, and I’m already almost
too big for the swamp. We are definitely goin’ flyin’. Level 200. Guys just keep it goin’. It’s gonna get to a point though, where I can’t really maneuver myself to line myself up. Like I gotta, I gotta get my mouth over the water. Dude there we go. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, I can’t even count fast enough. Guys this is what I live for in this game. This is what I live for. Dude we could probably
push this even more. Oh my goodness. Yeah we definitely gotta
push this even more. Guys let’s just see
how far we can take it. Uh oh. Startin’ to jump out of
the map a little bit. We’re back, we’re back in. Almost level 300. Okay look at this guy
just sittin’ up there. Okay here we go. And I got him. Dude we’re above the map. Oh my goodness. That is like the scariest lookin’ thing. Dude my head, only my head fits in the map. Dude 295,
296. We just hit 300. Guys what are we lookin’ at? I’m doin’ a headstand. Uh oh. The game’s startin’ to lag a little bit. And guys we might glitch
our way out of the map. We might get launched or somethin’. (laughter) Look at this. This is only 364. Guys, it did say infinite, max level infinite, do you think we can over level a thousand? Before a thousand was the max, except for maybe Crab Madness we could get to fifteen
hundred or somethin’, but guys we might be able to
get over a thousand again. If that’s the case, who knows how big I’m gonna be. We just hit 500. We just hit 500 and in
case you’re wondering, this is how big I am. Guys I don’t know man, if we get over a thousand, that’s gonna be double the size. Uh oh. Look at this. We’re falling, we’re falling but we’re still goin’. We’re still goin’. Imagine double this size. Dude look at that. Look at my face. Oh my goodness. Guys this is the map, and this is me. We gotta keep it goin’. I’m gonna be way too big
for this map pretty soon. Uh oh. I’m startin’ to, am I flying? I’m flying. Okay. Well we’re flying now. Now we’re flying. Dude I gotta make sure I
don’t glitch out of this map. Okay there we go. We’re back on those Swamp Lurker’s. Here we go. This is actually really nice. This is very nice. Oh no, oh no. Guys no. No, no, no. Get back in, get back in. Okay I made a mistake, I bit something. Dude if you bite, it’s gonna launch us. Okay we gotta get back in the map. Guys look at how close I am. I’m really close to gettin’ launched out. I just wanna keep goin’. We’re at level 600. I wanna just keep goin’. Okay I think we made it back in. Dude that was close. Okay well if I do wanna get
launched out of the map, we know what to do. We just have to bite somethin’. Am I flying again? I think I’m flying. The flying giant Pike. Okay guys this is the moment of truth. 998, 999, 1000! A thousand one. Guys we can go past a thousand, it really is infinite. Where would we stop? If we’re goin’ past a thousand, where do we stop? Okay it seems like I’m not gettin’ that much bigger. Guys remember how big I was at level 500? Maybe, am I double the size? I guess… (mumbles) My body is like the length of this map. I’m surprised I can’t
drink all this water. Okay let’s just take a look. Let’s just take a look at me right now. That’s a pretty big Pike, if you ask me. Oh no! I bit somethin’. Okay that’s very dangerous. We bite somethin’, we go flyin’. We’re goin’ back in. Guys is it just me or is that a very, very big Pike? I think it’s very big. Okay should we keep goin’? Let’s just keep goin’ a little bit longer. Let’s just see what happens. Guys look at this, I’m standin’. I’m pretty much just standin’. I’m not doin’ anything. I’m just standin’ there, and I’m balancing. I don’t know how I’m balancing. But dude look at, this is the bite animation. Guys look at me in comparison to the size of this map. I’m almost the full length of it. Okay guys let’s start bitin’ stuff. Let’s start bitin’ and goin’ flyin’. Is this sending me flying? It’s not sending me flying. Oh. That’s sending me flying a little bit. Okay sending me flying a little bit. Oh that got me flyin’. Okay guys, let’s see, let’s see if I can glitch through the map like we used to be able to. Okay I’m just gonna sprint straight into a wall or somethin’. Guys I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but let’s see if we can sprint into a wall and maybe it’ll glitch me outta the map. Guys I don’t know if this is gonna work, but we gotta try it. Okay I’m holding down sprint, but nothing’s happening. I guess you can’t sprint anymore when you get this big. Okay I’m biting, and with every bite we’re
going higher and higher. Uh oh. Dude that’s launchin’ me outta the map. I do wanna, I do wanna stay within the boundaries. We’re gonna get launched outta this thing. Okay I’m almost goin’ over the wall. Dude look at this guy. How is this possible. Whoa I just went in his mouth. How is this possible? Okay guys I don’t think
it’s gonna send me flyin’, so let’s just jump over the wall. Let’s see if I can make it over the wall. Let’s do some, uh oh, let’s do some front flips and maybe some side flips, and some back flips. Whoa. Actually we are flyin’. Here we go. Guys look at how high I am above this map. That was amazing. We’re slowly makin’
our way back down here. I love this game. Okay we’re doing thirteen thousand damage. Yeah that’s a pretty big Pike. Okay guys I think level
eleven hundred’s pretty good. But like I said, if you missed last video, guys we checked out the new Megalodon, and we put him up against
the Megalogravdis. It was a mega vs mega battle. And all those guys. Let me know in the comments what we should do next. Should we do the Swamp Crab, should we do the new Piranha? But guys I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. I will see you guys in the next Feed and Grow Fish. (upbeat music) Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing is gonna exp… Oh! Oh my goodness it’s a pungence gone. Oh. It turns everyone into pod dots. No. No he got me. I’m poppin’. Oh I’m tryin’ to get out. Crazy red shark. Dude he’s goin’ in. (upbeat music)

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