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NEW SPECIES FOR MY COLLECTION! (betta fish update)

NEW SPECIES FOR MY COLLECTION! (betta fish update)

Good day and welcome back to Als planet today my
trip is a local fish enthusiast and fish breeder and I’m hoping to buy a new
batch of goldfish for some other breed of fish for my personal collection and I
am hoping to breed it also someday but before that I’ll give you an update
first about my pond so I added more aquatic plants to my fund so that it
will produce a lot of oxygen and for the benefit of my fish see those are called
foreign words and this water lettuce and the small one are also water lilies
small other labels and it can help you can see are very happy
I do this you think I will be feeding them so I won’t let them expect nothing
so I’ll give them one I grant my fish food so that they can sipping sea water coming from my pump is
overflowing and I think I know the problem the inner chamber must be
already clogged up with LJ and dirt so we’re going to free up some water
through the drain pipe by the way this whole system of rotation in this filter
bucket was inspired by a famous youtuber and also a pet lover and fish in the sea
yes sir Dexter and I wanna thank him for giving me ideas in fish keeping you can
also check his channel and subscribe to him down the description below so now
we’re going to drain the pipe the water coming out is pretty full of
dirt and algae and the poop of the fish I think we this will reduce filter this
was actually planned by chance also a fish feeder so very thankful for
him inviting me together with this trip is my brother Bao Bao what this cheapest price I would like to thank all my subscribers do my best also I would like to thank
the people who accompanied me so I think that’s it for the day guys if you like
this video please click the like button below and for more updates subscribe to
my channel thank you

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