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*NEW* TACO BELL Triple Double CRUNCH WRAP + Burrito Tacos Chalupa Nachos | Nomnomsammieboy

*NEW* TACO BELL Triple Double CRUNCH WRAP + Burrito Tacos Chalupa Nachos | Nomnomsammieboy

tacos are not for Katie hey guys I’m
super excited today because my god it’s all hot actually the Pizza Hut is a lie
for some reason GrubHub delivery always comes in a pizza back here I don’t know
why I don’t even know whether is it Pizza Hut around here super far away but
I do have something amazing called Taco Bell
oh wow damn they wrote my real human name on the bag
so I can only show you one side of it gotta be careful protect yourself
they gave me a whole bunch of sauces of which I will use a few but save the rest
for other dishes and guys this is check so taking my walk today I walked like 13
miles because I wanted to have them calories in my my budget to go hard and
I got on my phone all I was walking and I was kind of thinking about trying the
the new international stuff from McDonald’s where they brought in the
International menu items to the US market and you get like the new chicken
sandwich and new fries and new parfait but I just couldn’t get excited about it
like I like oh it’s a chicken sandwich with a slice of tomato which first off a
slice of tomato from McDonald’s is poopy and mozzarella which mozzarella from
McDonald’s is also gonna be fully mozzarella is a cheese that can be
delicious and wonderful but when you get to like the low end like cheap
mozzarella it’s just it’s not even worth it like you got to have at least medium
to high end mozzarella for it to be good I feel like this is the truth but then I
went to Taco Bell website because I want to talk about doing anything new and
they luckily have a section called new and there was something called the
triple double contract which isn’t that a basketball thing trouble double effed
around and got a triple-double today was a good day but I think in this case it
refers to the fact that it’s a three-layer Crunchwrap with double layer
of beef I think that’s what it means it’s um I got it and then he’s like
crave box the crepe boxes are amazing we don’t need that the sauce up here
because crate box comes with like spice and stuff and you can customize it like
by default it comes with a cinnamon twist I don’t want cinnamon twist I want
chips and nachos and you can switch that out for free work
and then like with their own traffic chain with crunchy taco kind of broken
so I won’t have to complete they don’t fall apart and the contract itself but I
didn’t stop there I got another box in my favorite box and
they’re like five dollars each which is just amazing for the amount of food you
get I can’t get it open I got the chalupa bombs but you look the
box that is the best deal they have again more jiffies
more nacho cheese a like burrito forgot what kind of burrito chalupa and
another country taco we’re crap there’s a lot of food like not even mentioning
gosh if it comes with a drink for each box I gave a pink lemonade the same girl
and this is a Diet Pepsi because you know I’m watching my weight like holy
cow look look at all this food guys I am just amazed let’s get some of this
cheesiness just on these chips fantastic I’m tempted to say dive into this to the
put but I know the the new item that we’re really here for is this thick girl
look at that triple layer it’s give her unfold let’s undress her a little bit
oh hey I was ready to be like mm-hmm she thick but she’s she’s skinny mm-hmm
this is not look like it what it looks like in the advertisement I mean that’s
okay but I feel a little bit lied to I us feels like you know you got on tinder
and somebody sent you a picture they but it was all big and you know shawty got
four games but I’m not really I mean it’s still probably gonna taste good but
come on Taco Bell don’t you know don’t tell me it did when one did I know but
it’s fine that the different taco types are perfectly acceptable Tosa flavors there is so good I do wish they’d use like a more substantial tostada for the the layers
in here so it didn’t get it’s quite it’s mushy and you get some crunch in there but for the price it’s amazing um I’m
thinking of like the choice a dose I used on my like what if Taco Bell made a
burger video but that might even be too much too crunchy for this this is just a
little soft but oh man the flavor is great cheese is great Taco Bell seasoned
beef is this hard to beat a little bit spicy a little bit committee a little
bit onion a little bit garlicky a little bit salty probably a lot a bit salty but
it’s how you need to be dark crunch from here there we go
whole package the boys a lot of food there’s a reason talk about like my
favorite fast food I think if you bought this in restaurant it would cost you there’s 499 times to be like 998 plus
tax of course when you order it on GrubHub they each cost like six dollars
something so it ends up being twelve dollars something plus all the fees for
delivery and the tip it’s $24 but still $24 for this amount of food isn’t bad
even though it’s more than twice what you would pay to get it in a Taco Bell so if you’re thinking of going to talk
about its even a more amazing deal I just had to deliver because a guy on
an electric bike can get it to my house faster than I can walk in so the food
will be warmer and less soggy Crunchwrap is heaven-sent their nacho cheese is
like season two you can’t really you don’t see any seasonings in it but you
can definitely taste the pepper chili pepper right now I’m sure they’re
magical food chemists make it happen I want to go to the Taco Bell on
innovation kitchen a big finance 1/2 IO IO what’s a chalupa guys the chalupa I
remember when they first introduced this like when I was in high school and this
like fried gordita the shell here is just I fell in love with it because of
the texture I’m talking tomatoes in my crotch the texture of the fried shell is just
amazing it’s the same ingredients as in everything else but the perfect package
for a while they had all the different flavors with different sauces I always
got the Baja chicken what’s my favorite they don’t do that anymore that’s okay
I’m making still flavor the hot sauce is some if I can find them this is what I
grabbed I grabbed a hot one I could pull the actual hot sauce out of the fridge
but ammonia this just use what Taco Bell gave us the fried shell is very rich really what’s wrong with that we’ve made all handle mess right now
I had your syllabus blank wait a straw at guys most exciting thing happened so the same girl told me that she got me a
gift kind of on accident she said she’d been pricing some day out online and she
tried to like add it to the cart to see what the shipping was virus you have
like one-click ordering turned on and her payment info was saved on the site so the orders went through and she was
like you know what might as well empty handed out she’s like it’s gonna be
delivered next week wouldn’t tell me what it was finally today she comes in
the door she’s carrying this huge box we’re getting into this burrito look at
this bean meat and cheese is heaven creamy heaven would you come to hearing
this huge box like as big as her I’m so confused can I see the label on
it gold belly Starbucks like where you can like order food from specialty
places all around America and I get so excited cuz I know exactly what it is
Sammy you got us provel bites and toasted raviolis from emos in st. Louis
oh we just love toasted ravioli so much you can’t really get them in New York
City now we have to like giant bags of them I’m so excited
let me show you we have two banks this size and then we have two bags of provel
bites oh my god that would be ready guys they’re firm view told you ravioli video
in the future why did Taco Bell ever try to do fries
like these chips are great just put your nacho cheese put whatever you want put
beef put chicken just put it on the trips you don’t need to do like loaded
nacho fries that’s then you just get soggy fries crunchy delicious chips all
right and you can pipe very air pocket e very crunchy very substantial they hold
up the sauce never great and delivery I don’t need no fries for hobo that’s
not your game nobody just good fries anymore either like McDonald’s fries can
be good for me I off ended up getting them undercooked somehow Burger King
fries are trash are we securely fries are good Hardee’s
/ Carl’s three news curly fries are good I haven’t had checkers fries in five
years so I can’t say yes about all I know often my head and Wendy’s are good
I needed to a Wendy’s video there’s a Wendy’s by the park that I want to go
eat a bunch of stuff hat and do a Wendy’s picnic video maybe mainly
because of their spicy chicken cause I remember when I was in college we would
drive to the Wendy’s by the Columbia mall and get spicy chicken sandwiches as
our treat we’d all pile into my friends like two-door pickup truck and go down
there and then I come over to Barnes & Noble
or something or Spencer’s gifts okay I believe I’m eating this much put it off
at town I can’t believe it I was so good is talked about what are other fast food
restaurants even doing I mean listen impossible burger is good and the
quarter pounder patties Adam McDonald’s are good but literally like gravy for
McDonald’s patties a regular burger king patty it’s all trash or Wendy’s patty
said oh I mean I might as well finish now I thought I wasn’t going to but I’ve
already burned 3000 calories today what’s this somewhere between two and
three thousand calories total so I’m in a safe zone I’ll probably work out some
more after this who is the big mistake I made
saving the credits for last why did it that’s amateur hour because I everything
else is more exciting so I ain’t everything else first but that just made
the type Frenchie tacos get worse as they got kind of sogged up good
yes they’re not in there partner it’s okay you aged gracefully don’t you don’t
feel ashamed there’s nothing wrong with growing old says the person who is
growing old in a vain attempt to feel okay about themselves himself
where are my sauces oh here we go mild the first one seemed a little bit bland
just put a sauce in here oh that’s very sorry so soggy boy no yes
I wish the holy gutter thank you for blessing me talk about I
feel privileged to being a part of this meal blessed by this food that will
continue to be your unpaid brand ambassador named Braco or unpaid brand
ambassador because i love it that’s what you get for being a good restaurant the
good food and good deals see burger Haim this is how it should be done Birkin keeps want to play around yeah
you treated like this wouldn’t play around talk about always brings our
a-game then shows me respect so I shows it ever spurt it’s diet sighs man we’ll
get through it I mean I hope they actually got me diet gosh it just it
doesn’t say diet on thing fine nice okay nice well wait by guys I I love you so
much I love the triple double so much even though it was a little bit of a
skinny ho but that’s all right you know we accept all types I’ll eat
anything thick or

68 comments on “*NEW* TACO BELL Triple Double CRUNCH WRAP + Burrito Tacos Chalupa Nachos | Nomnomsammieboy

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