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New Z-Man Lures! Bass Fishing Lures

New Z-Man Lures! Bass Fishing Lures

Hi. I’m Glenn Young, National Sales Manager
with Z-Man fishing products. We are here at the 2011 ICAST Show. We are here to review
some of the new products Z-Man is introducing this year. We are going to start with this guy. It’s
called a scented paddler. This is a jointed swim bait that is scented in all natural bait
fish oils. The ElaZtech, in addition to being buoyant and non-toxic, is it absorbs any oil
based scents really well. It also doesn’t rip or tear like a normal soft plastic would
so we are able to make this really soft and the action is unbeatable. We are doing this
in a 4″ and 5″ version. When we put this guy in the water it takes virtually nothing to
get that tail to move, because that bait is so soft and when we do let it sit it’s going
to stay upright and not fall over because it is so buoyant. In addition to that, we have two new additions
to our crawdad family this year. We did a flap and crawl, which is a swim jig trailer,
and we also did a punch crawl. A more compact design made to fish in a little bit heavier
cover where guys want thinner bait. It punches through better and it’s also great finesse
bait. It does a really good job on shaky head by itself. In addition to Finesse bait, we also introduced
a Finesse Shad. This little guy works great by itself on a shaky head or also fish unweighted
as a top water bait. It’s great because it’s so soft and it has great movement. Or you
can fish it on a little weighted EWG. It fishes great on that too. It’s a very versatile little
bait. We also brought out our on shaky head because
so many shaky heads have a screw lock on them that is difficult to work with. We developed
this keeper system where the worm slides up onto the keeper and it’s on there and it doesn’t
come off. That enables you to take advantage of that ElaZtech buoyancy and get a worm to
do what you want a shaky head to do, which is stand right up just like any good shaky
head is supposed to do. We added a bunch of new colors to our worms.
We added a few other little products here and there. Those are the big ones that we
are excited about this year. If you want to see more you can go to
and get a lot more information on that.

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