Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Assalamualaikum Wr Wb Kete, u are with me on the eel fishing channel For those of you who like to laugh at eels Don’t Forget To Subscribe My channel And Don’t Forget to Turn on the Bell in the Click of the Bell For Now I Am On The River That Is Still A Lot Of Stone Here I Will Try To Book Again Because It Was Also Once Here And This River Is Bordered By Rice Fields Fish ponds Current Weather Enough To Support Not Too Hot Not Too Overcast Not bad enough on the river Moreover, the river is a lot of rock gaps like this We Enter We’re Urek Again Not bad, if for example in the village, the water is still clear, different in the city If there is a lot of rubbish in town, but here too there is garbage but not as bad as in the city Yes, the audience has started Oops off We Enter Again For example Already eaten once but passed we try again Don’t rush to move to other places Well Treat it If it’s already bubbling like that Well this is Yesterday I hit Yes, Look no? But the switch is in the hand Now Edible Viewers Try to Pull Let’s get out Come on Audience As Much As This Continues To Get It But it’s okay So I Never Forget It To Watch My Videos Next. Subscribe Guys

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