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Nigerian Fish Stew (Fried Fish Stew) | All Nigerian Recipes

Nigerian Fish Stew (Fried Fish Stew) | All Nigerian Recipes

Hello! In this video I’ll share how to make Nigerian
Fish Stew such that the fish does not scatter. Here are the ingredients you will need. I already have the video on how to fry your
best tomato stew ever. So go check it out! We start by cutting and cleaning the mackerel. This fish is also known as Titus in Nigeria. It is advisable to cut the fish while it’s
still a little bit frozen. I take out all the intestine. Some people say that they eat the eggs but
I take out everything. Rinse with cool water and here we are! Season with some salt, rub it all over the
fish and set aside. Dice one onion like this and slice the other
one like this. Before we fry the fish, we need to get some
fish stock to season the stew with. Place the diced onion, stock cubes and thyme
in a pot. And add a small quantity of water. When hot add the fish and heat for about 2
minutes, then turn them on the other side. After another 2 minutes, take them off and
set the stock aside. Then shallow-fry the fish till golden. Put the stock back on the stove and add the
tomato stew. Again, this is not raw tomato puree. This is a well fried tomato stew. The link to how I make it in the description
of the video below. Add the habanero pepper. And some water to bring it to the consistency
you like for your stews. Cover and leave to simmer till you see oil
some come to the surface. Stir it from time to time so it does not burn. You see that oil? Yes! This is the vegetable oil from frying the tomato stew, I did not add any new oil. Add the fried fish. I don’t add the fish head because it has a
tendency to scatter in the stew. As the cook, this fish head is my trophy. That is if my husband will let me eat it in
peace. Cover and leave to simmer and it’s done! There you have it! The Nigerian Fish Stew for boiled rice, boiled
yam, potatoes name it! If you enjoyed this video please click the
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33 comments on “Nigerian Fish Stew (Fried Fish Stew) | All Nigerian Recipes

  1. Over the years you have become like a second mommy to me…I can see that you want me to attract and get married to a wonderful Naija man with this wonderful food lol Thanks so much for all your videos.

  2. your videos always come in the right time. As i am thinking of what kind of stew i want this Sunday. O can almost taste it. Daalu, onye nkem!

  3. Omg I really love fish market mother used to make fish cakes for me using canned mackerel it has been eons I have had it and it is one German dish that was unwritten until yesterday I published it I go on the phone with her friend and she is getting up there in age and has a great memory too so I picked her brain lol ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ˜‹ she has always gave me the right advice too even after my mother passed away and I am going to try out this mackerel stew as for the head there will be no contest between my husband and me lol

  4. I'm going to be a great Nigerian food chef because of this website and that's a true blessing. I'm from another part of Africa and West African food is just sooooooo mouth watering and mind blowing in it's preparation. Thank you dear for producing enjoyable, clear and concise recipes!

  5. I swear African food is so similar and yet different, we make a stew like this in Somaliland. But it comes out like a curry and you add veg if you have it, like eggplant, sweet peppers, leeks, onions, tomatoes. You fry the fish after marinating in tamarind paste and chili then add it back into the curry. Same thing just a little different we usually use the firmest fish we can find! lol

  6. you are great. am from Kenya and am learning alot from you. I did Ogusi soup your way and my Nigerian love said he knows Nugerians who cannot cook like that. He still does not believe I cooked it on my own…lol

  7. I laughed when you talked about eating the fish head my kids refuse to even try it ,I remember my mum given it to me and my siblings to share for being good and it is the yummiest part of the fish.

  8. wow, thank you so much for this wonderful video….Now i know it's important to stay with our mother while they are cooking ….I live alone abroad and i know what it means..Thanks

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