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Night Fishing Salmon Lake Michigan

Night Fishing Salmon Lake Michigan

(lively rock country music) – Alright, team. Charge! ♪ Take me out on the water ♪ – [Voiceover] We eat fishy. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ We’re the breathing is
easy, the living is good ♪ – (laughs) I could do
it. It’s just laugh. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – [Voiceover] Larry Smith
outdoors is brought to you in part by, Badger
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Suzuki, Lynch Mukwonago, Dick Smith’s Bait & Tackle,
Wings Over Wisconsin, Kmiec Law Firm, Deep
Freeze, Cold Snap, Otter, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy. – And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – Holy moly. (electric guitar) (rock music) (banging) (softer rock music) – Let’s the little taste
of the demo Durby here in Amherst at the
Portage County Fair. Enjoy this week’s show. (engine revving) (soft tranquil acoustic music) – Hey, welcome to
Larry Smith Outdoors. This week what we’re gonna be
doing is we’re gonna be doing some Snap jigging’ out on Lake Michigan for
salmon, you know? And about a month and
half ago, we were out and we got pretty lucky. We went out and did some
trolling for Schnucks and CoHo, and I’ll tell ya, it was
just an explosive time. But I’ll tell ya, I’ve
always wanted to catch one. Just one salmon, one time,
either a CoHo or brown or Schnuck, a big fish
on just a regular ride in real on the spinning gear. And you know what, hey
today we got a good friend, Brian Suddling fishing with us. And this guy really knows
despite welled on here. Hey Brian, I see you’re
tying up some lines in a very interesting, you
showed me that knot this spring when I was up on the pestugal ’cause I’m used to
doing a blog knot and I’ll tell ya that
know, you’re tying, it seems to be stronger
and a lot easier to tie. – Yeah, it Larry. You know what’s key out
here is really lying leads into this clear water. – Okay. – I can’t stress at it enough. – Even at night, like
we’re gonna be going– – Even at night–
– Okay. – You know the water’s clearer. Well maybe not as much at night
but more so during the day but it does seem to make
a difference at night. – Okay. I mean when you’re talking
a long leader, Brian, how long are we talking? – Usually with this
cast, I like a leader so these are nine foot rods.
– Yeah. – I like about a
nine foot leader. – Holy cats, alright. And you– – It makes a big difference. – You were taunt and we got
a good friend, Phil Dominique fishing with us tonight.
– Yo. – Y’know this is a cool deal because we’re into
a full moon here and we’re gonna fish, Phil,
’til at least midnight or one, two, three
in the morning. – [Phil] Sounds good.
– Whatever it takes. You know, I’ll tell you
this is a interesting view. We got the perfect night because
there’s light winds right? And you were saying, the
key to this fishing is to make sure that you, as you
soon as you feel that fish, you rear back on ’em
as hard as you can. – Yeah, setting the
hook’s really important. You know, with all
the people I think of I’d say one of the
biggest things, biggest mistakes they make
is not setting up at all. – Okay. – So that’s really
really important. And then of course, you
know we’ll find out, if they want the gour
at a slower speed
or at a faster speed but for the most
part, it should be – ‘Kay Brian, when you
are out here fishing when you know, I’m
thinking of Lake Michigan I’m thinking we’re fishing
you know, a hundred to 200 feet of water. What kind of water depths
are we gonna be fishing? – Usually, you know, right now
there ain’t a lot of waters extremely cold so the
bait is very shallow, when I say very shallow, it’s
anywhere from eight feet of water to 22, so we’re
gonna be working– – Okay. – That depth all night long. So we should be able to pull
a bunch of fish outta there. – Hey, you know what? Stay tuned. Let’s see
what’s happens tonight on Larry Smith Outdoors. Hopefully I can get my first
salmon on a spinning rod. So I’m very excited about it. And we got the
perfect night to it. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned. (light music) – [Voiceover] The
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submit that picture to the (camera clicking) (guitar plucking) – Oh big fish. Oh we got a big fish. (chuckling) We were just– We want our goal live. Stuff, yup. And I got him in the boat. Now what kinda, what
kinda fish are we, what kinda fish is it? Looks like a Lake Troll. – It’s a Lake Troll, Larry. – A Lake Troll, are you serious? – Yeah. – What are Lake Trolls
doing in the shallow water? – The water’s so cold right now, that’s like there’s Lake
Trouts, there’s Brown Trouts, there’s everything
in here right now. – Holy camoly, Brian. I’ll tell ya. You know Phil, how long have you been after me and I said, you
know what, if I said tell these guys how long you’ve been after me while doing this – Probably seven years. – Yup and I said, if we’re
gonna go and do this, we’re gonna get the
best guy that I know that has most knowledge
of comin’ down here and castin’ for him. And that’s where we gave
our good friend Brian, suddenly the call. And boy I tell ya, look at that size of that. Brian, you wanna take
that fish and hole him up? – The thing that gets me is
how long did I jig for him on green lake? And I couldn’t get
one the other day. And now we come over here
and I get one right away. – Hey, you know, I’ll
tell ya, Brian and Phil. I’m a little surprised
that it’s a Lake Trout. I honestly, I mean we’re
only in 25 feet of water and I cannot believe that
we caught a Lake Trout. (laughs) Nice fish. Boy oh boy. – Yeah, that’s a really
nice looking Lake Trout. Really nice. – Yeah but that’s– – I got dinged in. – How did that fish hit? – No, a Lake Trout
is a lot like Trangor you keep – I let him gorge, Larry. You know, it’s like a…
(laughs) you know this is a small fi– – Not (mumbles), unless
Phil wants on it. – That’s alright. If we get some others I’d like
to take a couple home of– – Yeah but that’s a nice fish. – You’re welcome to keep it. It’s a good good good
smoker of good eaten fish. And of course, caught
a three quarter ounce, golden green backmeat Cleo. – Is that the Cleo
you’re casting too? – No.
– Oh, okay. – For everybody, a
different color– – I figured you did. – Unbelievable. – That’s awesome. – Nice job. Now that fish is bleedin’. Does it pay to let him go? – We’ll keep it. – Okay, ’cause I
was just gonna say, if it’s gonna die, you know, I don’t see any
reason not to keep it. Yeah. So, Phil. What kinda retriever
you’re doing? Just a medium retriever?
A fast retrie– – Kinda – Oh you did stagger it? – Yeah I staggered it and then
I kinda medium retrieved it and you got a pretty It was no dead – And you did a good job on
setting the hook too like a– – Yeah you designed
it right away. – You did a really
good job with them. – That’s awesome. Well let’s throw ’em in the box, I got some ice water in there.
– Let’s go catch another one. – Nice job! – Had a little
bit of a accident. Him and Phil collided. – Yeah.
– Right? – Phil kinda got, kinda
hooked rods at the same time. – And what happened? Your lure went flying. – Yeah. – And your leader? – And my leader broke. – Went all over. – Gotta retie it now. – Yeah. Now you’re– – I’m fortshelling and tying it, now it isn’t easiest. – This might be slowing
down the bait a little bit. I forgot my bottle of sundrop if we have to order
in my bottles, (mumbles) Now look at that spoon. We call that thing, glowers. – I’ll tell ya something, Brian. You said start jigging’ ’em, I’m like jigging’ it. Oh look at that reel! Look at that thing go! (laughs) I can’t believe I just start
jigging’ that spoon that slow to that fish would hit like– Is there not flying
on this wheel? Well, 200. I just
lost a hundred! Are you kidding me? Look at that thing go. – I cannot believe that that
fish hit like that, Brian. I was just jigging’ it. I have to show the folks
how I was jigging’ it but I was just jigging’
that thing so light. You know, I woulda never in a
million years took that spoon that acne spoon and started
jigging’ it that slow. I woulda like popped it,
like ripped jigged it and brought it up
and let it fall. But I’ll tell ya somethin’. Man oh man, that was crazy. Uh oh. – That’s some mighty fish too. – But hey, hear what was
telling’ you about how they just grip that lion off the – Unbelievable.
– I can’t get over it. (grunts) There’s not a fish
in fresh water that fights like these fish do. – It’s incredible. – That is incredible. I can see why you come all
here and do this all the time. – It’s very addicting fishing’. Once you get a
little taste of it, you’re pretty much hooked. – Yeah, you know, I
just I mean Brian. I bet ya I didn’t
jig that thing– (grunting) (water splashing) Oh man. What kind–
– I don’t know. – Yeah, he’s not done yet. – I think we got a sh– Oh there he is, Brian. (cheering) – Nice fish there, awesome. – Hey once you net the fish. – Sure. – I cannot hold the net up. Now look at that spoon
pop right off it. – Yup. – No I cannot get over it, I’m gonna have to show everybody
how you had me jigging it. I’m very surprised that
the fish hit like that. – Nice. – Not a motzer but that’s
a really good eating fish. – And that’s a
great fighting fish. – And that new
acme super cooler. – That’s super clear,
yep that superglow. – That’s by far
one of my favorite. – That is awesome. – I still can’t get
over how lightly. I mean I was jigging that, like it was a regular jig with
you know like a jerk mantle. But it’s super slow, almost not
like a jerk, I’m so excited. Like calem scrib, that’s
how slow I was jigging. You had me jigging that
spoon, I was like come on. – When I said I told you,
you know it’s like pretty much it’s like 30
seconds after I told you. You started twitching like
wham you got this fish. – That’s absolutely awesome. Alright, let’s go
catch some more. I’m telling you Bryan. – Larry get up
front, get up front. – Holy cow, I cannot get over. – Oh there he is right there. – What the heck, holy moly. – Get up here. – Grab another one. – Don’t forget
about that cushion. – Yup. – I can’t believe, I’m just
jigging that thing so light. I thought the first
time it was a fluke. But I’ll tell you I did
it the same thing Bryan, just like you told me, and that
thing absolutely crossed it. And that was right
by the bullet. – Yup. – A lot of these
will follow your lure up Larry as you’re bringing
it in too you know. – That is bringing. – Here it is. – Look over here. – Ooh he’s got it. – Look at that fish. – He’s not done yet. – What the heck. (water splashing) (laughing) – Did you get him? – I hope he’s done. – Yeah he’s not done yet. – He’s still green. – Keep that rod up,
sweep it green low. – Holy moly. I cannot get. Look at that reel. – You’ve gotta get back Larry. Get back baby. Or where is he at. – There he comes again. – Got him. – Nice fish. – Nice Larry, good job. – Thank you, wow. – What’s that is that a, – that’s a, looks like a nice cole. – Cole?! – Wow, now Phil got a lintro,
I’ve got a schnook and a cole. – Yup, I’ll tell you Bryan, there might be one
boat left out here. And you said tonight was
going to be the night. – Yup. – I just can’t get over
this and you know what, the interesting part
is you know what, I fish pretty much everyday. There’s no way Bryan in a
million years that I would of started jigging like that
if you went and told em that. – Well you know, what I say is that we started with
a nice slower retreat. – Yup. – And a lot of the times
you’re not getting bit, you gotta switch it up. – Okay, its like a
lot of times you know. – Let me grab that fish
while we’re talking. – They wan the
bait a certain way, and it’s just that
barely you know twitching on that lift on it. It seems to be key. – What an absolutely
awesome way to fish. – And again, I just
charged up that twitching, and I tell you right away that
fish absolutely smoked that. – Shoo-ho. – Awesome thanks buddy. – You’re welcome sir. – You know what. I’m gonna move back to the back where I started
from, and away we go. – I told him, hey Phil you
gotta just barely move it. – Look at the size of
that sub, it’s the boss. – Potato sub, and coleslaw. – Wow, that’s a meal. – Brett you don’t want
to eat that do you? – Oh I don’t know, man. (calm acoustic music) – We’re a good combination. Potato salad and sub. – [Voiceover] Kalin’s has been catching multi species
fish for over 30 years. From our crabby grubs. To our seismic series of
hybrid swim baits and grubs. To our jerk minnows. – You can’t see that
jerk minnow, can you. – To our garlic and salt
impregnated wacko worm. – That’s a Kalin wacko. – Our premium line
of Kalin jigheads and our original
Kalin’s grubs still does a pretty good job too. – Look at that Kalin’s
in her mouth right there. (calm music) – Patrick, what are
you doing out here? – Mark I’m going
fishing this weekend, but with this massive
selection of trucks, I can’t figure out
which one to take. – The brand new,
Lynch Mukwonago store and the massive selection of
brand new Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram trucks,
cars, vans, and SUVS. Make your next stop
at the all new state of the art Lynch Mukwonago
dealerships today. ♪ Nobody sells less than Lynch ♪ – Hey Phil if you can
keep that rod temp straight up and down. – Nice job. – Come check this way, but
as long as its coming back, – Okay it’s coming
back here Phil. – There he is. – Is he coming back? – That’s a nice fish. – What a considerate fish. – Phil you got him? – It’s a nice fish. – Woop there he is. – Oh nice job Phil. – I’ll tell you what,
I’m gonna wait til the players which
are back there to get the hook out of this guy. But another nice fish. – Hey Phil, I don’t think
this is a lake trout. That lake trout did
not flint like this. – I think you’re reeling
and it’s going that way. – Nope it doesn’t. – I put hooks in it I know. – Not yet. – Got him there we go. – Alright there we go. – That one’s nice. – Looks like a big puppy. – What kind of salmon is that? – Hi puppy. – Woah, yeah I
would say you know. A little slack on that one. – Asking for a salmon
is definitely ranked up there with musky fishing
for sure Phil, I’ll tell you. Where’s the lair,
slap it on hey. – Hey you know what, you said
that before you know what in the last couple of
years that you and I have been fishing that
you’ve gotten me to do a lot of different things. And it was nice of
Bryan to take us out and put us on these
fish, I’ll tell ya. But this is one of them
sports that you sure can get addicted to. Look at that fish. – I want to be able to
touch him, there he is. – And on that super glow cleel. – Yeah that’s amazing,
that super glow cleel. – You know it’s amazing when
you charge that cleel up Bryan. How far you can see that bait
coming through the water. I know its amazing. That’s a really cool thing. – And that’s one of the
biggest things with this larry. But that super glow spoon. – Yeah. – These fish can see it
from a longer distance. – Right. – It’s like versus a
spoon that’s not charged up or glow in the dark. So these fish can see
it from a long distance, they come up and right away
just feed on it you know. – Boy I tell you the
initial did something. – how much that rascal weigh? – As much as, probably
around 14,15 . – That’s a nice fish. – Very nice. – Good eating too,
and they are tricky because when they start
coming toward the water, it’s like I think he’s still on everyday
you gotta go like crazy to keep up
with that rascal. – Yeah they slack line you. – Hey I’m trying to charge
lure, what are you doing? (laughing) hey brad, do you go
the light on him. (laughing) – In the kitchen today,
Shotgun Steve Chaffer and I am making I
don’t know, one of the best salsa’s I’ve ever
come up with in my life. I mean, I give it to
everybody and we love it. Watermelon, find a watermelon. I couldn’t find one in the
store that was seedless, but you get one it’s super sweet and everything is equal parts. Cut your watermelon
up in small chunks. And I’m not kidding
you, you can put this, I put this on fish. I put it on crackers,
chicken, you name it. Here a little secret on
how to do your tomatoes. By Roma’s they don’t
have all the water and all the seeds inside. But if you do buy
a regular tomato, that’s the bigger
one at the store like this kind right here. You take and cut the
top off like I did, stick your fingers
in there and turn them around and squeeze
it at the same time. And all the seeds and
the water come off. That’ll save you all
the hassles later on because this sauce you don’t
want a lot of liquid in it. Take and cut it like that. Squeeze your hand. Just remember cut the
tomato not your hand. Your jalapeno, I took
and chopped almost an inch off of this and I left
all the seeds and everything. So I’ve done it a million
times, I know all the flavors. And that’s what I’m looking for. So I take my tomato
in, a watermelon in. White onion, same thing. Equal parts it’s up to you, you like more onion more
watermelon more tomato. Throw it in there, it’s
not gonna hurt, it’s salsa. Good whatever flavor you want,
that’s what cooking is about. Cilantro, you have
to have cilantro. You have to cut it up, I mean if you can smell
it right now people, this is what makes
the salsa smell. Here goes the jalapeno. Take your lime, I rolled it
on a table, I loosened it up. Squeeze all the juice out of it. Salt, throw a little
salt in there. It’s the taste, olive oil. Couple of tablespoons. Pepper, once again
everything is the taste. And a little sugar,
you might think it’s weird but the
sugar really helps. You know double scoop
thing, double dipping. Let’s try this. One of these episodes
coming up too, I’m gonna put it on some fish. Or chicken or
turkey or something. This recipe is awesome. (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] The
Badger Sportsman is the magazine for
outdoors in Wisconsin. Not a subscriber? Now is the time, you won’t
want to miss a single issue. It’s packed full of
everything you need to know, for open water
successes no matter what species you’re targeting. For availability in your area,
and subscription information, check out Badger
Sportsmanship. Com. Today. (calm music) – That is what it’s
all about (laughing). – That thing is just giant. – It is. – Just pure power. – That’s a big fish too. – Yeah you know it’s funny
because the other fish that we’ve caught
you know tonight. Have all come up you
know, or we’ve seen them. Even that lake trout that Phil
caught right away came up, you know. But this one, is
definitely staying down. Here he is. – There he is. – Look at the size of that one. Look at the size of that one. There it is, nice. So awesome. – That is
unbelievable, nice job. – Look at how
beautiful that fish is. – Holy moly look at that. Wow, look at the spots on that. That’s a pretty one. – Yeah that’s a pretty fish. – Look at the size
of that brown trout. (laughing) – Here tilt him
down a little bit. – That is absolutely so cool. – Woah careful. – Big bear hug boy. – There she goes. – Hey I’ll tell you
guys, you know what? I see your eyes are dropping, I can’t see Phil’s he just
put his glasses back on. But I’ll tell ya,
we fished all night, and I’ll tell you we had
an absolutely awesome time. It’s another one on the
scratch off our bucket list. Catching salmon, out
here on Lake Michigan. And with our good friend Bryan
Seteeline asking this time, you know I hope everybody
enjoyed the show. And I’ll tell you,
hey Bryan if guys want to get a hold of you and gals
want to get a hold of you. And come out, and try
some of this fishing. How long will this actually go? – Pretty much is the casting
Larry for the Salmon stuff, pretty much through
September and October. – Okay. And then the week in October then it’s casting in the
harbor and stuff like that. – So there’s lot of time to
come out here and enjoy it, some great fishing. And this year, I know
you’ve told me this. bUt a lot of other guys I know, say this is one of the
better years by far. And I can tell by the amount of fish that we have
on our livewell here. That it was definitely
the bite is on. – Oh yeah and this
thing is with this year, all the fish are like
you know just enormous. – Quality. – Really good quality. You know the trout and salmon,
it’s a phenomenal yeat. The people that want
to take advantage of it you know just
give me a call. – That sounds good, and how can they get a hold of you Bryant. – They can call
me at 414-555-9923 or you can send me an email. Or go to the website,
at – That sounds great, hey I hope everybody enjoyed
our show this weekend. – Hey Phil, you and
I we’re going back to the shore we’re gonna
clean this fish up. And we’re going up to Green
Bay to do some fishing. – Let’s go, let’s
keep her going. – Let’s see what we got. – That’s right, and
hey just remember it’s a great day to be alive. – Mouthful of mud,
first hit I took, just spun up in my mouth. (laughing) – He forgot his cane, so
all he had was the net. – This happens to
me all the time. – Couldn’t you
get a smaller net, so that I can use
it for my cane. – That is a small one. – Come on precious,
go get the truck.

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  1. Larry, so what knot was he using to attach the leader to the main line? I don't think I heard the name of it in the video. I've always been a uni to uni or loop to loop guy, but am always looking for a better mouse trap!

  2. love the demo derby footage. fun to see glimpses of familiar faces. and, hooking up with a salmon or trout while using spinning tackle is on my bucket list.

    you guys ever think of doing a carp fishing episode?

  3. Ive fished those kings in Ontario for 25 years , stripers and blues , 500lb sharks in FL and there is absolutely no reason to not tie a simple improved clinch. It is the fastest easiest knot and never had one fail , so why fisherman put so much effort into tying crazy knots is just a waste of fishing time unless you are transitioning from a main to top shot.

  4. Im just putting this out there, but if you minused the dudes voice stating the sponsors. and put like music with the sponsor logos just flashing that would be a way better intro.

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