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No corpo de quem a ONTARI entraria? | Entrevista Rhiannon Fish [SPOILERS] [LEGENDADO]

No corpo de quem a ONTARI entraria? | Entrevista Rhiannon Fish [SPOILERS] [LEGENDADO]

[Music] are you can address with the Vancouver say if Tokyo is career no fish elephants on body image which is disquieting Iowa even for the most frequent Chiarello so if it has the use of less a so it this is not your first time you miss my second time in Brazil what do you like the best and you love Brazil you guys are the best people in the world I keep saying it just the most beautiful kind loving hearts your language is sexy yeah you just you’re really really cool people I love you guys in this last season I’m hungry there are also these technology that allowed people to go other people yeah body which is kind of over so a little bit yes so if you in a real life could go into somebody’s body could who enjoy okay so what are we doing it like the hundred where like I died and then like that person guy that you’re some guys hey I don’t want I don’t want to die let’s change it wrestle it random lady died oh and then I can be like yo okay I’m in their body oh okay let me think let me think that’s such a hard question it’s like I honestly don’t think I would do it would you do it I don’t know I would really like to be Sophie 13 oh they’re enough fair enough like that if that then I get I totally totally get that but at the same time to like give up your own life I think I just wouldn’t want to do it but if ant I already had to do it with someone in the sea like anyone that’s still alive I know I would a cage I think she would have liked to stay within ice nation I think she was very very loyal to ice nation and she would have continued to be except that could have evolved so I would have I think she probably would have chosen echo oh yeah echo almost died so okay but the thing with Ontario was that she claimed to be the commander but she didn’t have the flame correct but then Octavia ended up being calm in their curse awfully yes so how do you think she would feel knowing that oh I’m afraid she’s like this bitch up here without the frickin plane but I understand to like of course the story evolves the everything has to evolve and keep going so from my point of view I totally get it but there were a lot of rules to start off with wasn’t it like you had to have nightblood you had to have the flame those were the two things you need it you needed the combo of both so how did how come Octavia was able to do it now as along the whole a conclave fair enough also there are three things you got to win the Conclave you have to have Knight blood and you have to have the flame yeah I’m jealous and what the thing she would think of the decisions then booked Asia made that was such a fascinating story line um I think that as long as no I think ontari was very much about like a dictatorship so to speak I think she believes that there should be like one person in charge and there’s like a ruler almost because that’s all that she knew like there was the Queen and you know then there was her it was like I don’t think she would have liked to live in a one what’s it called one one crew one crew okay yeah I don’t think she would have liked a one crew kind of vibe she would have liked a high rocky and to have been at the top so about next season yeah I’m pretty sure if you know anything you can say anything about it yes but there’s a lot of speculation going on about time travel and us being able to see odd characters and so so I’m not saying this is gonna happen or anything like this but if Murphy got to me okay again yeah especially now I’m sorry is like a psycho bitch like they shouldn’t be together she was the worst emori is so beautiful and I think that they are wonderful as a couple and I I think that even going back in time forward in time no matter what I think those are two characters that truly belong together me and Richard Harmon the other that’s it thank you so much for this interview thank you and thank you for being here in Brazil they don’t come enjoy your trip and you’re in the event [Music]

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