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watch the clean domain its dick must
fight algae at all plus you know why okay fish tank people so here’s the deal
check it out while we have it on the run we got to get all that and more MERS
we’re gonna hit today with like another 70% got a scrape we’re gonna add some
more plants and we’re just gonna keep fighting so here we go again okay folks alright so today we want to keep the
algae on the run we’ve got a good jump but we’re gonna keep going our wonderful
friends at baby health are open right now so we’re gonna be quiet and calm
zen-like but we’re still gonna be aggressive so what we’re going for today
is to get more of this stuff out of here as best we can
manual removal I’m gonna add some more plants there’s the bacopa yellow flame I
added yesterday here’s algae still on here more over here so we’re just gonna
go keep fighting and then out today we’re going to talk about some of the
things we can do to keep this from coming back ok folks so today we’re
gonna keep it on the run I’ve got the algae on the run we’re not gonna stop
we’re gonna keep fighting the algae as hard as we can but in today’s video
we’re gonna try to figure out what is causing it we’re gonna take a look at
the light bulbs and we’re gonna make a couple of halftime adjustments if you
will and we’re gonna keep the algae figure out what’s causing it they have a
rough idea what’s causing but we’re also gonna keep manually removing it you got
to get it out wide that’s where it starts with the big ninja water change
today I brought the extra bucket okay so we’re manually moving all this
somebody asked me yesterday why don’t you add a like a a pleco or assignments
this algae eater and all those are fine but look you’re not gonna have a fish I
don’t care if it’s a full-on pleco they’re not gonna clean this whole thing
off so you gotta manually remove all of this algae and get it out as best you
can and then figure out what’s causing it I also don’t have a good substrate in
here I think the dirt has finally bit the dust and is not giving the plants as
much nutrients and you can see this sword right here has never really grown
click the links around here for other videos on this as I talk while I’m out
of breath because you can see the sword hasn’t really like rocketed so it’s not
really like a skyrocket and you’d think if that was in full dirt that’d be good
but that sword just hasn’t really taken off so that’s an indicator to me that
the substrate in this tank has kind of gone away but it’s not a problem we got
some other got some other plants we can put in here to keep this going but
everything starts with the water change so water changes rolling first I set the
slime on top and then I’ve got this siphon runs the normal siphon runs
decent but that’s my full water changer what I’m gonna do is with the other
siphon here in a second I’m gonna grab the other side and I’m gonna this is
just a stack that like the way that looks in there in a second here we’re
gonna grab the the other two just regular too but I’m gonna spot it so I
look at the roots on this though check this out get that that’s a healthy crypt
right there just can see that look at that you guys
think the dirt substrate doesn’t work look at that make sure you get that hole
shot and that’s it that’s the jam so that is a happy crypt that’s a bronze
crypt I do sell these do not leave this video to go buy stuff for me YouTube
will hate that so now I’m gonna replant this big massive crib but I want
everybody to see those roots in fact and you get a shot of this up here that’s
the the trick folks is that the plants roots have to be as long as its stems
and leaves you want a happy plant get happy roots look at that that’s my lanky
arm like that’s the root right there the root show this to Instagram over
here if not probably money Instagram do so I actually had another little quick
baby over here somewhere it’s miscellaneous root and it’s okay to be
tearing it all up because I got the siphon going so I’m not as concerned
about making a mess you can see the osmocon balls people have said use ozma
cosmic ott was actually not sufficient for my liking when it comes to plant
growth as far as a good substrate so I’m not you I replaced the osmocon you can
click the links around here but they just simply wasn’t getting the growth
that I wanted out of the plants so I used osmocon it doesn’t work great heck
it might even be part of the algae problem for all
so suck all this out and that’s running so this tank is draining wow it’s super
stirred up I’m gonna grab the other side in the other bucket and I’m gonna do
like a full 70% again while I just pick it apart and this is how you get it on
the run somebody asked me yesterday why I didn’t clean the filter I’m not gonna
clean the filter and she’ll probably tomorrow’s video because I want to let
the filter to get all the bad stuff out because I want to clean I don’t want to
clean it until it like all the the stuff has been sucked up think of it like
you’re vacuum at your house like my wife’s like go vacuum the porch I’m not
gonna vacuum the porch until the bag needs replaced and that’s kind of like
my thinking with that the boost has responded well to the water change
yesterday happy about that and the logic loom closest upon two times just don’t
care it’s time to get the other side how fast you sir and I like this one like pull the stuff
right to it it’s more direct there’s no kinks there’s no nothing it’s just how
much nasty water can I remove while the tank is stirred up and I do this in the
greenhouse tanks to as much dirty skank skank water as you have stirred up get
all that water out while it’s in the water column or you can wait till it
settles I’m just gonna remove a ton of it while it’s floating around and
that’ll get it going no problem so see I can stir all this up and because it’s
coming fast no big deal and I do love these rocks if I told you where I got
them I’d have to kill you there are some of my favorite rocks ninja technique
bump this up here slightly doesn’t break typically what kills mystery snails is
lack of calcium this is a dead mystery snail empty container that’s not good so
that shows we had a lack of probably a lack of calcium in the water column from
a lack of water changes from yours truly so we will if we do add snails we need
to be cognizant of that big water changes not recommended fx4 bunny stop Andrea’s try that so that’s that’s about
to stop so I’m gonna see how it’s got to that water level there so I’m gonna redo
it and refill it back up and keep it about this water level but I’m gonna
keep doing the water changes I’m gonna start the refill
something that’s awesome is that this sink right here has the slip fitting so
I have the water running I can test the temp in my hand exactly the way I want
it and I’m going to turn this on and I wait I have it adjusted so it’s the
right temperature is this so these this temp will match this and I can get it
really throttled up and then what I do is I leave it like this probably spray
the camera but and I leave it intentionally a little loose I got a
sprint back there and add some decor but I’ve got this temp just barely run it
now you got a couple seconds because the water in this tube is actually from your
tank so you’ll have to worry about it with the chlorines for too long but I
get that adjusted and while it’s leaking like that I can adjust the temps thats
too high but that gives me time to get back there and add the décor and that’s
what we want to be that’s the temp a CCR ammonia chlorine remover for more
friends and fritz just worth the Hat I overdosed this stuff it’s fish-safe why
not they say what is it one cap for every 10 gallons I use more than that
why not safe to overdose so this is running and what I’m trying to do first
things first is get the water level up high enough and fx4 to compensate and
this water is coming out a little cold so I might need to check that in a
second because we want to FX for circulating to
suck all this stuff that I’m pulling out of here out sincere little cold
dusting not perfect it’s perfect that tighten it up you get more flow out to
there I want to show this if I haven’t shown
it enough I graph look Chordata red so it’s a variants not available
exclusively on don’t leave this video to go there and
you’ll see this this is a really wicked plant that I really like and it can
handle abuse because it’s a high Groff Allah generally speaking so I’m gonna
plant some of this up in here note the kids screaming in the background you can
hear that it’s part of the joys I’m gonna go to stems at the time on the
three steps at the time on the high growth spreads this stuff out hook up without this crack right here and see how they do that’s not down straight that’ll be okay
typically I’ll try to get these all the way down but this is such a hardy plant
it doesn’t matter so these will just go in the crack here yeah I hope that’s
gonna work but should it’s pretty pretty hard plant man I’m gonna unplug that fix
for cuz it’s sputtering give it a break checking my temps I’m so good it’s
bubbling over there now watch this it’s kind of book the filter if you will
that shit now it’s gonna kick off in a minute that’ll be alright show some of these down there there’s
the FX forest kick-off girl in here coming out that’s off of that main cripple now
let’s go check on the tank after an hour in here my girl April’s in here
I’ll not bust you out on camera evil but uh but uh yeah so we got the tank set up
here it’s now 12:30 as you can see the time 12:30 this tank has had a little
bit of time to get filtered through and I like the way it’s looking I’m actually
gonna kill the lights so you guys can see it better without
the glare but the tank is doing ok I grab a chair and I pull up here like
this and I scope it out and we’re not done yet folks we are not done yet we
still have more algae on all of the rocks that we need to do but we are
battling it valiantly you can see there is still a G all over the place but it’s
getting better we’ve added some more plants that’s the hydraulic or not
alright not sure how it’s going to do pinned in there but so far so good looks
alright so we’ve got to peel all that back but the fish are fine
tanks bub ones got a nice big water change and not bad
and I do want to make a quick point about this tank right here you’ll note
I’m doing this over three days this is day two of a three day series where I’m
battling this algae problem and that is for this reason you do not want to over
clean your tanks you can click links around here fastest way to kill your
fish I have over clean tanks before I’m doing big water changes massive water
changes but I’m making sure the temps of right as you can see but I’m doing it
over three day period so I can adjust make moves and plants see what it needs
what it doesn’t need and it’s actually better for the aquarium to spread it out
a little bit set over to you take in chilling your fish to my favorite folks
if you like what I’m doing it to subscribe button and a notification
button because we’re going daily this year everybody a fabulous freaking week
talk to you mañana and take on right

63 comments on “NO MAINTENANCE in 2018. Aquarium ALGAE WAR!

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  6. Add in a cuttlebone in the back (where it is hidden) for calcium, so the snails can graze on it like a deer with a salt lick. Or you can add crushed egg shells or add in crushed coral substrate. Or add some empty clam shells.
    A pair of rubber lipped plecos would help keep that algae in check once you get it cleaned.

  7. I guess my snails are doing better in one tank than all the rest. They are almost golfball sized They were born and raised there and just laid two monster egg clutches! Their siblings in other tanks are from a bit bigger than a pea to almost a quarter. Only difference is they are in a heated, dirted tank. I also put some cuttlebones from my birds into all the tanks now and then.
    Love my mystery snails 😊. They are the babies of ones I bought from you a while back 😉🐌🐌🐌

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    But hey, I remember while back you saying the light from the window and the light from the hallway were adding to the algae problem… is there any way to black out the back and left/right sides… block more the outside lighting…🤔? Even if temporarily, till algae under control…
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  18. Maybe you can take out THE hardscape and put them outside for a week or so and THE alge is dead and can be brushed off totally( may use bleach or saltwater to clean iT extra, ) No maintenance does only succeed when you are around to look after THE tank, i mean feeding the fish can be done 10 times a day, direct sunlight, the lights itself can be on too much hours, these are things you don't know,or were not told when you are running elsewhere. These factors you can control if you are around

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