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100 comments on “No more fish — empty net syndrome in Greece | DW Documentary

  1. wow greece wow. fisheries must set up artificial breeding facility, hatch all eggs and release small fishes by the tonnes back into designated-no-fishing-allowed breeding ground.

  2. They are all using nets and have over fished the resource. Now they blaming the other guy. Are we suppose to feel bad for them…NO I don't think so; I feel bad for the Mediterranean sea.

  3. Lady bragging about using explosive to catch fish than complaining about no more fish to catch. Man I thought the Greek people are more advanced, the sad part is it happened all over the world, the people from Vietnam where I was born said the same thing about our fish and animals very sad situation

  4. That woman has an Enormous Heart.
    Same size of the ocean, where she loves the most to spend…
    Greek Mythology is not all about Myth.

  5. Beautiful documentary. Thanks team DW. May God bless these fishermen with lot of health and Wealth. May mother nature take a good care of all of us and vice versa.

  6. British fish stocks are over exploited by EU fleets – time Greece took control of its own waters and ensured the fish stocks.

  7. Greed and Desire are the ultimate root cause of sufferings
    Lord Buddha told this 2000 years ago but still we don't believe in him

  8. No sympathy for you…you should be a decent human being by leaving the fish alone…keep the body, mind and soul perfect, pure and clean… keep life vegan 👊🏿

  9. No education about the life cycle, no government control for fisheries. I do think that trawling is the worst way of fishing and should be banned.

  10. I don't understand how the literal birth place of modern philosophy and science still has trouble working out simple every day logistics problems

  11. I have seen Greek fishermen with rod and line catching tiny fish and keeping them rather than throwing them back. Next year they would have been three times bigger. The net fishing is no better as they use nets with a small mesh to catch everything. The Greeks have only themselves to blame by thinking only of today.

  12. If you have a stomach ulcer and you take mastic, you will understand why the people on chios a long time ago built walls around the trees to protect them. It is too bad they didn't value all of their natural resources like that.

  13. Sad, this is part of the reason I've gone to a plant based diet. Plus it made me lean, while my Keto friends get fatter and fatter, and have a negative effect on the planet.

  14. So hang on!!……If the old couple stops fishing and lets the boat be destroyed they could receive up to 50.000 euros??? Surely that's enough until their dying day? ??? Is this another form of greek logic?

  15. nice video with raw truth, 2 pensioners having professional fishing boat, used to throw dynamite to catch fish when lots of fish in the sea, with nice house and family taverna, never gine up, love it!!!

  16. Is they also fishing in the breeding seasons?😓 I'm from Northeast India we don't have sea here but our forefathers never fishing in the breeding seasons in lakes , pounds and rivers. Now I know why it is important. Thank good it is in our culture.

  17. Big and small fishing boats in the Mediterranean, they all need to be stopped forever. Fish farming…and even that's not really sustainable

  18. '.. dynamite.. it was a really great catch. they had acquitted him. because he has admitted to doing it' What they're doing is practically criminal. instead of over fishing, how about fish farming??


  20. That's what happens when you other countries into fish. But these people are making the problem worse. Those small fish are not the breaker fish. If they fish like that in the US WE HAVE GAME WARDENS you will be arrested

  21. What is there no areas closed off to maintain breeding stocks ??   for years ago in asia they began farming fish, oysters, prawns, crabs, crayfish.. you name it… go figure

  22. Very soon you'll see fish only in national geographic shows and books. but we will not reach that point. Before the last fish go, humans will go.

  23. It's a pretty Greek statement really, " We caught more fish when we used to fish with dynamite"…. And then to admit this to an interviewer, for an international documentary. Oh my word.

  24. бестолковые ирапецы. неужели они не понимают что рыбу надо массово разводить чтобы так много ловить? они какие то глупые люди

  25. People are quick to criticize but still do nothing to change their own habits that are fucking up the planet. Being a vegan/vegetarian doesn't give you a free moral superiority pass, you are still contributing to screwing up the planet in so many other ways.

  26. 6:46 (On dynamite fishing) "We have done something illegal but had no choice, we were really desperate for the money we needed money for our daughter's wedding"

    "our daughter's wedding"… Yep, living in Greece I can assure you this is real.

  27. I was on vacation in Greece and I noticed that is very little fish almost lifeless sea.. If i look adriatic sea we have more life in the sea, but for how long that's the question🙄

  28. when there is money to be made , people will kill everything till nothing left , these people are part of the problem , smaller part but still part of it

  29. I've just visited Gozo, was there 9 years ago, was teeming with fish.

    Could see them clearly from the ferry from Malta, when snorkelling or even just swimming off any beach.

    There's no fish now. No predators to. None.

    I saw no fish, I took my telescopic rod hoping to fish for a while.

    It didn't get used. There's no fish.

    I asked the locals, they didn't realise. They all have phones now…

    Do they have a mortgage?

    They receive 800e a month and still deviants their local seas.

    Very low IQ this lot.

  30. Cool. And now for some HOPEIUM watch Vertical ocean farming – the least deadliest catch | Bren Smith | TEDxBermuda

    About farming seaweeds, mussels and oysters, sustainably (no feeds, no fertilisers), they need to implement this EN MASSE and stop people fishing out the very last fish.

  31. change your job! simply. There is no more fish in all mediterranean area, especially in Adriatic sea they have already caught them all.

  32. 李显龙离婚吧,你欠何晶的已经全部还完了 !!!这样你才可以 move on !!! 给她一笔赡养费,离开她!!!

  33. "Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money."

    Cree Indian Prophecy

  34. Pay homage to a patron saint and do illegal stuff. I have a sister who does the same thing. Religion can teach people a weird brand of morality.

  35. Always looking for a big harvest, but never sowing seeds? How long would a farmer last with this kind of mentality?

  36. A nice big nuclear war would help to bring back fish populations. Only when humankind is extinct will there cease to be problems

  37. They could charge tourists to go out with them and then come back for a fish dinner?
    Very well done film….very important film.

  38. This womans family has probably been in Greece for 1,000+ years but only make $15 a day yet a foreigner that illegally entered the country gets subsidized by the government . . . Western liberalism is destroying itself . . . 🖐🇵🇹

  39. it isn't subsistence fishing causing these's the cheap processed fish that is canned and shipped all over the world. wake up idiots…until you ban all large scale commercial fishing vessels and allow the oceans to regenerate it's just going to get worse. While you're at it, keep dropping your cheap plastic nets in the ocean…and yea for the Chinese idiots who still think sea horses have mystical properties..and the Japanese who continue to whale for "scientific " research…crap all of it. If all of the global warming clowns would just focus on stopping the destruction of our oceans the entire planet would be a significantly better ecosystem and the effect would be almost immediate. But governments pour billions into junk like carbon initiatives while they dump millions of gallons of pesticides and fertilizers into the oceans(Australia) then wonder why crown-of-thorns are blooming several times a year.

  40. The fish are going, the rivers are poisoned, the air is polluted, the lands have no nutrients, and now we're about to engage in the sheer insanity of negative interest rates. But still, nobody wants to talk about the obvious problem. We are OVERPOPULATED! The fantasy of never ending growth is just that – a fantasy! And that fantasy benefits the baby boomers and the rich, nobody else.

  41. They Created this situation themselves and Saint Nicholas can’t do anything about it. Stop catching fish for a few years. Then start sustainable fishing thereafter.

  42. €800 per month for two elderly people on an island to do nothing seems enough. People work for that much in Southern European countries. Greeks always want more.

  43. We don't understand? we have gill netted every living thing from the ocean for generations and now there is no fish left? but that won't stop us from taking these tiny juvenile fish as well.

  44. They do have a real family and there love for each other is real. Not like my family. We have no real intimacy or love. Even the family unit in the west has broken down. We are ripe for the fall.

  45. Japan's nuclear policy is a major factor in the on going Pacific ocean die offs. Soon the greed of humanity will be the cause of the extinction of all sea life. Then what? Us? I am not a climate alarmist, it's the mismanagement of resources. We need to do with less.

  46. Chios especially might ended up with no fish because of the island is so close to Turkey, which is full of nature disrespecting "people"

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