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No need for pregnant women to avoid fish for dinner

No need for pregnant women to avoid fish for dinner

You want to give your little one the very
best start in life, AND, well you want your baby to be normal ! You don’t want to be
part of the autism statistics. So when health gurus tell you to AVOID FISH, because the
fish are FULL OF MERCURY, and MERCURY is causing AUTISIM – you AVOID FISH, it’s the right
thing to do. But is it ? Health gurus encourage fish consumption, as a health move for anyone
who is NOT PREGNANT. In fact, the advice out their suggests, toddlers should do it – so
they can learn to like fish. Teens and scholars should do it – because, well it makes them
smarter. Those with heart disease should do it – because it improves their lipid profiles.
And the forgetful should do it – because, well the brain is made of omega-3 fatty acids.
And the stiff and sore do it – to lubricate those joints and prevent osteoarthritis. The
reason for the pro-fish message, is because fish are full of nutrients. Top of the list
are the omega-3 fish oils, but the list includes selenium, iodine, vitamin E and protein.
So does it makes sense for the mom-to-be, not to do it ? After all, as a mom to be,
you’re building a brand new human being and the last think you want is to be short
of a specific raw material. Join us for this episode of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV as we
take a look at the somewhat fishy advice that pregnant women, should avoid fish. Better
Body Chemistry TV is brought to you by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster,
HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps & other health horribles, through BETTER BODY
CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make a big difference to your health. Fish do contain
mercury. And exposure to excess mercury is not a recipe for better brain chemistry – hence
the term, mad as a hatter. But sniffing mercury fumes for years, while making fancy hats,
is not quite the same as having fish for dinner. First off, the levels of mercury in the fish
are significantly lower. So does the mercury in fish, create “madness”
? Researchers from the University of Rochester sort answers to this fishy dilemma. To explore
the topic, the research team headed to the Republic of Seychelles, where fish dinners
happen pretty much every day. In fact, the average mom-to-be eats 12 fish dinners a week
– so island Moms and their developing babes, are getting exposed to quite a lot of mercury
through their fish dinners. Well how much ?
Well, in the last 1980s, the research team enrolled 1784 moms-to-be into their study.
Each Mom provided the team with a hair sample, around the time of her delivery. The hair
sample was used to determine how much mercury was floating about in Mom during her pregnancy.
Obviously, the more mercury in the hair sample, the more mercury the developing fetus would
have been exposed to. The mean prenatal methylmercury exposure of these Moms was 8.4 parts per million.
Now these levels are significantly higher than mercury levels seen in the average Mom
living in the West. Ten years later, when the babes were all grown up, the team tracked
the kids down to see what had happened. Now, each child’s temperament was assessed using
two rating scales. The Social Communication Questionnaire, which was completed by the
child’s care givers. And the Social Responsiveness Scale, which was completed by the child’s
teachers. Now the scores in these tests are not enough to confirm a diagnosis of autism,
but they do provide clues that things are amiss, because they’re measuring a child’s
language skills, as well as their social communication skills and they also pick up on the presence
of any repetitive behaviours. The team took the test scores and plotted these against
the mercury levels the kids had experienced, during their development in the womb. The
results. Absolutely no correlation between autism-spectrum-like behaviours and prenatal
exposure to mercury. Nothing. Nada. Fishy dinners containing mercury, did not create
fishy behaviours. Now just to be sure. The same group of kids (now all grown up, aged
22 years), were recently tested again, using a battery of neurodevelopmental tests. Once
more, there was absolutely no association with prenatal mercury exposure and performance.
So the advice to cut fish from the menu during pregnancy – well it is a bit fishy. The
mercury risk, while present on paper, does not exist, in big fish eaters, so it is highly
unlikely it exists in small fish eaters, that is someone eating fish 2-3 times a week. So
if you’re a pregnant Mom, looking to give your little one the best start possible, don’t
be afraid to add fish to the menu. The nutritional benefits of that fish dinner, out way the
risks of mercury. Plus, it is important to realize, there are other fish to fry, when
it comes to mercury exposure. Fish probably only contributes 7 % to blood mercury levels.
So if you’re a Mom-2-be, fish dinners should be on the menu. Those fillets of fish will
help you create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and enhance your baby’s development.
Interested in discovering more ways to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY or need a little help
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things can make a big difference to your health.

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