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No one ever drank the whole cup of fish sauce! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.15]

No one ever drank the whole cup of fish sauce! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.15]

Here we go. Go to your stage. (Will lucky DinDin be able to succeed?) I can still drink it, right? We need to do this four times. (He starts drinking pompously.) It’s coffee. – He made it. / – It’s coffee. – That’s good. / – It has to be coffee. No one can endure it for that long. – Wait. / – No one can. – Does he have to finish it? / – If it’s coffee, – Is it coffee? / – you don’t have to finish it. – It’s coffee. / – I think it’s the sauce. (Is it the fish sauce?) No one can drink the sauce like that. – It’s coffee, right? / – If it’s coffee… I think he’s finishing it because he’s hungry. That’s a dollar! (DinDin earns 1 dollar.) Wait. I can’t smell it since I tasted it. – Wait a minute. Open your mouth. / – It can’t be. Something smelled disgusting. – Did he drink it? / – No way. (Gross) Are you serious? Good job. – My mouth smells like… / – Let me smell it. Let me see. He’s not joking. (It’s the fish sauce.) – How did you drink that? / – He drank it! – He’s the first one. / – You… Poor DinDin. What took you so long to get here? You bet everything. – This is crazy. / – How did you do that? He’s the first person to finish it. (When a man drinks fish sauce,) (he’s bound to spit it out.) (No one can drink it.) (If he managed to drink that…) Keep on going! – Keep on going, DinDin. / – But he said he’ll have a lucky year and he chose that. Can you pick out the coffee for me? You can choose one for me. Seriously? Will you be okay with it? Choose the one that was next to it. (He picks one out without hesitation.) There’s a lot. This has to be coffee. It should be. Please. DinDin goes for two dollars. – Two dollars! / – Yes! (DinDin goes for two dollars.) Is it usually one person that keeps drinking? It must be coffee. (Did he get the right one this time?) (This tastes like…) It’s probably… – Is it? / – He just gave me a look. – What? / – Let’s give it up for DinDin. (What he needs is a sign of support.) – DinDin! / – But keep this in mind. – DinDin! / – Keep this in mind. – If I drink this… / – Yes. If I drink this, – the next person has to drink. / – No. No, wait. Hold on a second. Then don’t drink it. Wait. I can drink one more. – Don’t do it. / – I did a good job by going first. Keep in mind that we still have a lot to do. It’s the season of making kimchi. (At that moment,) (he starts drinking it again.) What’s going on? How can he drink that? Is he confused because of the previous smell? – Isn’t it coffee? / – I think it’s coffee. Let me try. (He’s suspicious of him.) I don’t think it is. (It’s the fish sauce.) Have a sip. DinDin, you’re an expert. This is no joke. – Are you okay? / – Are you okay? (He takes it back as if he’s possessed.) That’s… (Bottoms up.) Oh, my. How does someone drink that? (DinDin earns 2 dollars.) He said he feels lucky, and he chose the sauce two times in a row. He must be out of his mind to drink it twice. Are you sure we have a possibility of 50 percent? – I’m certain. / – How can he be so unlucky? Are we that unfortunate? I’m telling you the truth. If this is fish sauce, I’ll try drinking again. – Yes. / – Trust me. This is coffee. – Do you mean it? / – You can drink seven then. (It’s going as we planned.) DinDin! All right. Let’s cheer him up. – Good luck. / – DinDin! – DinDin! / – DinDin! – DinDin! / – DinDin! – DinDin! / – The expert of fish sauce! DinDin! (Please) (be coffee this time.) It’s coffee. (He chose coffee at last.) (It’s like they’ve won a gold medal.) It tastes so good. It tastes so good. It tastes so good. – You did great. / – Remember the pattern. There were two cups of fish sauce. He can try this one next. – I really can’t tell. / – We got this. We’re almost there. You are lucky. Let’s go for eight dollars! Will it be fish sauce or coffee? – Should I try again? / – Try again. You have to try again. There were two here, so just to be safe, you can try this one. – Let’s do this! / – Let’s go. (He’s simple.) Which one? – The one above that. / – The one above. – Skip this one. / – Yes. (He can’t take it back now.) The era of the small giant, Chun Byung Kwan has come to an end. It’s the era of the small giant, DinDin. – It’s his era. / – Right. – You’re… / – What if it’s the sauce again? If you earn eight dollars, the rest of the members will succeed. Yes, we all have to drink then. Try it first. (DinDin goes for 8 dollars.) (Smiling) – Seriously? / – Are you serious? Isn’t it? – Don’t come any closer. / – Wait. – Don’t come closer. / – This is when we cheer for him. – DinDin! / – What do I do? – Do I drink it? / – DinDin, the prince of fish sauce! Fish sauce coffee DinDin likes it – But / – DinDin. if he can drink three cups, his body takes it well. Since you’re fine after three cups, you can go on a world tour with this talent. Is there anyone like him in the whole world? – No. / – I’ve never seen one. DinDin, it’s not even 8 a.m. yet. But if I don’t, it all goes to ruin. Why did I drink all these then? – You have to ride a car. / – Don’t do it, DinDin. You’ll have a stomachache. – But that’s not important. / – He’s drinking again. (He starts drinking again.) It’s all right, DinDin. Don’t do it. DinDin, don’t do it. How is that possible? We’ll just ride the truck. (No one knew of a rapper named, DinDin.) (He has gone through a hard time.) I thought I’d be able to make my parents and friends proud with Two Days and One Night But I saw a comment, “I thought he dropped out.” Why do people always do that to me? (He overcomes his sorrow) (with a cup of fish sauce.) (He finishes a whole cup.) Wait a minute. (It’s even hard to smell this thing.) That’s eight dollars. (He’s so dogged to drink three.) We could have… We should’ve gone first. It smells the strongest. How did he drink those? Do you want to stop? You can stop. I’m not doing it anymore. – I can’t anymore. / – Okay. Let’s go, Junghoon.

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