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Noisy Aquarium Air Pump – GUARANTEED FIX !!

Noisy Aquarium Air Pump – GUARANTEED FIX !!

What up? Hello Guys, Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks! Today I’m going to show you how to silence the SO ANNOYING! Ugh I’m gonna crush them, I’m gonna crush them with my bare hand! I’m gonna show you how to silence a forever annoying air pumps that we get. Ones like this typically. This is a TetraTec, And you, you will get bits of this pump rattling against the side of the wall or the cable will rattle against some piece of furniture and god damn it these things are SO annoying! So this little trick I’m gonna show you works for all little pumps like this. Uh, this is one from my daughter’s gold fish tub upstairs. It sit’s in the cupboard, we put it in there to try and silence it a little bit and it’s like rattle. Like this constantly inside, and we can hear it and it’s so annoying. So today I’m gonna show you how to silence these little pumps for good! I don’t mean cut the cable. [laughs] Um, this is something I learned a long long time ago . When I lived in Scotland I used to have loads and loads of tanks in my room when I was a kid. More than this by the way so um, I have a lot of experience with aquariums. And uh, let’s get right into it I think. *boopbloop* What you’re gonna need is some: some duct tape, you’re gonna need a pair of scissors, you’re going to need your pump obviously, and you’re going to need a jar or a vessel that is, uh, where the lid is wider than the pump itself. Okay so, let me just hold this up for you so you can see. And we want the pump to go into the jar like this, you see? What I’m gonna do now though is I’m gonna strap you to my chest, just so it’s easier for me to use both hands. One momento! Okay, so now I’m hands free, let’s get right into this. You have your jar, you have your pump. What you wanna do, right, is you put your jar… your jar into your pump… [laughing] Did I just say that? You wanna put your jar, your pump into your jar We’re gonna take some duct tape and we’re gonna cover about a quarter of this, um, area here with the duct tape. Duct tape of life. *oop* You know, I’ve always called it ducK tape and it turns out it’s actually called ducT, it’s actually ducT, duct tape. And so what you’re gonna do is, gonna put our tape across a quarter of the jar like this, make sure it’s nice and stuck down. Give that a cut. Alright. Then the next part of what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna lift… Turn your little pump so it’s facing this way. I’ll lift it up just so you can see. And the aim of this is to get the pump off the base of the jar so it’s suspended, like this. Okay, so it’s not rattling against nothing Lemme get this cable outta the way Okay so, we’re then going to need, another piece of tape. And if you do this correctly guys you’ll get a Blue Peter Badge. [[A badge given in recognition of achievement by the BBC children’s show ‘Blue Peter’]] American viewers will be like “What is a Blue Peter Badge Mark?” Oh, did I just do that? but we’ll waste some tape here god damn this stuff so sticky so sticky. But it’s um, this tape is much much better than other tapes I’ve used to do the same thing. It seems to hold together much more easily, and other stuff, right? So this is what you’re looking for here, and then we’re gonna put another piece of tape across the top. It shouldn’t be too hard to do seeing as you’re strapped to my chest. Alright, that is so sticky. So you want the pump to be suspended off the bottom and not touching the glass. Alright so we’re gonna put that like this… C’mon lift up. Can you see that? Then we’re going to bend the cable over so it goes over the first piece. So it goes over the first piece of duct tape and this is what’s going to hold your pump in place and suspend it. I didn’t say ‘suspenders’ I said ‘suspend it’. So make sure that’s grabbed your tape, nice and easy. You can see it wobbling around, in there, there’ll be a bit of wiggle. Just make sure it’s not touching the sides, check inside make sure none of the feet etc. are touching the sides. And then you can put more tape on. I think this works guys because it traps, it actually traps the sound, or the air, It has basically like a dampening effect with the air inside so it doesn’t sound so loud. Now this 100% works, I have tried this with other tapes and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect as duct tape does. So it’s something to do with duct tape. *silly noises* Do a few more bits. And it’s okay if there’s tiny air gaps, right cause you want this for your wee pump, so it can get some air to breathe. You don’t want to kill it, make it overheat etc. Alright? So that’s almost good I think. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna strengthen it just a little bit and I’m gonna put a piece of duct tape across the other way, the opposite direction. Like so. Maybe one final piece here. Now I know for sure that there’s no way for me to really show you this working. But I’ll plug it in so you can hear if it makes any noise at all. And you can probably, just to give it a little bit of more extra security, put more duct tape around the lid here, but I don’t think I need to do that. Duct tape is pretty, pretty good sealer. So there you have it, this is how you silence an air pump. You see it inside here, it’s wobbling, wiggle wiggle, it’s not touching anything. What’s also important here guys is that you don’t pull your air tube through too far because you can kink it in the bottom here. Alright so we’re just gonna go over here, just plug it in. Hopefully first time it won’t make a little, any kind of noise. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. And that is actually on, I don’t know if you guys can hear that. You can just hear [air hissing] the air coming out of there, but it’s much much much quieter than it was before. And that is it plugged in, if I turn it to one of the sides it might, you hear it now? [pump vibrating on glass] So that is how you silence a little air pump. If you have one of these in your bedroom or living room you will find this particularly useful, okay? So thanks for watching guys. If you enjoyed today’s video please leave me a like, and please subscribe if you want to see more content like this, okay? Thanks for watching! Happy Shrimp Keeping!

100 comments on “Noisy Aquarium Air Pump – GUARANTEED FIX !!

  1. i have got a precision 800 air pump brand new, it states super silent i turn it on on its like being in the barbers shop the noise is terrible can u help me many thanks

  2. What I did to fix mine was …..well, first I dumped the noisy one! Then I went out and bought a better model that was dead quiet.
    Besides…😁 I need my jars for making chutney 🤔

  3. Thanks Mark m just a beginner with my aquarium so that's great will get some sleep now thanks for sharing too

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  5. I believe most people get way too hung up on trivialities like air pump noise.Their own breathing makes about as much noise.Especially if they're more than 10 feet away from the "offending" pump".

  6. That noise haunts my nightmares… Wish I'd known this, all my air pumps sat on the big yellow car cleaning sponges.

  7. I was looking through some of your older stuff and I actually found three that I haven't seen till now and this is one of them. They are also the only three videos you have that didn't get a thumbs up from me… Till now 🙂
    There were and still are a few that I didn't like as much because of different reasons.
    A.) They were simple "common sense" but I give you the thumbs up anyway (because "common sense" isn't common these days. If things aren't bought up, people won't bother to notice them)
    B.) been done hundreds of times, by others with aquariums, vivariums or any other type of animal habitat. Thumbs up for the fact that you work hard at pointing out everything in detail, explaining as well as visual instructions giving everyone not just the "how" but more importantly, the "why"
    C.) I may have something that works better in my opinion or I though of ways to improve what you've done.
    365 days in a year
    + 365 videos
    = 365 thumbs up,
    Congrats to you sir!

  8. that is a great idea but that pump wont last long before it burns up. you dont have enough air flow to the pump. you have more air coming out the going into the pump. make the hole bigger in the tape.

  9. i just tape mine to a solid piece of Styrofoam . and i still have access to the tubing if needed !

  10. You can get REALLY quiet air pumps like the aPump that operate basically silently. I have a tiny piezoelectric Japanese-made air pump called the Nisso Mute S that makes only the tiniest of humming noises. I sleep a foot away from it with no problems.
    The only cons are they don't move a lot of air (although mine runs a box filter in my 25 gallon just fine) and they are a little pricey too ($35ish).

  11. i just want to know will it over heat becuase thats the last thing i need my house to be on fire please get back to me on if it gets too hot

  12. That's pretty clever. May I suggest a hole in the top to carb in some fresh air. Take care.

  13. Thank you man, you saved my ears 🙂 , tested and working. I would start putting all noisy household objects in jars 😀

  14. i have a real buzzy air pump that looks just like that one. This morning i decided to do something about it and I stapled it in the boards in a modern pay plastic bag folded and slung under it into the pine board ikea furniture thing that holds the aquarium above. 2 staples in one side of the sling and one on the other. So far so good. This jar thing takes at least 5 minutes lomger to do but you dont gotta have a stapler and I know how some of you dont equip yourself with tools.

  15. THANK YOU!!!!! You have answered a problem I have been dealing with since I having aquariums. Also have the same problem with duct tape being a pain!

  16. The "Silent Giant" air pumps actually had the pumping apparatus inside a gravel filled container. They made no noise at all. Years ago, I put a noisy Hush 1 pump in a coffee can filled with gravel to silence it. That might work even better than suspending it in an empty jar.

  17. This is the most silly idea Ive ever seen. Guys dont do it! First, the pump will start vibrating inside jar after while and will start touching its sides and shaking it (would you trust a tape for a long term?) making horrible noise and eventually will cause a pump to fail. Second, the jar is mostly sealed with the tape. There is no access of fresh oxygen to air pump input. Its suffocating and all its doing is pumping a co2 to your aquarium which is a complete opposite to what you want (there will be bubbles allright… but full of co2). Your fish will die. Not without a reason people keep air pumps outside their house for a fresh air input (or even feed a hose through a wall/window of your house to suck in fresh air).
    Or why dont you just hang it on a hook by the cord? It doesnt touch anyhing and its silent. Try to keep it close to fresh air source for best results. This is my recommendation. Good luck

  18. What if your air pump is massive? gonna have to use a 5g fish tank for mine lol. I honestly doubt it will work for me but will let yah know.

  19. Best method ever. Tryed it right after the video and it works great. Before I had 40db at 15 cm from the pump, now I have 20db. MASSIVE improvement.

  20. Those plastic feet on that Tetra pump make it a lot bigger so why not cut them off first before suspending it in a jar.

  21. Set the belly of the pump on a little bean bag (I had an old carbon bag).

    Don't block the air intake. Make sure the feet are off the table.

    Boom, silent.


  22. Only thing is that when the tubing isn't attached the motor makes hardly any noise…so i don't see how this works.

  23. You are a genius! I used to have my air pump on a timer so it was off at night while i slept. Now my aquatic critters will get bubbles 24/7!

  24. Amazing! I just did mine exactly as you described… even better when I placed the jar in the cabinet stand! no noise at all!

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  26. This is a terrible idea.. this will burn out your pump so easily! There is no air intake for the pump to receive now your just making a vacuum inside the jar..

  27. Definitely doing this… i have 10 aquariums in my bedroom and i would like to change everything to sponge filters but the god damn air pumps are so loud. My other advantage is my closet is next to the aquariums..I will also be placing the air pump in container in the depths of the walk in closet😂😂😂

  28. Nice 1 mate, ones complaining about overheating clearly didn’t listen or watch till the end , bet sparks where flying from typing fast soon as they saw the tape go on

  29. The jar will work as a resonance enhancer. That's why the duct tape works. If u also fill the jar with rock wool it will be even more quiet.

  30. didn't work, sorry Marks you're testing it with 20+ aquariums in the background and pumps etc then make us believe it's silent?? try it in a 100 % silent room then you will know, no trying to bash you and the 50K viewers that might deal with the same problem, I use the pumps for my dwc system so I really need silence in my apartment, I have 3 of the aps 400 silent pumps and I tested it like you explained, and I heard no difference at all, the noise is the same even tested it with a decibel app

  31. Most inventors are deaf, created many horrible products helped other become deaf and sick! – Devil World too great!

  32. Thank you so much. I don't own any aquariums but our tenant has a very noisy aquarium air pump. Will pass on the information to him.

  33. I can wait to run home to try this!!! I love silence (except for the actual sound of the bubbles bursting at the surface which I love).The application is so sound. I've tried towels, sponges, etc. and have never been satisfied.

  34. Hi, one question if I may. I did your trick with a verry cheap air pump,and the result was amazing. Can you recomand me wat you think is the most quit air pump. Thanks greetings from Holland.

  35. Well, how are you and your pumps, so after a year "sauna in the glass" ??? How many had to be reordered? free all airpumps for live, peace

  36. I will have to find large enough jars and try this. I have several nano tanks in my home office (6 of them) and the sound is so annoying!!

  37. "Liked" this video but I can't believe in this day and age that someone can't manufacture a silent aquarium air pump. For me at this point the choices are to either keep an aquarium with a loud buzzing sound while you're trying to sleep or not to keep fish at all ? ? ? Unbelievable

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