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Non-fish Omega-3 Algal DHA 250 – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

Non-fish Omega-3 Algal DHA 250 – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

hi again Andrew Lessman here and talking about one of our monthly specials for this month we have a few and our algal DHA is the one I’ll talk about in this brief video algal algae means relating to algae algal DHA is an omega-3 product that delivers the most important ingredient that is present in our maximum essential omega-3 products so when we talk about our fish oil product we’re talking about two principal Omega threes DHA and EPA we you know uniquely focus on DHA it’s the most important by far the most important to your brain by far the most important to your eye by far the most important to your heart and by far I mean that literally almost all of the omega-3 in your brain in your eyes or DHA that’s how by far I mean and two-thirds of the weight of the dry weight of your brain is basically DHA so DHA is critically important we focus on it in our maximum essential omega-3 that is why our algal DHA product is our monthly special for those of you who might want to add an additional amount of DHA from an an algae based form or for those of you who might be sensitive to fish who might be a vegan or a vegetarian do not consume fish this is an opportunity to get your DHA in the perfect form because again plants typically don’t deliver EPA or DHA the form of omega-3 they deliver is something called alpha linolenic acid that you find say in flaxseed or flaxseed oil so to get epa and DHA typically you were limited and restricted to consuming fish or fish oil and not the case now because algae ouchies actually the original source in fact that when you get your DHA your omega-3 from algae you’re sort of cutting out the middleman because fish consume algae and it’s the fish consuming algae that they then concentrate the EPA or DHA that’s contained in algae so our DHA product it’s been a product that we’ve had requested demanded for many years but I wasn’t able to identify a non GMO non fishy not nasty source of algae-based DHA until now we recently introduced this product just last year so it’s a monthly special throughout the month and it makes sense to do so because of course we have our max essential omega-3 as a today’s special toward the beginning of the month and then in the middle of the month we have another today’s special relating to eye health our ultimate eye support as well as our new maximum lutein plus zeaxanthin maximum L plus Z and as well as our esters anthem and as important as those ingredients lutein zeaxanthin astaxanthin our to the health of our eyes those carotenoids in our eyes are basically swimming in DHA the the fatty acid the essential fatty acid the essential omega-3 fatty acid DHA so it’s just perfect sense that DHA algal DHA be an option during this month that our monthly specials are our max essential omega-3 fish oil and our eye products so our algal DHA is without question the best algae based DHA ingredient product you’re going to find anywhere in the world it’s a result of a several decades long search on my part and this special material we just specially put together for you last year so again it’s an opportunity to get two hundred and fifty milligrams of DHA and each capsule and that’s a perfect ingredient to deliver to your brain delivered to your eyes and it’s delivered in its natural triglyceride form so again you’re not compromising the formula you don’t have to worry about a fishy aftertaste or an upset stomach so if you want something to boost the benefits of our max essential omega-3 or to boost the benefits our ultimate eye our maximum lutein and zeaxanthin or our astaxanthin then the perfect partner to any of those products will be our algal DHA at monthly special prices until the end of April so enjoy

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  1. Thank you Andrew. I’ve been using your vitamins for over 20years. Including your omega 3s. I became vegetarian 2.5 years ago and no longer consume fish. I very happy you have this product. I can now get the dha that I’ve been missing.

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