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Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Review with Sam at LuckyVitamin : Lucky Picks

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Review with Sam at LuckyVitamin : Lucky Picks

Hi everyone I’m Sam from
LuckyVitamin. I’m here today to talk about my lucky pick which is Nordic
Naturals Ultimate Omega. I take it every morning, two capsules, one time a day. I
usually take it when I eat breakfast with food although I have taken it on
occasion without taking it with food it’s not bad either way. Ingredients
are all wild-caught which is really beneficial, non GMO which is great. The capsules are great size it’s really easy to swallow. This one got a little lemon hint flavor to it which is really nice. So if you do get that sort of awkward burp after
you take this at least it’s got a nice little fruity lemon taste to it. So there have
been a lot of studies done around fish oil that really promotes overall optimal
wellness I really liked it because it’s been known to also support brain health
and eye health so as I’m aging I want to make sure that I’m taking a product
that’s going to help me keep focused, keep mentally sharp and also make sure
that my vision stays sharp which I know that I’m getting wanna take a good fish
oil. I also want to make sure that I’m doing things to keep my heart healthy. It’s clinically
shown to actually support heart health so it’s another benefit that I really
like about this one. I love this item I think it’s great i think you’ll love it
you should give it a try if you do tell your friends your family spread the

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