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Nori-Fisch an Senf-Dill-Sauce | Nori Fish with Mustard Dill Sauce | [ZDG]

Nori-Fisch an Senf-Dill-Sauce | Nori Fish with Mustard Dill Sauce | [ZDG]

Welcome, my name is Ben. Today I cook for you an extraordinary dish, namely Nori fish. You can not find this recipe anywhere in Europe, you have to do it yourself. In Asia, like Singapore, Malaysia or Taiwan, you can find it in every restaurant. Delicious! I have developed a recipe for Europeans! This recipe can be made with this soybean. The soybean skin is soft, as you can see. But there is also another soybean, this is dry. This should not be taken for this recipe. If you press something, they break immediately. The soybean skin comes from soy drink. You boil them up and then this skin is created. She has a lot of protein and has one
fish-like taste. So let’s start! Today’s ingredients are hard-boiled potatoes, Tofu nature, a cucumber, nori leaves, soybean skin, Water, soy drink, miso paste, ground nori leaves, Edelhefeflocken, Tamari, peanut oil, salt and black pepper from the mill. First, I cook the potatoes. For this I give some salt in the pot. And put in the potatoes. I do not peel it because that leaves the strength then the consistency is better later. In the meantime, I prepare the tofu. I take it apart first. And press him with the knife. The tofu should look like this and not have a big chunk anymore. I put some peanut oil in a pan. I put the tofu in the pan and fry it hot. In the meantime, I’m doing the spice mix. For that I need water. Add ground Norialgen. Norialgen have a fish-like taste. Now I add noble yeast flakes. Noble-yeast flakes have a very spicy taste. Then I add Tamari. The tofu is already golden brown and now I add the spice mixture. Now I wait until the potatoes are cooked. The potatoes are now cooked. I scare her off, then I’ll peel it and maim her. I add the tofu. I season with salt and black pepper from the mill. Now I mix everything well. I put the miso paste in the soy drink. The miso paste is very firm, so dissolve
I open it up with the hand blender. The taste of miso paste is delicious. If you open the soya skin, it is so big, about 40 x 40 cm. I marinate the skin with the soy drink. The skin should be processed immediately, so do not let it soak. Now I give a nori sheet in the middle
of the skin. I take about as much for the stuffing. And now I roll it. First fold down from the bottom and then the sides. And now wrap up. Yeah, very simple, right? I put some peanut oil on the plate,
so that the skin does not stick afterwards. I continue. Finito! I use a bamboo steamer if you do not have one you can also use a normal one. I put the plate in it. Now comes a plate on it, as the Nori fish otherwise swells. Now I steam the Nori fish for about 15 minutes. The nori fish is ready. I put some peanut oil in the pan. Sauté until the skin is golden brown
and crispy. Add some dill. I have already made this mustard-dill-sauce in another video. [Recipe is linked] The Nori fish looks layered with the Noriblättern really nice. Now the mustard-dill-sauce Tastes wonderful! I have already made this recipe in the company. Everyone was very excited and you will be :-)! Write me how it tasted you! Thanks for watching, see you next time. Bye!

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