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OceanMind is using Microsoft AI to fight illegal fishing

OceanMind is using Microsoft AI to fight illegal fishing

[MUSIC]>>It’s amazing how much
humans take from the sea.>>Costa Rica is 92 percent oceans. We want it to be sustainable.>>Illegal fishing is a great threat. It’s having an impact
in our oceans and in our economy and in our environment.>>There’s many issues with
sourcing sustainable seafood. We are trying to push for that
accountability on the water.>>Using Microsoft AI, we empower a governments, suppliers, and NGOs at scale around the world to prevent illegal fishing in a way
that just wasn’t possible before.>>At OceanMind, we receive billions of data points:
Satellite images, optical imagery, radar
imagery, infrared data. We use Microsoft AI to recognize different types
of fishing activity, the identity of the vessel, and whether that
vessel had a license. We find the suspicious activities
so that our analysts can look and investigate it and governments can enforce
more effectively.>>Now we have data. We can identify vessels. We can identify patterns of illegal fishing and
support the coast guard.>>The ability to have third-party
verification is crucial in protecting us and our brand as we sell seafood
throughout the world.>>We’re making our first
API available through Microsoft AI for Earth to anyone who wants to help
fight illegal fishing.>>The time for taking
care of the oceans is now.>>We have the capabilities to change the needle on the
sustainability of fishing. I am convinced that we
will make a difference. [MUSIC]

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  1. Microsoft at it's best
    What a man Satya nadella🙄
    How Microsoft is turning into Al business with azure from software industry

  2. Oh ya lets stop illegal activity if it takes our profits microsoft will turn you into a criminal. Thanks. Empowering us to be blamed for the pollution of the earth. Good deal 😄👎🏿

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