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OCEARCH Shark Data Used In Nature Article

OCEARCH Shark Data Used In Nature Article

It’s very exciting that the data from
our work here on OCEARCH as well as from my lab was recently used for a
major global paper looking at the movements of sharks and this paper was
published in the very prestigious journal, Nature. the importance of that paper was that it
looked at the overlap of the movements of many different shark species out at
sea with fishing pressure from foreign fishing fleets. In essence it showed
that there was no place for the Sharks to hide that everywhere they’re going
there’s a fishing boat not far behind. so by looking at these massive data sets
that we’ve contributed to, We can identify the hotspots in the open sea and those hotspots can then be a starting point for a conversation about
maybe we should leave some of these places in the open ocean alone as far as
fishing pressure. This shows that what we’re doing out here at OCEARCH is not just some sort of academic exercise that we really are trying to collect the
information to drive policy on a global scale.

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