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Offshore Fishing Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna off Venice Louisiana

Offshore Fishing Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna off Venice Louisiana

Hmmm Do you see ’em still? Look at all the
dolphin. Holy moly! Look at all the dorado Blair. Oh my god! Look at . . . What the? blue marlin. Up here. Up front. ooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeee! (Laughs) wooooooooooooow! (Laughs) Let’s go then . . . Definitely a little dirtier than we first got
here a few days ago. I can tell the Mississippi’s coming up. It’s not as nasty as it was last time we were here though is it? Definitely not as nasty as the last tournament. Last time the river was up 17 feet. It was
pretty nasty. Got a pusher? Go get you a rod, son. Son! How come I always say son when I got my baitcaster with me. That was a Roland Martin, son. Son. Well let me show you what I mean by DOA spinnerbait. There’s a guy in Texas that . . . this is called a triple play. But he uses a DOA CAL on his . . . on his spinnerbait. Makes ’em all different kinds. This is . . . I mean, I don’t even know. I’m not a bass
fishermen but Colorado blades or diamond blades or what not. It all depends
on the vibration it gives and since the water is so dirty here, this is a great search bait cause you can
work fast. You can work it quick. You hit all these little points all these little grass islands sticking up. There’s bait around them and hopefully there some big fat redfish so. We will see. If you find that green water boy. There he is. Ohhhh! Look, I got him over the grass. Come on baby! There’s another one in there with him. Was there? oh yeah . . . there you go! That’s the kind you like to have. Taking a little drag, boy! Yeah he is. Pretty good fish too! Ah! He’s not that big. Redfish are mean here boy, Mean! cause they no their going to get eaten. Pretty redfish. At least their fat in here. We find the right ones, I think they’ll be good. Still fat. I don’t know what they eat in
here? Crabs. Nice little spinnerbait. Snickers? Snickers works.I’ll tell you that and there’s ya a nice little pretty redfish. Look how gold they are in here. He’s a small one but you know in a tournament where your . . . Look at those spots on that side too. but when you’re in a tournament where they’re not catching fish. Some place like Fernandina Beach You kinda learn to appreciate fish like
that We’re going to keep on fishing. Take a
little break. Y’all stay tuned and we’ll be right back with some more Addictive Fishing.
Right here from Venice, Louisiana. Let’s go then . . . He’s going to spool it. Huh? He’s going to spool it. Play it! Addictive Fishing is brought to you by Dick’s Sporting Goods –
Every season starts at Dick’s. Ranger Boats – Still building legends one
at a time. Minn Kota – Anywhere, anytime. Humminbird – Simply, clearly, better. Wright & McGill – Real gear for real fishermen and by Lazar Sharp – Sharper, stronger, longer. Oh yeah . . . look at that wake. Right up there. It’s all the way back in that pocket. To the left? On the right hand . . . that little pocket on
right hand side up there. He’s in there, boy! Waiting for a spinnerbait. ohhhhhh. I know, I know, I know it’s now real, but I got it. I got to eat this orange thing with a shrimp underneath it. He’s coming right at us. There he is. (Laughs) Only in Venice, baby. Only in Venice. oh, there’s a stick there. He ain’t that big. Bigger than the other one I think? You can net him. He don’t look too bad. We’re finding fish. 25 incher. (laughs) There’s plenty of those around. That last tournament here when Travis and I were fishing. We’d catch a 25 incher. Then we’d catch a 29 incher. 25 incher then a 29 incher. And that went on and on and on. That one’s not as fat. He ain’t been eatin as good. Still a nice pretty redfish. Nice pretty one. You want to move around since these are a little small? One thing in Venice here what the fish do. They move north and south They’ll either go up the marsh or
down out towards the gulf depending on the salinity of the water. At least that’s . . . that’s my theory. That’s what I’ve found and it’s . . . So far it’s working, but like I said
we’re gonna show you something. We went out fishing with a good buddy of mine, Captain Chris Hevelson, otherwise known as, Heavy. For everybody that knows me out there and I talk about Louisiana. I always bring Heavy up and talk about
him but he’s a . . . He is a hoot. He’s a character but we went
out deep blue yesterday. We went off tuna fishing. And . . . well let’s just roll the tape and show you what we found. Right here. Looky here. Ohhhhhhhhh! Look out son! That is a tuna fish bait right there. Little baby hardtails. That is the bait we
are looking for. Minus the grass. We don’t need any salad, Travis. No salad. A full stringer coming up. Oh yeah, talk to me mommy. Okay three. Now we gonna take ’em . . . place the hook behind the head. go down. Make sure it’s even so he pulls straight. Make sure the hook does not go back into the bait so he don’t turn. then he’ll skip on top of the water. Let’s see if this is our lucky bait? Lucky bait. Lucky number nine. You always going to throw them far away from the boat. Also, so he doesn’t swim back into the props. Get tangled in the props. Something just hit it. Got him on? All right just leave it there. Ain’t fighting like a tuna. errr . . . I guess it is a little. He’s going to spool it. Huh? He’s going to spool it. But tighten it before he spools it. I did. There you go. Put him in the belt. Hopefully, yellowfin number one for the day. Number two . . . Blair is a struggling. Sushi! Could it be a shark out here? No, negative on a shark out here. Tighten it, tighten it. How much he got left? We’re good. We’re good. Talk to me Blair? As you can see, we’re hooked up with . . . what could be a Volkswagon down there. Yep, you only want to do one or two of these. We’re only in seven thousand feet of water. He can’t run that far. Blair? Huh. You get an inch. He takes three. This guy ate a little blue runner about that big. What’d you say Heavy? Elephants eat peanuts and they’re scared of mice. The smaller the bait . . . it’s just as good as a big bait. What you want to do it pull up real slow. The slower you pull up. The less line he’ll take out. You won’t feel like you’re gaining, but you will be. That’s the way it happens. Well, I hope y’all enjoyed that. I’m about
sore today so it was a . . . it was a fun day out there.
Y’all stay tuned we’re gonna be right back. And we did catch a few fish and check out what we found out in the
ocean where all these fish were hanging around. We’ll be right back. Let’s go then . . . whoaaaaaaa! (laughs) I thought he was coming in the boat. Whoaaaaaa! The gar are here. Where’s the redfish? Welcome back. Hope you all have enjoyed the show so far. We’re still out doing the pre-fishing and
just for you know some information I want to give out, when you’re fishing Louisiana like this. There’s a lot of this grass like this
down here around us right now and I love looking for redfish around
the grass. They come up and they’ll just kinda sit stationary a lot
of times and that’s why spinnerbait works so good here
because you can pull a spinnerbait through the grass. It’s got a nice little gold flash to it and once
they see the bait, they . . . They just . . . they jump all over it. Well, I told you we did catch a couple a fish on this trip, and what we
came up on, was something you know, I’ve always seen coming out
of the Mississippi River. Great big ‘ol . . . Well you’ll see. Check this out. Blair, you don’t think that’s some of the best eating is the tripletail, huh? Not as good as these dolphin. You think? I like the tripletail. I think the tripletail is some of the best eatin’ in the Gulf. Blair, however, thinks it’s the dorado. Well, we’re on our way to the . . . to the
tuna spot and we come across this tree out here. and there’s Tripletail. There’s dolphin. I’m going to go ahead a smack . . . smack me a dolphin out here. Oh . . . I got one. You got a dolphin, son! On a popping cork in five thousand foot. There’s a big one under him. Come over me. Go ahead and step over. I want that dolphin. I want that big one. oh my god! What’s that hitting out there dude? Did you see that? That might be the old . . . Oh, look at all the dorado right here. Look at all the dorado, Blair? I’m looking at them brotha! Trying to get one to eat this. Did you throw it way out there? Throw it further Blair and just
steady reel it. Just keep it running on top. That’s what I’m doing brotha! Throw some chum . . . there you go Blair. There he is brother. Finally got me a hook up. Well, it can’t be too bad, huh? Little dolphin. There is so many dolphin out there. oh, that’s cool, man. That is incredible! Don’t back up there. We’ll get you some more when you move to the back. Absolutely incredible. Somebody stick this fish! I bet he don’t come off that time. Look at all the dolphin. Holy moly! I want that dolphin right there. I know sometimes they just don’t eat brah. (Funny Laugh) I see which one you want Blair. Hmmm . . . you see ’em still? No All right Blair, I got tactic number two. He’s going to it? He’s going to it. I think he ate it? There he ate it. (Sinister Laugh) Oh did he spit it? No. He’s twisted around it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wahoo! They key to fishing is fishing where the fish are. (Laughs) That’s the key huh? That is the key and fishing with Blair Wiggins. Put a little weight into ’em. All right . . . well there you go – a little bull dolphin. off the Gulf of Mexico in about 6,000 feet of water and believe it or not, this dude here ate a live mullet. There’s so many Bahama Chubs running around here you can’t hardly keep a bait down. Yep, offshore would not be fun. That wind is getting worse and worse ohhhhhh! You gotta like that poppy dude. uh oh, a little drag going out. That might be a good fish there brah. What do you got? A redfish. Ohh that is a nice one. That’s the kind we’re looking for. Come on in here Mr. redfish. He’s not that big. I don’t know dude. Bring him on up here. We’ll get ’em. Measure ’em. I don’t think he’s too bad, dude. ooh, that DOA is right down his throat. Fat little, Louisiana redfish I think this would be a good one for Heavy too, huh? Yep! He said he wanted two of them, so we’ll keep this one for Heavy. It’s a heavy fish too. You might want to put on a popping cork? (laughs) You got another poppy? Nope Well since I couldn’t find any of those popping corks. Those equalizers. around. I went to the next best thing
which is the She Dog. It’s a topwater plug. Makes a lot of noise and it’s . . . it’s
kind of a search bait. What we call a search bait. Something you can really cast out and
work an area fast and if the fish are being aggressive, which they are, because they’ve hit Travis’s cork a couple of times. They should eat this topwater plug, so let’s Let’s see what happens? oooooohhhhhhh! There he is. That poppy is the craziest thing. C’mere Mr. Redfish. What did you do to that shrimp – bite the tail off and turn it around. Yeah, cause the head ripped. Show everybody what you do to that thing. You can use them until they’re just totally dead. Yeah, what I did was, I caught a couple fish earlier and it ripped the . . . ripped the nose of the bait, but you don’t have to throw it away just bite a little piece of the tail off and hook it backwards and they’ll eat it. Just . . . just like that no problem. That way you get more use out of your baits. spend more on gas. (Laughs) I think it’s time to change locations. Y’all stay tuned. We’ll be right back from a different spot Right here in the Louisiana Marsh. Let’s go then. ohhhhh! Lord have mercy what was that! (screaming drag sound) Play it! Addictive Fishing is brought to you by DOA Lures – The Unfair Advantage. Florida’s Space Coast – Orlando’s Closest Beaches. Star brite – the worldwide leader in marine, automotive, and RV care products. FINS – tournament quality superlines from the braid experts. Costa Del Mar sunglasses – see what’s out there. and by Seaguar – the inventor and world leader in fluorocarbon fishing line. See if he wants a topwater? Just had one follow it. Had a follower? Yep See if he wants this topwater? Look at that dude! ohh! There he is. That was driving him
crazy wasn’t it. (Laughs) Yep. Ain’t nothing better than a topwater hit. If y’all have seen what I’ve done, I’ve changed over to a topwater plug now because they’ve been eating Travis’s bobber. It’s not a bad one. Nope. I just hate putting all them treble hooks in the net, but oh well . . . better than getting them in my fingers. (laughs) That’s not a bad fish there I don’t think. 25 and half inches. Pliers Blair? I got him. There he is. Another little redfish caught on the . . . that’s a She Dog I’m using. It’s a noisy little topwater plug. You can work real fast. Let this guy go. You can work it real fast. Cover a lot of water and you know if
they’re being aggressive like they are because they were hitting his cork. Went ahead and doing the topwater even though it is the middle of the day. You know topwater is usually a better bait to throw – early morning or late at night. or late at dusk cause they follow the
silhouette of it. But topwater plug. Still not the right size fish but It make it . . . it let us place any way huh? Rig it Right by Wright & McGill On today’s Rig It Right segment, I’m gonna show you what we’re throwing out there in the marsh all day I like throwing a spinnerbait when we’re up in Louisiana. It kinda gives a good vibration in that dirty water and it
really attracts the redfish. This one here happens to be made by triple
play. They use DOA products on it. Absolutely love it. Now Travis, on the
other hand, is throwing something totally different and I like to throw things
different especially when you have two people on the boat in your actually
searching for the red fish out there. He’s throwing what DOA makes its called a deadly combination. All it is is a popping cork and if you can
hear that, it makes all sorts a rattling noise and if you
watch Travis how he’s throwing it right up next to the bank, popping it and just letting it sit. Popping it then just let it sit. Very very
simple bait to work and this is the She Dog. And it’s got the ball bearings in it so it really attracts the fish as you’re bringing it through the marsh and if there 10-15 feet away they’re
gonna come to that sound and when they see the bait. It’s going to give you those topwater hits
that you absolutely love when you’re throwing a good topwater bait like this Mirrolure. Got it rigged with thirty-pound Seaguar
fluorocarbon leader I got FINS fishing line on here now and
I’m throwing the new Mogan Combo that you can find at your local DICK’S store. And remember we have an Addictive Fishing Zone at Dick’s Sporting Goods now and you can get everything you see on the show right there at DICK’S and remember every fishing season start that DICK’S. Rig it Right by Wright & McGill Gettin’ a little hit. Oh! Lord have mercy, what was that? That’s a monster daddy red there. That’s the kind we wanted. Look how fat that sucker is. Woooooo doggy! That’s a good one right there junior. Where was he last tournament (Laughs) Swimming around here somewhere. That was funny. The last tournament – we got so tired of catching redfish. Like we said we caught a hundred in here, at least, that day. I was way off him. 25 and a half. 25 and a half. Well, we know
where we can catch these 25 and a halfers. (Laughs) There fat man. We just need ’em an inch and a half longer. Look at the belly on these things. That’s a fat redfish there. (Laughs) They definitely eat good here in Venice. yup. definitely eat good. Get on outta here dude. They are some very very healthy fish. Well, we definitely know where we can come get the 25 inchers so hopefully we can go find some bigger fish, but we’re
about out of time right now. Hope you all enjoyed a shower maybe
learn something about how you go out and find fish in different areas and the you know venice is a great place
to come if you ever get a chance Cajun Fishing Adventures – their right in Buras, Louisiana. They got plenty of guides there that can take you out or you can bring your
own boat and stay there. but a really nice place to come and stay. Once again, I hope you enjoy the show. Travis and I are gonna go see if we can find some of those 26 and 7/8 inch redfish. Let’s do it! So until next week . . . don’t forget about the website addictive fishing dot com that’s about it we’ll see later. Check out more footage from this show by
logging onto addictive fishing dot com for out-takes and bloopers. Oh my god! Look at that . . . Here’s to show you just how much fish love
Lazer Sharp hooks There’s a bare hook. I’m going to put it in the water. and that is how you catch an Almoco jack on a bare Lazer Sharp circle hook. (Laughs)

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