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Offshore Kingfish Fishing Videos off of Tampa Bay Florida

Offshore Kingfish Fishing Videos off of Tampa Bay Florida

Hopefully we’ll find some hungry fish.Hungry fish. Welcome to this episode
of Addictive Fishing y’all. We’re fishing right off of Tampa Bay. We got Captain Chris
Camps with us again this year and kind of took him out of his element a little bit.
He’s more of an inshore tarpon guide, inshore redfish, snook, trout, kind of guide but we
heard the kingfish were in I said hey man let’s go do some kingfish, so hey here we
are, we’re gonna see if we can show you a couple.>>It’s rod bending drag screaming action,
I’m in buddy.>>Well I’m gonna click us in gear. And just
barely get us going. I know on the east coast I like to do about three or four mile and
hour. I’m not sure what it is over here.>>Here we typically just bump it in and out
of gear just keep the baits apart, keeping them swimming. We don’t want them skipping
on the surface or going too fast.>>We got something coming up, looks like…>>Boom, there’s one!>>There he is! Fish on baby! There’s one!>>Yes sir, nice bite! What a take!>>What I tell you dude soon as they hit, straight
up in the air. Might want to bring that one in, I don’t know. Woo, why do you think they
call them smokers huh?>>Nice! Holy cow, look at that! Looked like
a decent fish too.>>Yeah it did look pretty decent. Well that
didn’t take long did it?>>No sir, first baits out. Love it when that
happens.>>Oh you got to love kingfish man. Once they’re
in, they’re in!>>And he wanted it too. He hit it once, came
up a second time and blasted it.>>Did you see it in his mouth when he was
chomping on it?>>Yes sir, that’s awesome. Love it. ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>Ah, hope to see a forty pounder on the end
of the line.>>Listen he was every bit of twenty-five,
thirty. Looked like a solid fish.>>Well he’s good for the smoker. So we brought
you out of your element just for a minute.>>A little bit, I specialize more inshore
doing the snook, redfish trout, tarpon near the beach and stuff but yeah it’s nice when
the kingfish are in you can come out and get them on>>You can do a twenty pound kingfish with
your first drop with a bait.>>Coming at us now.>>I got the hook right uh, right there.>>Yeah I didn’t want to touch it until we
could see him. You know how it is.>>Oh you already saw him he was ten foot in
the air. [laughing]>>That’s right. There he is we got color.>>Yes sir a little green color.>>So you’re saying you want to invite this
guy home for dinner?>>I like it when you don’t have to measure
them. ♪♪>>You’re only allowed to keep two these days.
That looks like a nice one. ♪♪♪>>He’s doing a death roll.>>Go to the other side?>>I think we’ll invite him. See if you can
get him right in the head. He is spiraling. One kingfish brother! Nice gaff job. Capt
Chris Camps right off of Tampa Bay. Even if he’s not in his own element he’ll still put
you on some kingfish when they’re in.>>Cool kingfish. Oh watch your fingers there.
you dont->>Yeah he’s got some chompers for sure these
guys don’t mess around. He destroyed that bait though didn’t he? That’s awesome, lets
get him on ice.>>On the Ice baby, good job brother. Lets
get him in the box.You know it’s not a matter of if it’s
going to happen out here, it’s like when it’s going to happen.That’s the way it’s been today. Can’t
beat it.>>Welcome back folks, we’re still sitting
out here in the Tampa Bay channel I’m gonna show you how we’re rigging these things right
here. Eagle Claw makes a great little kingfish rig that’s pre-rigged and all I do is pin
that one into the side That’s the stinger hook, and I go right into the nose with the
front hook. Simple, simple rig tied with a little swivel right there to forty pound test
and uh basically all you want to do is toss him out, about yay far, stick it in rodney’s
mouth and let rodney do the work. ♪♪>>Is that that bait right there?>>Oh, whoa, whoa! That something just come
up?>>Oh! Come on baby eat it eat it, eat it.>>There he is, came back a second time. Got
to love that. ♪♪>>So like I said Blair, I heard the kingfish
are in town. [laughing]>>You saw it, I had the bait in the water
more than two seconds and it got eaten by a kingfish. All we did, we came out here and
I’m going to give props to my camera guy Adam. He runs a boat and he keeps it there in Clearwater
and he was out here the other day right? You can go like this. Yes Adam, ok and he said
the kingfish were in like crazy so->>Yeah that’s the word on the street. People
have been catching them They started pushing up into here as soon as this bait started
showing and the water got into the seventies and man they are here we’ve been->>That’s like cobia at sixty eight degrees.>>They got the magic temperature, you know,
they know what they like. They follow those bait schools up here They’re just crushing
the threadfins, the threadfin doesn’t stay in the water for more than a couple minutes
before he gets eaten. [drag screaming]>>This might be a little bit bigger than them
other two. Ooh! Come on baby!>>This guy is staying down.>>Yeah this one might be a little bit more
of a grown one That or we snagged him in the tail. Yeah that’s a good one there. I think
I’ll take that one home to Shane.>>This one is going to be invited home for
dinner.>>Yup and that will give us our two.>>We got our limit already huh? Three baits
and we got our limit. ♪♪>>We can let this one go I got one to smoke,
I don’t have to give one to Shane.>>You tell me.>>He looks like a good one. Well they’re all
good, some are just better than the others. Go ahead and stick him that’s a good size
eater there.>>Didn’t want to get too much in the meat.
This guy is probably going to get a little bloody. That’s a good fish.>>Hey any of y’all that have never caught
a kingfish, this guy right here when you see smoked kingfish dip in the restaurants this
is the dude you’re eating right here and I’ll tell you what those teeth are the sharpest
next to a wahoo or a barracuda. It’s just like saw blades. Beautiful kingfish and the
size limits are twenty-four inch minimum on these guys and look at the teeth.>>Fork length – twenty-four inches to the
fork. Two per person.>>Look at them teeth, man! Now when you measure
them to the fork that is the fork right there. You want to measure from here to the tip of
the head and that one is a perfect, perfect size>>Good eater, perfect eating size.>>Y’all stay tuned, we’re going to be right
back with some more Addictive Fishing Captain Chris Camps out of his element catching kingfish.>>Let’s go it!>>Well see ya.Kingfish is on the menu huh?Got a couple in the box. You smoking
those up for the gang tonight or what?>>No I like to smoke them for at least four
hours so->>Oh yeah? Alright, tomorrow.>>Well you can’t
get much easier kingfishing than this, all we’re doing is popping it in and out and if
you can see, we’ve got a green marker over to our left, a red one over to our right which
means we’re kind of facing east. Red, right, return. So all we’re doing is kind of hanging
right here in the channel. You find a good bait ball on the Humminbird and bingo, you
got fish on.>>Yeah we’ve had fish jumping in the distance
here, spanish mackerel skyrocketing on some baits. Baits haven’t lasted in the water too
long today have they?>>So you got your ticket what five, six years
something like that?>>I’ve been full time now Blair, going on
my sixth year. and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s the best office in the world.>>Yes it is, unless mother nature doesn’t
want you out here.>>Yeah there’s a few days that she wins. We
got to pick our battles at times, but fortunately here in Florida we got more better days than
not so the fishing has been great.>>Oh I got a hit.>>Come on, come on, there he goes! Let Rodney
the rod holder take him. Oh he’s smoking it!>>He’s going, this could be a good one Blair.
And I got smoked too. Something just ripped my bait off.>>Might want to take me out of gear.>>Holy, moly. Easy there buddy.>>Headed to Texas it looks like huh?>>He’s going to Mexico. You could just spot
lock us there if you want.>>And we are stuck.>>And you hear on shows when you hear, spot
lock it, spot lock it- It’s the feature that Minn Kota has got on there that’s an electronic
anchor. It’s got a GPS right in the head of the trolling motor. And locks onto the satellites
and keeps you within about a five foot radius. One of the coolest features of a trolling
motor I’ve ever seen in my entire life.>>Oh and it helps us so much especially when
we’re tarpon fishing we don’t have to worry about throwing the anchor ball and chasing
fish down If the fish move off, we can just get off the spot lock move to where they are,
set ourselves in position there>>So what we’ve been here about thirty minutes
and three kingfish.>>We cant hardly get a decent drift or a decent
troll here before getting smashed by a kingfish.>>Seems to be doing pretty decent.>>Yeah listen lets see. This guy took a lot
of line on his first run. ♪♪♪>>This guy just did a run under the boat.
Oh there’s some color.>>Oh yeah, deep color. That’s a good size fish Blair.>>That or just a stubborn one. Come on keep
coming this way.>>Not quite ready just yet.>>Let Rodney the rod holder hook him and let
the drag tire him out. ♪♪>>Wow that is a good fish. Sure you don’t
have a tuna? [laughs]>>I remember one time a tuna turned into a
ninety-pound wahoo off of midnight lumps. Leader in the guides ♪♪♪>>Come on over this way dude- oh yeah. The
stinger hook got him.>>Still a good fish. ♪♪♪>>That’s a caught fish there brother.>>That’s a caught fish ♪♪>>Let’s get close. [chuckles]>>Nice, and he’s free. What a beautiful fish.
King mackerel ♪♪>>They got shotes just like a tuna too.>>Oh yeah these guys are built for speed.>>Their fins are built nothing but for speed.
Go ahead and send him off into the deep.>>See you later buddy. Woo.>>Nice fish brother.>>Nice work my man. Fishing five, I got you.>>And there’s the rig, this one here is a
little bit different rig than what we were using. This one has got a single hook up front
and a big treble hook in the back. That fish got caught only because of that stinger rig.
Did it’s job. What do you say we re-rig?>>Absolutely lets do it again.>>Y’all stay tuned, Captain Chris Camps right
off Tampa Bay On a beautiful day in the spring time. Let’s do it baby.Rig it right by Wright and McGill.On today’s rig it right segment I’m
going to show you what Captain Chris and I were out there using today. Very simple rigs
we started off using the eight footers and we ended the day using the eight footers.
Thirty pound test Seaguar Smackdown and this stuff is so thin you can pack on enough where
I’m not even worried about a kingfish spooling me.>>Oh he’s smoking it! He’s going. This
could be a good one. And I got smoked too.>>You can tighten down the drag enough and
basically put the heat on them if you need to. Holy moly. Easy there>>we were using
forty pound test Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader and I got a long piece on here just to absorb
the shock of the kingfish when he comes up and hits your bait- Boom theres one! There
he is, fish on! He can hit it so hard that actually just it’ll break everything sometimes
but, let me show you the rig we were using. I actually went to Dick’s last night in Lakeland
and picked up all the supplies and twisted up a couple of leaders just to show you what
I like to use when I’m out there. Basically got the Eagle Claw, these are the number four
treble hooks along with the thirty pound test barrel swivels. And everything right here
to make these rigs up was less than eight bucks. So if you ever make it down to Tampa
Bay make sure you give Captain Chris Camps a call he will do everything he can to put
you on fish whether it be inshore of offshore also want to give a special shout out to Central
Marine they do a fine job rigging our Skeeter boats and if you ever want to give one a try
make sure you give them a call, they can put you in one and sell you one. Remember one
thing though, every fishing season starts right here at Dick’s.Rig it right by Wright and McGill. ♪♪
>>So we’re slaying these kingfish up, if this
bite is up, what else you got inside?>>Well it depends how far in we want to go
if we want to head towards the Skyway there’s always some action, it’s a natural fish attractor
there. So there’s tarpon, groupers, of course there’s some goliaths.>>That’s one of my favorite places to fish.>>Yeah I hear you like wearing out them snapper
on the rocks.>>I love them snapper on the rocks man. ♪♪♪>>Fish on, fish on. Fish off.>>Oh he tried hitting it again. He was after
it- there he is! Niiice! Good job, just sight casting to kingfish. Oh I got one after me
too.>>Oh no, a double. I just tried to reel my
bait out of your way. Might have to let it sit for a minute.>>This is a big kingfish here, did you see
the size of that one?>>Oh and there he goes. ♪♪ [drag screaming]>>Come on fish. That’s a
good size kingfish there. Wonder if my old cousin Shane would want one. To cook in his
brand new smoker that he just got.>>Hold it, I got to go front, got to go front. ♪♪ ♪♪♪>>No he came back, no he didn’t. ♪♪♪>>Ah… There he is, got him- woo! That was
close. The Minn Kota almost reeled that one in for us.>>Let me get this rod out of our way here.>>Ah you know, they always look bigger in
the water.>>The water does magnify.>>That and he was doing thirty miles an hour
when he ate it.>>Are we letting this guy go?>>Yeah we can let this guy go, we can get
a bigger one. Got him?>>Yes sir!>>Hold on, I’ll get those pliers and yank
them hooks out for you.>>I got some on my hip right here. [laughing]>>Oh, look out sorry about that.
Let’s get this guy out of here.>>Alright, toss him back.>>Thanks buddy.>>And off he goes to the deep.>>Kingfish, Tampa Bay the action out here>>Good job buddy.>>Unbelievable, oh got slimed.>>Sorry about that slime>>Well folks let me tell you, Captain Chris
Camps right here has done everything today it’s getting late in the day, wind is kicking
up and if you want to come fish Tampa Bay, make sure you give Captain Chris Camps here
a call look him up on the website, what’s your website?>>It’s Captain Chris Camps dot com.>>And that’s all you need to know. Kind of
took him out of his element today and took him out king fishing so call him for a kingfish
trip that way he knows that y’all watched the show so that about wraps it up brother.
One awesome day on the water with you bro. Once again. Hashtag show your mogan that about
covers it right?>>I think so.>>Alright we’ll see you all next week. ♪♪>>Check out more footage from this show by
logging on to Addictive Fishing dot com for out takes and bloopers.>>Why are they spanish mackerel do they speak
spanish? There he is, fish on baby. That there is called getting robbed. Twelve o’clock you’ll
see him in the wake right now! Bleh. They come up and when you grab them they go weeeee! [laughing]

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  2. I wish he would catch some mahi mahi I caught tuna that was 40 pounds down in Newport Beach off shore it was a blast

  3. Also Blair I went to dicks sporting goods and I did not find your stuff I locked you sead there was the rods and reels I did not find them but I saw it on line

  4. hi captions, great fishing as always. is there a method to bleed the king fish prior to putting them on ice in a boat? how did these ones taste? thanks

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