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Oil Rig Fishing Venice Louisiana for Red Snapper and Bull Redish

Oil Rig Fishing Venice Louisiana for Red Snapper and Bull Redish

Bouncy, bouncy.Bounce it. Ever catch tarpon with these?>>Oh yeah, tarpon, snook, everything. Redfish…oh
here we go here we go. There he is!>>Get him, get him! [laughing]>>That one might be a little bit better. (lets
go then) ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪>>So have you fished about every one of these
rigs out here?>>I don’t think any human being has fished
every one of them.>>Ok, every one within sight.>>Yeah and every one you can pull up to and
catch snapper.>>But they’re almost extinct. [laughing]>>Well welcome to this episode of Addictive
Fishing. We’re sitting off of Venice, Louisiana right now if the oil rig here didn’t give
it away. We’re catching red snapper, redfish, what else you got down here?>>Jacks, hardtails, possibility of cobias
coming through. You got king mackerel you got sharks you got white trout you got on
and on sheepshead, etc.>>And if you’ve ever been to Venice, Louisiana
in Venice Marina down there you recognize this guy. It’s Captain Kevin Beach. What’s
the name of your charter busines?>>Mexican Gulf Fishing Company.>>Mexican Gulf Fishing Company?>>MGFC.>>This is the first time I’ve ever fished
the inshore rigs like this. Most of the time I’m out doing the big rigs, the floaters.
I guess that’s what your specialty is?>>That’s kind of our little forte is offshore
pelagics, the yellowfin you know marlin, mahi…>>Marlins!>>We don’t get a whole lot of sails. I guess
they all just stay over there by y’all.>>Oh here we go here we go… There he is!>>Get him, get him! [laughing]>>That one might be a little bit better.>>Yeah,
got some shoulders on that guy huh.>>Oh yeah, that one there just grew up. ♪>>I think the snapper school might have moved
back in. Oh yeah baby look at the color on that one! That one there we’ll keep.>>Yes!>>Oh don’t go back down. That’s a pretty fish
there.>>Yeah I’m just trying to keep mine away from
yours.>>Come here dude.>>Oh, look at the little guy.>>He almost got stripes on him.>>Now you’re allowed what two a piece on these?>>Two per person, yes sir.>>I’ll tell you what, everywhere I’ve ever
fished, I’ve thrown that and I have caught fish on that right there.>>They were sucking it down pretty quick.>>Yes sir, that one right there can go to
the dinner table I think. Toss the little guy we’ll see if we can get two more like
that.>>Sounds like a winner to me boss.>>Is that a pretty fish or what? What a beautiful
fish.>>Mmm, yummy. [laughing] Let me get this guy
back.>>Y’all stay tuned, we are going to be right
back with some more Addictive Fishing with Captain Kevin Beach. And whistles every thirty
seconds it seems like. [laughing]>>play itAddictive Fishing is brought to you by
Dick’s Sporting Goods. Every season starts at Dick’s. Skeeter Boats. Eat. Sleep. Fish.
Minn Kota. Anywhere, Anytime. Humminbird. Simply, clearly, better. And by Trokar. The
world’s sharpest fish hook.Tap, tap, tap, tap.Doing the fish dance?>>Oh yeah, whatever it takes to catch a fish
that’s what you have to do. If I got to dance, I got moves. I don’t really want them on tv
quite yet, it’s gonna just ruin everything. You afraid the auditions for ‘Dancing with
the Stars’ would come out right? [laughing]>>That’s right.>>They haven’t had a fishing person on there
yet.>>Nope.>>Well welcome back folks, we’re still sitting
out here and actually today is getting beautiful. The weather men were wrong! It was supposed
to be blowing twenty five miles an hour. But it’s not. It is absolutely beautiful. And
we are catching some fish. It’s hard not to here.>>Yeah, you’re not kidding.>>So are they all whistlers or are they all-
What I mean by whistlers is that thing is considered a whistler.>>All the rigs and oil platforms out here
that are unmanned are required to have whistles and lights on it going off twenty four, seven.>>Well that’s a good thing.>>Yeah! Well around
here we get all that fog. Then you get out here over the warm Gulf and it’s nice! Except
for this ringing in my ears, I don’t know. [laughing]>>You say that thing tripods down about how
deep?>>Actually that one starts up high, the other
ones are single pipes you’ll have legs kicking out at about a thirty degree angle, just to
give it a little more lateral support for waves and wind.>>There he is.>>And what is that? As long
as it’s not a blue marlin you’ll be happy. [laughing]>>Feels like a fish. feels like a red fish. ♪♪>>Alright, I guess I’ll give you a hand.>>Still got a little while yet I think with
this guy.>>Yeah but if I leave this in the water too
long it’s gonna get eaten.>>Look Hydrilla out in the middle of the Gulf
of Mexico. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪>>Don’t stick your finger in his gills.>>Nope. There you go.>>That is a strong fish. Are they all as mad
as he was [laughing]>>Most of them are.>>These redfish here pull twice as hard as
the ones to in Florida. Adios.>>Let him go make some babies. He just fed…
Now he’s ready to go breed.>>I’ve actually been wanting to do this since
I saw Roland Martin doing it. Except I think Roland was on the East side. Because he had
clean water. [laughing]>>Not what we’re in today. Keeps us on our
toes around here.>>Definitely. What we’re seeing is the water
going that way on top but underneath it’s going that way. Pretty weird scenario. ♪>>There we go. Uh oh!>>I need some stink on.>>You got to get that stink on buddy. [drag screaming] Uh oh, he’s so angry.>>He’s as angry as the redfish around here.
[laughing]>>All the way to the bottom and just tap tap?>>No he stopped it on the way down.>>Well we know it ain’t a blue runner.>>No. If it is it’s the one we want to catch.
[laughing] C’mon now. ♪♪>>Almost acting cobia ish maybe.>>Nah it’s a good snapper I believe.>>Now in Louisiana you’re allowed how many
snapper?>>You get two snapper over sixteen. ♪>>I got a feeling this one might be over sixteen.>>I think it might be. How’s that eight footer
feel?>>Loving it.>>It makes it fun! ♪ ♪♪>>C’mon now lets see some color.>>I guess you got to wait until you’re about
three feet before you see color huh?>>Three feet you’re being generous. [laughing] ♪♪>>Coming up. ♪ ♪♪>>You would do that for me, you’re such a
sweetheart. There we go good fish!>>That’s a good one. I’d say that is one for
the box huh?>>Yes sir.>>Oh he got away. [laughing] Red snapper!>>Yes sir!>>Captain Kevin Beach right off of Venice,
Louisiana.>>We’re gonna get some more of these guys
today you watch this. …if we’re not interrupted by that thing too much. Y’all stay tuned we
are gonna be right back with some more Addictive Fishing right off of Venice fishing the rigs
with Captain Kevin Beach. Good job brother!What is that swimming?Turtle, see the turtle?>>Yeah I was looking to see if there was a
cobia on is belly or not. That Humminbird is lit up. Well welcome back folks we are
sitting at a new rig now this one is a little bit quieter than that last one over there
but we’ve about caught all the fish we are going to catch today but we are going to show
you hopefully one more biggan. One more biggan. Well you got about everything that swims down
there right?>>Pretty much.>>Our main target right now since we are not
in Florida Is the red snapper because right now in Florida it’s closed. Has been for about
seven years. Because there are some crazy people that make the laws that think red snapper
is about extinct and they are not.>>No, not at all. We can’t hardly grouper
fish anymore. Shallow water grouper fish with all the red snapper around.>>We got the same problem. I knew guys that
actually take paper bags with a rubber band and put their bait in a paper bag and a weight
and once they get it down below the snapper because there are so many snapper they shake
it and that bag disintegrates and their bait is down below the snapper and they’re catching
anything that swims underneath them. ♪♪>>Uh oh. That will be a good snapper here.>>That will be a real good snapper I bet.
>>Lets hope so anyway.>>Starting off right. ♪ [drag pulling]>>I went and tried the old
fluke tail.>>Something about if it ain’t broke don’t
fix it. After you catch seven thousand of them… [laughing]>>I guess there is a trigger fish or two still
down there.>>Yeah buddy.>>Oh he ain’t that big>>He ain’t that big.
Just an angry guy.>>He thought he was a lot bigger than that.
But he is a keeper. Do you let that size go back or not?>>I’ll tell you what we’ll go ahead and just
keep that one. ♪ ♪♪>>We don’t need those real strong ones out
there breeding. He gets to be twenty pounds you’ll never land him.>>There we go. Another red snapper. He’s trying
to be a sheepshead with his stripes. Pretty fish. I guess I’m gonna tie me on a Swimming
Mullet again.>>Aw, Imitation is the most sincere form of
flattery. [laughing] ♪♪ [drag screams]>>I knew that was going to
happen.>>I did also.>>Always happens when I’m rigging new baits. ♪>>I would say it feels like another good one
but… [laughing] Got to turn his head before he
gets me in that rig. Ahh!>>Rig ya?>>I guess I’m in the penalty box now boss.>>You know one thing good about out here?
No horse flies.>>That’s a beautiful thing.>>How long you been fishing out here now?>>I’ve been full time guiding for seventeen
years now.>>And you’re from New Orleans?>>From just outside of New Orleans in Metairie.
Parents came down every single weekend. Fishing with the old man. In the winter time we would
go duck hunting, goose hunting, pig hunting. If we had a fish on the line we didn’t bother
him very much. [laughing] ♪>>Uh oh, there he is! I think this is a good
one. [Blair struggling] [laughing]>>That’s called pushing it to the
limits right there.>>He just realized he was hooked. Oh yeah.
Got to love red snapper fishing. I wish somebody would pull their head out of where the head
don’t shine and open up the season a little bit better. Where we get more than six days
in Florida.>>Is that what the federal season is now? ♪>>This one is feeling kind of funny. Cause
it’s a redfish.>>Big old red.>>I can’t get away from them brother! ♪>>You need a
hand with that one there boss?>>Nah I’ll grab him. I’m used to these puppies. ♪ You ever have any bull sharks come up
here?>>Not so bad on this side. On the East side
they get real bad. Right outside the pass. I mean, you’ll reel up head after head and
you just get tired of it.>>One of my favorite lures. How about that
for a redfish in sixty foot of water huh? I bet that is what was showing up on the Humminbird.
Hey I’ve had a few comments about how I hold fish about people saying how I have my fingers
in their gills. If you look where I hold every fish and you think I have my hand in their
gills… I’m not even touching their gills. Maybe right there a little bit but that’s
the part you don’t want to stick your fingers all the way through and damage that fish.
So I slide up right on the inside of his cheek and I hold him like that. Never, never touching
their gills. But that my friends is a good redfish. And he’s a gone redfish. That’s how
it’s done brother.>>Amen.>>Redfish, red snapper, Jack Crevalle… Waiting
for the elusive cobia. I’m gonna have to re-rig. Y’all stay tuned, we’re gonna be right back
from Venice, Louisiana. Captain Kevin Beach. And who knows what else from the last rig
of the day. (play it)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by
Star Brite. The world wide leader in marine, automotive, and RV care products. Wright and
McGill. Never compromise. Engel. The original high performance cooler company. DOA lures
The unfair advantage. And by, Seaguar Trust Seaguar when everything is on the line.>>Rig it right by Wright and McGill.On today’s rig it right segment, I’m
gonna show you what Captain Kevin and I were out there using today. and I were out there
using today. But first, I want to talk a little bit about Kevin. He’s one of those guys when
you meet him it seems like you’ve known him your whole entire life. And that’s pretty
much what it was. It was the first time we had ever fished together. I’ve been going
down to Venice for going on twenty years now but never had a chance to meet and the first
time we get to meet we get to fish together. We started out throwing the eight footer it’s
the inshore model. We had it rigged with thirty pound test Smackdown Also using forty pound
to sixty pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon leader. And throwing one of my favorite baits everywhere
I’ve ever been in my entire life I’ve thrown this bait right here and I’ve caught fish
on it. It’s a DOA Swimming Mullet. It’s a three quarter ounce. The first spot we hit.
It was about a hundred and fifty feet and the current was ripping pretty good and we
couldn’t get the baits right down to them so we went into the shallower rigs we stayed
with the eight footers just cause we were having so much fun with the redfish and the
red snapper and the big jack crevalle just a plethora of fish what we like to say down
there had an awesome time. Kevin liked throwing the root beer one and I was throwing the white
one It was definitely getting the job done. As Kevin says, hey they’re snapper if they’re
hungry they are going to eat. You ever get a chance to fish with him, look him up on
the web. It’s Mexican Gulf Fishing Company and book ya a trip with Captain Kevin Beach.
Remember one thing though, every fishing season starts right here at Dick’s.>>Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.>>You getting bit?He came and ate it and I pulled it
right out his mouth like a knuckle head.>>Take it and put it back in his mouth.>>Well that was the plan. Come back and eat
that.>>You get some good king fish on these don’t
you?>>Mmhmm.>>Not those sixties though do you? Didn’t
you say the world record red snapper came from here?>>Yeah It was a little over fifty pounds.
It was actually probably only about five miles from here. Further out in federal waters.
A little bit deeper water.>>That’s a big snapper. Anywhere.>>It was. But we’ve caught a bunch in the
thirties probably two dozen over forty. But when we’re fishing the big trophy fish like
that, we generally fish in a little bit deeper water.>>But since we’re in the bay boats we ain’t
going out that deep. [laughing]>>The twenty four Skeeter you could.
But yeah we would fish in a lot deeper water. Fishing for that one trophy fish. Instead
of the seventeen thousand fish that we’ve caught today. But yeah, I mean with all this
river water and all the nutrients coming out I mean the bait fish, you’ve seen the birds
flipping all over the place.>>I’ve been out here, you know crossing back
and forth between here and Grand Isle following the coast line but the pogey pods y’all get
out here. I thought we had pogey schools…>>The estuary is a breeding ground for all
that. That’s what makes this fishery what it is. The fish aren’t real difficult. They
want to feed.>>They want to Eat and Breed. Not a bad life. [laughing]>>That’s why I got my buff on so
you don’t see my gills.>>I’m gonna grow me some gills. [laughing]>>I just need me some gills and
some lips.>>Mmhmm!>>I just wanted to make sure the host caught
the last fish. I say that as I throw right back out. [laughing] I think we got another redfish.
Hopefully it’s a red something. That might be a snapper there. How about goliaths do
you have goliath here? Obviously not cause these guys would be getting eaten if you did.>>I think the divers back in the hay day kind
of knocked most of them out of here. I’ve done a lot of diving and I’ve only seen two.>>What is it, what is it, what is it?>>Gonna be a big old red.>>Big old red. Is it a redfish or red snapper?
It’s a red snapper!>>Hey, hey! ♪>>I guess we are going to put this one in
the box. Since this one is going in the box I ain’t even going to lean down for him. Right
on the deck brother.>>It’s a beautiful thing.>>That is a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful
fish. Oh I can taste the fillets now. All done today on the Swimming Mullet. I tried
a few other baits, but just absolutely could not get it done. It’s going to be tough getting
that one out. Listen, if y’all ever want to come try to fish with Kevin Beach. This man
knows the area. He said he’s fished every single rig within sight out here.>>Multiple times. [laughing]>>So y’all get use to that going
off when you’re out here too. Definitely come stay at Cajun Fishing Adventures and you can
have a good time there. Great food and great people to stay with down there. So come to
Venice, Louisiana and you can get you some red snapper. Don’t forget about the website
Addictive Fishing dot com. Send us your favorite Instagram picture there on hashtag show your
mogan. Until next week I don’t know where we’re going to be but we’ll be somewhere catching
fish. Tight lines.>>Check out more footage from this show by
logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for out-takes and bloopers.>>Trigger fish love plastic.>>There he is, give him the float test.>>Woo!>>Cue the horn. [Screams] That was a cast!>>There is no Dana, only Zuul. [laughing]

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  4. Tell me about those florida snapper laws 😒
    Luckily those are only in fed atlantic water and I think gulf side (im on atlantic and hardly ever gulf fish so idk)
    If you stay in state waters you have a 2 fish limit

  5. Ive been down there to fish on them rigs. And MAN!!! Those little Snapper Kicked My Ass and CAN FIGHT!!! OH! Not to mention fishing out there I came back with a HELL OF A SUNBURN!!! LOL

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  7. That things that keeps blowing on those satellites/ jackets y'all are fishing on are called fog horns. If you climb up to the top of one of those jackets they actually have a 4 hour delay switch to temp. turn them off. I use to be a production operator in the GOM.

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