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Oldest Shark in the World – 512 Year Old Greenland Shark

Oldest Shark in the World – 512 Year Old Greenland Shark

Researchers have found an ancient shark in the North Atlantic Believed to be 512 years old which could be the oldest living vertebrate in the world Greenland sharks are relatively ugly and bizarre-looking creatures It has a long thick gray body and its small head consists of a short rounded snout With ghostly eyes and a ever gaping mouth the species is often plagued by worm-like parasites that latch on to their eyes Marine biologist Julius Nilsson and his team have been studying an 18-foot Greenland shark. They believe. It’s at least 272 years old and possibly as old as 512 years Greenland sharks have been known to live for hundreds of years and spend most of their lives swimming around looking for a mate But the recent research proves that this species of shark could live to be even older Researchers are looking to how Greenland sharks long life Genes could shed light on what determines life expectancy in different species including humans So how did this shark reach this age well Greenland sharks are found in the deep water of the Atlantic Ocean? From Canada to Norway the answer likely has to do with a very slow metabolism and the cold waters that they inhabit The method to discover the age of the animal was determined last year Researchers found a way to predict age by analyzing the lens and cornea of the eye Which they believed linked size with age? Greenland sharks also known as Garry sharks Or gray sharks grow at a rate of 1 centimeter a year Enabling scientists to determine their age by measuring their size This particular shark was measured at 18 feet in length and weighed over a ton by measuring the size of the shark researchers suggest the animal could been born as early as 1505 Making it even older than Shakespeare. With an estimated age of 512 years old makes this creature Extraordinary, and it should be considered among the absolute oldest animals in the world I’m gonna put a list of historical events that happened over the last 512 years in the show more section of this video that this shark was a life form Saying an age of five hundred and twelve years old does not really sink in until you realize it was alive when European settlers arrived on the American mainland of Panama in 1508 Anyway, that’s the end of this video. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time. B-Bye.

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    1) How do they know the shark is 512 Years Old? – For some shark species, scientists use bony structures such as calcified vertebrae to track their age, reading rings that form in the hardened tissue as the shark ages. But Greenland sharks are "soft sharks" whose vertebrae don't harden enough to form telltale age markers, so scientists needed a new method to determine how old the sharks were. The scientists used radiocarbon dating to measure carbon isotopes absorbed by Greenland sharks' eye tissue, The tissue gave them a range for the sharks age — they were at least 272 years old, and as much as 512 years old.

    2) Why did you hook his mouth – Firstly know Wonder World did not hook his mouth, the Scientists may have, I just used the footage they filmed. as for why did they hook his mouth, I can only assume, like in Fishing TV shows, they hook the fish, real it in, take note of all it's measurements, then remove the hook and release the fish.

    3) He's Not Ugly – "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", which means what you find cute, I can find ugly, I think the Jerboa Hopping Mouse is cute, but people find that ugly. we all like and dislike in different ways, for me i think this shark is ugly looking.

  2. Nahh my estimation is that its 272 years old or 512. I mean where the fuck did you get those numbers from? Why are they so specific when they are so fucking far apart?

  3. Yea a bit sad that he was hooked like that, honestly no bait and net?? I’m all for scientific research maybe not just to live longer but help common illness and diseases. Poor shark hopefully he’s still alive by the time I’m gone.

  4. "I remember when I was your age back in 1545. We used to go and watch the tudor and french navies beating the shit out of each other near the solent like having a picnic"

  5. Greenland sharks be like “remember when the water was colder, and with less plastic, rubber, and toxic waste? Good ole days, indeed.”

  6. This ni66a has been through the civil war, titanic, both world wars and the discovery of AIDs lol but will he be the cure for cancer?

  7. So if these guys are easily 500 yrs old.. what else is down there that could be older?? Unseen?? Also if humans live to 80 and think THAT'S A loong time think of 500 and in the ocean?!

  8. Now that the word is out that this shark is 512 years old some a-hole will try to find out where it is so they can go kill it. people = shit

  9. Very impressive for a vertebrate, swimming for 500 years, should be ripped!!. But nothing beats the sponge and immortal jellyfish

  10. wtf why they have too stick a hook in a 400 yr old sharks mouth people need too learn not too do that shit ' i hope one day they learn why

  11. "c1594 | Principles of Algebra developed by mathematician Francios Viete of France"

    To think that shark could've stopped algebra, and saved me from a D in Math in 5th grade pisses me off

  12. Why in the video did he say they determined they age by length because the sharks grow a certain length every year but your pinned comment says something different

  13. Not to be a party pooper – but this video is misleading. The researchers determined the age of this particular shark to be at least 272, and POTENTIALLY up to as old as 512. That number being the absolute maximum according to the bone tissue sample.

  14. At 512 years old, this majestic creature is the oldest living shark in the world!

    The Japanese: FUCKA YOU SHARRRRK!!!!!

  15. im not surprised it makes sense sharks,turtles and the komodo dragons of Asia they belong to the old religion

    they are the last of the mighty titans who forged this world when the Meteor destroyed the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period not all were destroyed some of the old ones still live this has been proved by science

    like turtles and whale sharks for example

    there were whale sharks here as old if not older than Cain and Able and the rest of the first of mankind

  16. Hard to believe, but astounding if true.

    I find your historical events helpful but I was somewhat suprised how you left out some of the worlds most famous events of history.

    1607 Founding of Jamestown.

    1776 Signing of the Declaration of Independence

    1783 George Washingtons Army defeats the British. Britain signs the peace treaty recognizing the U.S.A
    as a new sovereign country independent of Great Britain.

  17. Wow! Worlds oldest living animal. Let’s put a 3 foot long meat hook in its mouth and study it. So we can learn to live to be 500 years old and put more hooks in shit. Smh 🙄

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