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Omega 3 Fatty Acids on a Raw Vegan Diet | My Blood Test Results

Omega 3 Fatty Acids on a Raw Vegan Diet | My Blood Test Results

Hey there I figured I’d do a quick video because
I just got my results back from an Omega fatty acids blood test. First off you guys really
seem to enjoy the vlogget style and thank you so much for all of your thoughtful feedback.
The blogget I posted has probably gotten the fastest amount of views out of any video that
I’ve ever posted, which is exciting and a little depressing. My whole main goal with
the Bite Sized Vegan project is to educate people about veganism and in turn to save
the animals. So if you guys do have a free moment, please watch some of the educational
nuggets. I mean I know animal testing is an intense topic, but look there’s Ubi in snow
boots in that video. I promise I’m not trying to be an ungrateful asshole, but it’s probably
happening. No, I am very grateful for every view that I get on any of my videos and every
single comment, so thank you guys so much for that. And do keep me accountable if I
seem to wander away from the mission of the channel. Okay I’m done with my shameless plug.
But, since you did you seem to like my home tour and my lettuce booty, let me show you
what a fully stocked fridge looks like after a fresh lettuce delivery. Booyah, that’s what
I’m talking about. Alright so now on to the actual video topic. Now when you’re vegan, almost every medical
professional that you run in to, and a lot of random people, will always be seriously
concerned about your omega-3’s. And you are going to hear something like, I see here that
you are a vegan. What about taking some fish oil? You know for your omega-3’s? You should
really eat some fish oil. You know at least, like, eat some fish in your diet. It’s not
like they feel things anyway. What about your [bleep]ing fatty acids? Fish oil. Fish oil.
Fish oil. You know just some fish oil. Fish oil. Just eat some [bleep]ing fish oil. But anyway this video is not going to go into
all of the nitty-gritty about omega fatty acids and where to get them in a vegan diet.
I might do that at some point in a mid-weekly mini, or a main nugget, but today for the
blogget let’s just look at my results. So here’s the top with my name so you can see
that it’s my test. And at the bottom they have all this information. And down here it
says that Dr. Ralph T. Holman, the Grandfather of Omega 3, pioneer of this test and inventor
of the term ‘Omega 3’, has a total omega 3 score of 25% that directly reflects his daily
intake of fish, fish oil, and avoidance of Omega 6 rich oils. So how can my vegan ass
possibly compete with daily fish consumption? Let’s see how I measure up. Scrolling scrolling scrolling, scrolling scrolling
scrolling, bam, 36%. Definitely trumped his fishy 25%. You can see here in this arrow,
the average where people fall, and there I am at the very tip. And that is why I don’t
need no [bleep]ing fish. My doctor who ordered these tests has been practicing for about
a decade or so, and said that he’s never had a score come back this good. He actually assumed
that I was taking Omega supplements. That score came from fruit and greens. So if anyone
tries to tell you that you need to take some fish supplements, throw a head of lettuce
at them. Looking at my food intake for yesterday from the lettuce alone, I got 387% of my omega-3’s.
Hope you enjoy my blood test boasting blogget. You’ll still be getting a video every Wednesday,
but keep an eye out for these little extras that are going to pop up here and there. I’ll
see you guys soon. Please visit and sign up
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60 comments on “Omega 3 Fatty Acids on a Raw Vegan Diet | My Blood Test Results

  1. I honestly LOVE educational vegan videos and your are awesome, dont really get why people dont watch them as much. anyway you are doing a great job here. thanks for everything!

  2. Hi, what kind of calorie counter do you use? My chronometer shows much less omega 3  in romaine lettuce. Basically from 5kg of lettuce you get 20% of daily omega 3. I don't understand then… 

  3. Thanks for posting this. I have been vegan for 25 years and seem to be pretty darn healthy, but now with Obamacare kicking in I thought I should have a basic health check. I would love to know the results of the fatty acids blood test, but of course it is not part of the standard procedure with the blood test, which means that I have to pay $200 for it. Ouch! Do you think it is useful to do it anyway? Between 15 and 10 years ago I was raw food vegan, but now I eat some cooked stuff to (to increase my local food consumption). My diet is still basically 90% fruits and veggies with no weird protein replacers and no supplements, except for B12. Thanking you in advance for your input!

  4. I swear you are the best!! I love your straight up fact way of communicating, you rock!!

  5. You are too friggin awesome. This was one of the first things I was worried about a s thankfully saw another vegan video on omegas in greens that also said she had a great score on only fruit and greens. I'm sold. Currently I eat about 3-5 heads a week and I thought that was a lot lol

  6. "So if anyone tries to tell you that you need to take some fish supplements, throw a head of lettuce at them" XD LOL!!! Love that comment 😀

  7. 1. Your test results clearly state that you have not the best omega3 to omega6 ratio. 
    2. I don't know what kind of website are you using, but suggesting lettuce as a source of omega3 is ridiculous… romaine lettuce has 113mg per 100g, while cooked salmon has 2260mg per 100g with a better ratio to omega6!
    3. Fear not, there's great, vegan source of omega3… it's not fucking lettuce, it's FLAXSEED OIL! It has 116202mg of omega3 per 100g!!! That's fucking 9999999% more that lettuce and even more than fish oil!

  8. 3766 grams is about 8.5 pounds of lettuce, are you a rabbit – respectfully another vegan who likes more variety in foods – also i just subscibed and thanks for the good info

  9. Omega 6 is really the issue on a Vegan diet, and I always seem to come in low.  The RDA recommendation for Omega 6 is about 15 grams for an adult age 19-50, and I typically get about 5 grams a day, sometimes less. I have no problem getting my Omega 3's in.  Any input on this? As always, love your vids!  I really do love to see the day in the life/what i eat in a day vids too. 🙂

  10. i love how you educate people on these very important vegan facts …. this allows me to  put my families concerns to rest , thank you

  11. Eating 4 kg of lettuce is not feasible for 99% of people…. Besides, the plant based ALA fatty acid can only be converted to EPA (partially) and not to DHA. So you can still have a deficiency. DHA is needed to be build into cel membranes, mainly in the eyes and the brain. There's a solution though: Algae oil. It contains both EPA and DHA. Fish get their omega 3 from algae, so it's actually more concentrated in this form. And no fish need to be killed!

    You can also get omega 3's from flaxseed oil (highest amount of the ALA) and hemp seed oil (perfect amount and ratio's of essentials fatty acids in one tablespoon), but again not DHA, you need algae oil for that.

  12. i love the charts you show the amount of protein,fat and carbohydrates you get from your diet where bcan I get them

  13. Not to nit pick, but is that percent based on ALA, or EPA and DHA? I'd be curious how much EPA and DHA you were ending up with on daily average. Great vids, thanks!

  14. I easily get enough Omega-3 from ground flax seed. My confusion surrounds DHA/EPA. I know we convert the ALA into these some, but there does seem to be some controversy about whether we should supplement with some algae or yeast based DHA and/or EPA leaving me thinking I might as well supplement a little just to be sure.

  15. aw man! I forgot how hilarious these vloggets were! You should start do these occasionally again, because they bring me so much happiness. Plus it would be less work! :)(I'm assuming)

  16. Yes, but is it true that the conversion rate to DHA and EPA is significantly lower for omega-3s from plants than the ones from fish?? I recently heard that and because only the DHA and EPA levels matter in the end, I'm not sure if I shouldn't spend money on supplements for these…

  17. OK, your O3s as a group are high but are your EPA (1.47%) and DHA (4.38%) relatively high or at least clearly adequate?

  18. Hi Bite Size Vegan! Loving your channel. I turned veggie about 6 months ago and I'm transitioning and educating myself at the moment into vaganism. I've seen plenty of your videos so I know how much lettuce you each, my question is if I don't eat as much lettuce as you do (which honestly wont be happening any time soon, it's not my thing), will i get enough omega from normal amounts of other fruits and veg?

  19. Hey. First of all, thank you for sharing this. I'm a new vegan, and trying to figure all of this stuff out. Sooo much conflicting data, even from vegan doctors, who are convinced that they need to eat flax, worry about omega ratios, and pop b12 … like Dr. Michael Greger. Anyway, good to know you're doing fine. So, my question … you say that your omegas came from fruits and greens, and but I'm wondering if you intentionally eat foods high in omega 3, like flax, chia, hemp, walnuts or purslane? Thanks again.

  20. Hi Bite Size Vegan, what food tracking software did you use in the video which showed 387% omega 3 score for eating lettuce?

  21. Whhaaaatt??? 3kg of lettuce? You are the salad queen! Do you eat it like that (rolling leaves to make them compact maybe?)

  22. Hell yes! You seriously rock! The research is totally fleshing this out now. Greens are plenty easily turned into long-chain omega 3's EPA and DHA by our bodies. This is basically why I believe you and everyone else can thrive extremely well on a fruitarian diet with plenty of greens.

  23. I LOVE Your videos!I'm vegan so I can definatly relate to the omega 3 question whispers Flaxseed/flaxseed oil has tons of Omega 3

  24. seriously, omega from lettuce. I guess I don't have to rely on chia seeds and flax seeds as much. I still will eat chia seeds and flax though

  25. one source on a vegan diet, algae , about 99% of vegans do not take it, there yah go

    wait you got 387% omega3s in lettuce? funny there is 0 omega 3s in any vegetable besides algae, wowwww ignorance

  26. You are so awsome! I haven't gotten a specific omega 3 blood test. Hopefully it would be as great as yours. I eat ground flaxseed several times a week for omega 3. You got all that from exclusively fruits and vegetables? No nuts, seeds? thank you so much for your inspired videos.

  27. I'm a 4 year vegan, with that said. Total Omega 3's do not reflect optimal health. There are 3 main types of omega 3's, ALA, EPA and DHA. With the exception of Algae, all other vegan sources of omega 3 oils are ALA (Fish only contain omega 3s because they consume algae or someone down the food chain does and they eat them.)

    ALA is a fuel source, while EPA and especially DHA are more like a molecule that has a structure needed to build your brain. (FYI: Women's brains shrink during pregnancy because their DHA oils are being transfered to build their baby's brain).

    If you are doing blood work for total Omega 3's then you could get misleading results as most of your Omega 3's will be ALA.
    Dr. Greger from, who advocates a whole food plant-based diet, recommends everyone to supplement with Omega 3's, especially if you are a vegan pregnant mommy.

    Your body does have the ability to produce DHA and EPA from ALA, but it does so very poorly, producing about 5% EPA from ALA and 0.5% DHA from ALA. So, it's better to supplement with Algal oil for optimal brain health and performance.

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