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Omega 3 fish oil benefits | Omega 3 stimulates brain and memory

Omega 3 fish oil benefits | Omega 3 stimulates brain and memory

Omega 3 stimulates brain and memory. Omega 3 improves learning because it is a
constituent of neurons, helping to accelerate brain responses. This fatty acid has a positive effect on the
brain, especially in memory, making it possible to learn faster. High levels of omega 3s are associated with
better reading and memory capacity, as well as fewer behavioral problems. Although not everyone who has difficulty concentrating
has deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids, a deficiency of this nutrient may be directly related to
attention and learning problems. How to Use Omega 3 to Stimulate Memory. The best way to improve brain function is
to have a balanced diet and regular consumption of fish and seafood, ensuring the daily needs
of omega 3. It is therefore recommended to eat foods rich
in this essential fatty acid daily, such as: Fish. Tuna, sardines, salmon, trout, tilapia, herring,
anchovies, mackerel, cod; Fruits. Nuts; nuts, almonds; Seeds. chia and linseed; Cod liver oil . According to the World Health Organization
the daily dose of omega 3 for adults is 250 mg, and for children it is 100 mg and this
amount can be achieved with consumption of fish and seafood 3 to 4 times a week. When to take omega 3 supplement. When it is not possible to consume fish with
this regularity or when the lack of omega 3 is diagnosed in a very specific blood test,
requested by the doctor, it may be indicated to use omega 3 supplements in capsules, which
can be bought in pharmacies, drugstores and some supermarkets. But to do this supplementation it is important
to have the follow up of a doctor or nutritionist to not harm your health.

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