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Omega 3 Fish Oil & Omega 3 – 6 Ratios & Blood Pressure | BodyHealth omega 3 Health with Astaxanthin

Omega 3 Fish Oil & Omega 3 – 6 Ratios & Blood Pressure | BodyHealth omega 3 Health with Astaxanthin

Hi guys, Dr. Minkoff here. I want to talk about omega-3 fats. This is in the news all the time. If you look at a standard American diet, what you find is that the ratio of omega-6 fats, which are the vegetable oils. It’s found in nuts and seeds, in corn. Most of the oils that are used are omega-6 oils. There’s another kind of oil which is called omega-3 oils. Now, in nature or ideally for the human diet, the ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s should be about 4 to 1 because our meats today are fed foods that aren’t their natural foods. Like they’re fed corn or soy beans. The oils in the meats become omega-6 and not omega-3. and so our diet now has a ratio of about 24 to 30 omega 6s to 1 omega-3 which is completely wrong. Now if you look at what happens with these oils, where do they go and how they function in the body, a red cell membrane, the surface membrane around the red cell, has a mixture of these omega-6s and omega-3s and they basically kind of spoon each
other in a circle around the membrane. If there’s too many omega-6s, it makes for a stiff membrane. Now, a red blood cell has to go through a capillary. The red cell itself is about 6 or 7 microns across. A capillary is about 4. For that red cell to go through that capillary, it’s got to flatten out. If there’s too many omega-6s because the body will use the 6s if it doesn’t have the 3s in that membrane, you will get a stiff membrane. Now, if you’re trying to get a stiff red blood cell through a smaller capillary, it’s gonna take more pressure. Why do some people have high blood pressure? Unexplained high blood pressure or essential hypertension, what the doctors call it. Some of the reason might be that their red cells are too stiff because their diet is full of fried foods made from vegetable fats. Those go into the body. They don’t have enough omega-3s and they get stiff membranes. So, if you’re gonna get it through you have to push harder. Does the doctor do the patient a favor if they give a drug that lowers the pressure? No! Because then the cells can’t get through. Then organ on the other side suffers. So, what we want is enough omega-3s in the diet so we make up that deficit. So, we say to people, “Watch how many omega-6 is you take. “Don’t eat deep fried foods. “Stay away from that stuff “but supplement with omega-3s.” Now, omega-3s are anti-inflammatory. They’re very strong anti-inflammatory. They also make the blood smoother. They have a tendency to block clotting so the blood flows better. Now, we formulated an omega-3 from sustainable fish sources. Okay? So, these are ocean fish sustainable. These aren’t fish grown in ponds. So, this stuff is pure, it’s free of heavy metals and chemicals and pesticides and other junk. So, it’s really pure. It’s also not oxidized. There’s no smell to it. If you smell fish oil tablet and it smells like fish, it’s rancid and its bad. Now, what I had our formulators do is add some things to make it even better. One of the things that we put in there is astaxanthin. Astaxanthin comes from algae. It’s kind of an orangey-yellow product and it’s probably the strongest antioxidant known. So, you take the antioxidant effects of fish oil and you add 4 milligrams of astaxanthin which is a full therapeutic dose of astaxanthin for 2 tablets of fish oil which is the recommended daily dose. We also added some of our Inflam-Arrest. So, that’s a mixture of ginger and boswellia and curcumen in a form of curcumin that’s very absorbable. So, now you have this amazing product with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories plus omega-3s. It’s the best fish oil on the market. You just take 2 of them every day. You’ll get the effects of the anti-inflammatory and the effects of the antioxidant and it’ll really help your body out. Okay? So, this is what it looks like. We call it Omega-3 Health. 2 every day. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel it . Okay? Hope this helps.

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  1. Hello David,
    I finished reading "The Search For The Perfect Protein" last week, and I have posted a talk about it on my YouTube channel. Here is the link if interested:

    It was a good read, and I learned quite a bit of information about protein that I did not know before reading it.

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