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Omega 7: Natures BEST plant based fatty acid? 2018

Omega 7: Natures BEST plant based fatty acid? 2018

Omega-7 is a little known fatty acids that
does wonders for your health and beauty. It’s a SeabuckWonders customer favorite
and our best selling product. Here’s why, with one capsule you receive
all the benefits that sea buckthorn has to offer. This blend offers an abundance of health benefits
including support for gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, digestive health, inflammation response, and
overall health and wellness. It’s also known as an incredible supplement
for hair, skin, and nails. Which is why many refer to it as the beauty
omega, beauty from the inside out. The Richest source of this incredible fatty
acid is from sea buckthorn berry oil. Which contains the highest omega-7 content
known in any natural source and our products contain the highest amount of omega-7 on the
market. Now you may have heard that fish oil contains
omega-7 this is true, but it only contains a small amount. Which means it must be heavily processed in
order to isolate the omega-7 this makes the oils unstable. Not to mention the fact that fish oil tastes
and smells bad because it goes rancid easily. Besides being inferior in taste and nutrition,
fish oil is not sustainable. Sea Buckthorn Oil is sustainable, it’s natural
and has all around better nutrition than fish sources. SeabuckWonders Omega-7 complete is all you

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