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On Fire Kayak Fishing Striped bass(San Francisco Bay)

On Fire Kayak Fishing Striped bass(San Francisco Bay)

All right, so there’s our sixth one Honestly these Schoolies are fucking thick as shit in here every cast I throw to get five six hits or so whatever And then we hook one feel a little small, but they’re fun. They’re fun So that’s cool bites down now. That’s how quick striper fishing is out here in the bay For 5 10 minutes 15 minutes. You’ll just be slapping the shit out of them Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam, and it was good because As you saw we followed this school. We drifted with this school all the way through all of them are schoolies as you can tell All the way through this marina, and we just kept throwing bait through throwing bait through actually, I was using it gets it swim bait and And obviously they’re hitting it and man were they thick because I’d go through that ball boo-boo-boo-boo-boo, and then you know one one big enough we’ll be able to grab it and I’d be able to set the hook so that’s One little stretch we did there We’re gonna go ahead and go to this other part of the marina see if we can get anything out of there But the bite may have may have died down That’s usually our striper fishing goes about good 10 20 minutes, and then and then it dies down. You know me well I’ll check the tide see if there’s slack water now or what’s going on, but anyways guys. Let’s head over the other side We’ve slammed this marina we pulled about I believe 16 fish out of here I kind of lost count honestly at about 11. Oh yeah, it was a great time but about 11 o’clock I got some shit to do today So we’re starting a heading back and we’ll be fishing along the way and see if we pick anything up all right guys We’re all done striper fishing for the day ain’t god damn. Do we have hell of a day it was on fire I Think 16 fish like I said last time off to go back and check. I kinda lost count, but all in all man Where we slamming them out of that marina? Schoolies big schoolies it was fantastic had a great time and now we’re headed out of here Hope you guys enjoyed the video. I hope he hasn’t come along with next time. We’ll see you guys later

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