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One Good Tuna Deserves Another | Wicked Tuna

One Good Tuna Deserves Another | Wicked Tuna

get this guy over there its pitch black we got our anchor line out and so to a bunch of other boats around us we got to make sure that our fish doesn’t come in contact with any of the other anchor lines in the water or will be a huge paycheck this is going crazy right now we got the anchor line right here we’re trying to back away from the anchor we get everything we should be in good position definitely a big pointy Rock your online straight ahead and get outta here around come on another guy hanging all over here we can use this business now we’ve got a guy right here stretched out gonna get a tanker back to drag on too he’s getting wrapped in brokeback that dragon fact that dragged off the background of this guy thanks thanks like I was kind enough to get off the blanket for Thank you Thank right now are fishes wrapped around him another guys anchor ball and our goal is to get the anchor ball and untangle it without losing our fish don’t put any pressure on Captain happen hurry up there you go on awesome wrong so much like I don’t want to cut the guy thank you do as much as it sucks I’d rather lose a fish then do something crappy to another fisherman I just don’t need the bad karma my vote now you can do is go back up on again that lights at least thanks to drop anchor appreciate it but no problem to you on them yup Tyler lost a fish awesome it good going them and debate you’re right call and all my years efficient you know I’ve learned one thing you got to try and put out good karma and usually good kamar results a good fishing in return [Music]

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  1. For a second I thought the video thumbnail was of the guy in the blue hoodie pissing off the boat. Then I realized it was a fishing rod.

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