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Only 15 Minute Easy Shrimp Tacos Recipe | Spicy, Creamy and Healthy

Only 15 Minute Easy Shrimp Tacos Recipe | Spicy, Creamy and Healthy

– Hey guys, welcome to, where we help you with what’s
for dinner in a healthy way. Today we will be making
15-minute shrimp tacos anyone can make, and they will be the best shrimp tacos you will ever try. Let’s do it. (bouncy, steady Latin pop music) You want to buy large raw shrimp that has been deveined and peeled, tails on or off, doesn’t matter. And, because it’s real life,
my shrimp comes from Costco, but if you can find local, that’s great. Add shrimp to a bowl, and then add one
tablespoon taco seasoning, and one teaspoon garlic powder. A little bit of freshly
ground black pepper, and just toss together. (bouncy, jovial Latin pop music) Set aside. Now, we’re gonna make the sauce, and I like to use quality mayo
and full fat plain yogurt. Add yogurt and mayo to the bowl and squeeze lime juice. Unlike lemons, limes are
hard to get the juice out of, and I really like this press. Then, add taco seasoning, and a little bit of cayenne pepper, and freshly ground black
pepper, and just mix it. It’s creamy, and it has the taste of mayo, and it’s still better for
you than full fat mayo sauce. Chopped cilantro, I
use about half a bunch. Add it to a large bowl. And then, to make the slaw, I like to use store bought cole slaw mix. It really saves time. Dump a 14-ounce bag into a bowl, and then pour almost all of the sauce. And, a little bit a salt. I like to reserve the sauce
for drizzling on tacos, and as I start stirring, I see if there is enough sauce or not, and I add a little bit more, but you don’t even have to
leave anything for drizzling, you can dump it all in there, and make a creamy slaw. Reheat the skillet on high heat. It’s very important to use hot skillet. Add oil, I like to use avocado oil, because it has a high smoking point. Add marinated shrimp, and just spread it out in a single layer. You want each shrimp touching the skillet, so it cooks and gets a little bit of char, and just comes out the best. It takes about two minutes, or three minutes per side, and as you can tell, I added some oil, because
it was not enough. And, I like to press with
spatula as shrimp is cooking, it just gets that char on, and
a little bit of crispiness, see, as I flip it. So, flip it, and I recommend
doing it one by one, or two at a time, and again, you want each shrimp to touch the skillet. And, cook for another couple of minutes. (clicks lips) Let’s try. It’s hard not to try it from the skillet. Mm. Mm. Oh, the spice is so good. Oh, my god, this is gonna go
so well with the creamy slaw. Let’s put it in taco. And, the tail. (munches) Yummy. (sucking) Making sure to get it all. And now, we’re gonna
warm up our tortillas. We have this cute little
place on the island, it’s called Goat on the Roof, and that’s where I got these handmade white corn flour tortillas. And, I will show you how
I warm them up for a taco. (bouncy, jovial Latin pop music) So, you warm it up for like
10 seconds on one side, pressing with spatula, then
flip, and another five seconds. You don’t want to cook
them too long, because, they will dry out, and, when
you make tacos, they break. That’s it. So, take the tortilla, I would say, three shrimp, with tails. Some slaw. (utensil clinks) Some extra sauce on shrimp. (liquid squirting) (utensil clinking) Yummy. (bouncy Latin party music) (humming) (chomping) Mm. The best tacos. (crunching) Mm, tail. Just like that. Eating tacos is a massive
process, so, don’t be shy. Mm. Creamy slaw, spicy shrimp. (smooches) The best. See, I just want to eat shrimp. It’s a disaster. Yummy. (light crunching) Mm-hmm. (bouncy Latin party music)

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  1. I love your newer videos! It's so fun to see your personality! 😍 I'm making these tonight, thank you for the video!

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