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[OoGui Eater] 4Kg of Sea Eel on Rice 5504kcal

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka today I have 6 anago (sea eel) 800g and today I’ll make an anago don (rice bowl) ok today I have 7 cups of rice at the ready first off lets add some seaweed then add the anago then the anago sauce ok it will look like this. looks so tasty despite being so easy to make tadaa its complete I even added some wasabi today I also made 600g of miso soup ITADAKIMASU this anago looks so soft and yummy ahhh its such a huge anago mmm the rice and sea eel combine together its the best. the sweet sauce goes nicely here as well the anago is so plump and tender I really love the skin part of fish and this is packed with collagen and its good for your skin so up until now whenever I’ve had donburi (rice bowls) with fish it was usually sashimi but these cooked fish donburis are also great aren’t they its so plump and tender its so different as well. meat and sashimi are so yummy I kind of feel like mayo would go nicely here so I think I’ll add some well lets give it a try perhaps its best I don’t add it? I dunno, lets try though ok well the mayo is yummy so lets try ahh yeah mayo just goes with anything lol it taste a bit milder and its nice well it just makes everything taste like mayo I guess… well it still tastes yummy oh so once you taste it with mayo and now that I’m eating it without it. I now miss the taste of mayo in here I’m a mayo addict [anago] [~what the heck is she doing!!!!!~] mayo is the best! I put mayo on again… final mouthful itadakimasu all done eating gochisosamadeshita the anago was so plump and tender it was absolutely delicious and the thick sweet sauce just went perfectly with it then when you added the mayo it transformed the dish and this was very yummy as well but the anago eel alone was great on its own but either way it was delicious yeah… eating it either way was great lol everyone making the anago don was super easy I just took what was being sold at the supermarket and then putting it on rice and covering it with sauce was all it took. it was so tasty everyone please give it a try and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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