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Opening a Condom in a Wind Tunnel

Opening a Condom in a Wind Tunnel

( air blowing ) ( shouting )
We’re in the… ( shouting inaudibly ) ( shouting inaudibly )( television beeping )– Well, that was too loud.
– I should say so. – Should we try again?
– Yeah, yeah. Go again. Okay, we’re in Nuneaton,
England at the Horiba Mira
full scale wind tunnel. Gav:It’s usually used for
studying the aerodynamics
of different things,
like cars, but today,
we’ll be testing ourselves
in the wind tunnel
in a very highly requested
video. I feel like I’ve got
eight years worth of
emails saying, “Get in a wind tunnel.”
So we did. Well, the thing is,
I used to be way more
aerodynamic than I am now,
so that’s gonna be
quite a challenge for me. Well, I feel we’ve waited
the perfect amount of time – to make this video.
– Great. Why don’t we start
by cranking this thing
up to the max and get some lovely
Phantom shots of us trying to stay
upright. What’s your pose
gonna be like? It might be one of these, – or like a–
– Okay, to practice. I’m just gonna do this. So this wind tunnel
goes upwards of 80 miles
an hour and you can’t really just have
a bunch of lights and cameras loose, so we’ve got everything
tethered down, weighted down. Even the crew
are tethered in. ( laughter ) One thing to note
about this wind tunnel, it’s probably common
in wind tunnels, – is that it sucks.
– Oh, it doesn’t blow? It doesn’t blow,
it sucks all the air out
this way, and there’s a load
of grates on the other end. I never really knew that
about wind tunnels, but I guess that’s probably
true for all of them because otherwise you’re gonna
get the buffeting of the fans. Whereas ’cause it’s sucking,
it’s like really clean air. Yeah, and the other side
of the fan it’s very turbulent and much harder to measure
aerodynamics. All right, okay,
ready for a thumbs up? ( sharp exhale )
Yeah, let’s go. Okay, we’re good. Look at him sitting there with his perfectly nice
air conditioned room. ( exhales ) – ( fans whirring )
– Gav: Okay. – Dan: It’s already scary.
– Gav: And it’s spinning. Dan: Yeah. ( shouting )
It’s hard to breathe! ( fans stop ) Well, that doesn’t
mess around. I feel like I could
lose my– you know, like, my sleeve’s
half on, half off. – Yeah.
– I feel like this could go. – ( laughs )
– I feel like I could lose it. Should we go see
what that looks like? Oh, I’m breathless. – Yeah, oh, my mouth is so dry.
– ( babbling ) Gav:Imagine if you did
a hundred meter sprint
and they cut to this slow mo.
– Dan:And you look like that.They’d be like bloody hell,
this guy could run.
Gav:Well, if you ran
80 miles an hour
then that’s exactly
what it would look like.
Dan:This is the least
like it displays
all the gut…
– Gav:Hm.
– Dan:…receded hairline.– Gav:Yeah.
– Dan:It’s got it all.Gav:Yeah, I can tell.
I can see.
All right, Dan.
Re-point the camera
to the side. A nice profile shot
should really show the flappy lab coats and the amount of lean
that we can get on this. Do you think I’ll be able
to get– you’ll be able to get
more lean than me because you weigh less?
Or do you think– – Probably, maybe.
– All right. – Okay, we’re ready.
– Ready. Let’s go, let’s hit it. ( fans whirring )( soft music playing )Gav:You’re so good at this.Look at ya.Dan:
That’s a full 45 right there.
Gav:Oh, you’re so good
at this compared to me.
( laughs )Dan:Really struggling there.You are properly
at 45 degrees,
maybe even lower.Gav:I’m proud of that.I’m gonna try a jump. Might be dangerous. The thing is, I weigh
so much more than you. I’m gonna be like,
I’ll flap back I’m just gonna be like… – All right, you ready?
– Yeah, I guess so, let’s go. ( fans whirring ) Dan:So I was trying to see
if 80 miles an hour is enough
to be sat in
a wind chair
and it worked,
it worked.
Gav:You just down on air.Dan:I feel like five seconds
I just sat there like this,
Gav:I was trying to grab
the back of my lab coat
to make a little
– Dan:Yeah.
– Gav:…but it was bloody hard
to get it
( imitates wind blowing )
Dan:Yeah, exactly.Gav:
It’s hard to hold on to it.
It leapt forward into the

– Dan:Whoa.Gav:I actually caught air.Dan:You did, and it’s pushed
you backwards and you–
Gav:That’s purely
blowing me back
because I made sure to jump
a little bit forward.
Dan:Yeah.Why don’t we start
testing some elements? – Ooh, okay.
– Yeah, all right. Like, uh, real water,
like, fire. Just like water.
Probably not fire. Okay, just not fire. All right, I feel good
about this. – Dan.
– Dan: Yes? How do you feel about this? – Not good.
– ( laughter ) I gotta get some air. That’s some like
light rain there and some not so
light rain there. Hey, we haven’t even
started yet. All right, let’s crank
the wind. Ah, man. ( fans whirring ) Gav: Thank you. Did you get a bit wet? I didn’t stand a chance.
( chuckles ) Ah, man.
What did that feel like? Like I was literally
in a storm of some sort of
magnitude of… I’ve never heard of. Gav:You look like
a certain singer from
a 90’s music video.
( Dan laughs )Gav:( chuckles )
You can see–
Dan:Look, it’s turning
into thicker water
when it goes past
my ear.
Gav:It’s splatting off
your face, mystifying,
and then you’re leaving
like mist trails.
– Dan:Yeah.
– Gav:Look at that.Dan:It’s like I’m a plane
going through the air
causing mist.Gav:We deliberately
back-lit this
so the rain shows up
really well
against the black background.
( laughs )
I strained my head as well.
Didn’t go for my body,
straight to the head.
Gav:Well, yeah. See?
And that was, like,
full stream.
You can see how
it mystifies it all.
Dan:Oh, yeah. The wind’s so
powerful that it just–
Gav:That is really
raining sideways.
Dan:Oh, God.
Look at underneath there.
It’s just completely
streaming away.
Gav:It’s hitting you
so hard that it will bounce off
and it will literally
bounce away from the wind
that there’s so much force.Dan:So the way the hose is,
it’s like a stream, right?
– Gav:Yeah.
– Dan:I’m turning it
into a mister.
– Gav:Yeah.
– Dan:It goes into me
and turns into mist.
Gav:It’s a two part
misting system…
– Dan:Yeah.
– Gav:…and you’re part two.The rain was all right,
I think we need something – slightly more torrential.
– Dan: All right. Do you reckon this is
torrential enough? – Oh!
– Not bad. – It’s a bucket of it.
– I’m gonna do well to actually
bloody get this into the air,
it’s gonna be well hard. You’re just gonna hit
my legs with it. I’m either gonna splash
your legs a lot or I’m gonna let go
of it and the whole thing
will knock you off. Oh, no, I don’t want–
do not let go of that bucket. Well, I’m not gonna
do it on purpose, am I? All right, let’s tether
all that.. I’m gonna get my block
knocked off. ( fans whirring ) Uh… ( laughs ) – Hey!
– ( laughter ) So cold. That’s what I was dealing
with the bucket, basically,
right? – I threw it.
– Yeah. Like, air got inside it.
It was gone from that point. The air was swirling
around inside it, like… – ( babbling ) It soaked me.
– ( laughs ) And I was just trying
to hold it, it was like a kite. Bugger. Let’s take a look at that. Gav:Look, from the previous
the water that is still on

– Dan:Oh, yeah.Gav:…is blowing off,
it’s actually an air dryer.
– Dan:You nailed my face
– Gav:I did. ( laughs )
– Dan:Oh, you soaked me.– Gav:That looks cool.
– Dan:Look at my face.– Gav:It’s a 90 degree

– Dan:It’s like a windshield.Does it ever rain that hard?– Gav:Like a bucket’s worth?
– Dan:Yeah.Gav:Maybe.( imitates splash noises )( chuckles )
That is absolute.
Dan:That looks like
it’s mist.
Gav:An absolute torrent.You can actually see
the goggles flapping
against your face.
– Dan:Oh, yeah.And my cheek is going–
look at my cheek going.
Gav:A little bit of
chest hair going.
Dan:All right here comes
the torrent.
Gav:It’s like you have
an open chest hair.
Dan:That is proper sideways
Gav:Oh, it’s magic.As the water bounces
off your face,
it bounces off, but all
like the same distance
before it gets blown back.So you end up with those weird,
like white, mist masks…
Dan:It’s like a halo
around my face.
Gav:…just sat around–
look at that liquid.
– Dan:Oof!
– Gav:You must have drank
a lot of it there.
Dan:( laughter )
I think so.
Gav:You gotta love that.So, you said to me,
you wanted to do a test. Well, you know when you’re
like blowing a balloon
and everything, – you’re blowing up a balloon.
– Gav: Yeah. I brought my own balloon
and I thought I wanted to try blowing up a balloon
in a wind tunnel. – Gav: Okay.
– Okay. – Gav: Yeah, that kind of a
– Yeah, it’s a balloon. – All right.
– It’s a slippy balloon. – ( laughs )
– You know, one of those
lubricated balloons Yeah. The see-through party ones. ( laughing ) Okay,
let’s see what happens
with this. Okay, here we go. It’s a condom. ( fans whirring,
air blowing ) ( screaming ) ( laughter ) That is without a doubt
the stupidest thing I’ve ever recorded
in slow motion in my life. Dan:( laughs ) It was like
a wind sock.
Gav:What have our lives
Dan:Look at my face.
I’m enjoying myself so much.
It was going like this
for ages,
I was like, stretch it.As soon as I let the wind like
even slightly stretch the edge,
it went– whoa!Whoa.
– Gav:Look how big it got.– Dan:It’s huge.
– Gav:It’s fobbling
all over the place.
( slow motion screaming )
( laughter )Gav:How do they– like, why
do you need different
sized ones
if that’s how big they get?I saw that little twinkle
in your eye. The little idea twinkle. You’ve come up with a new sport
haven’t you? I have. – You know you get
sailboats and stuff?
– Yeah. – How about wind powered
– Yeah. – …Powered by a balloon?
– Yeah. So I’m gonna lay here…
( grunts ) let the wind inflate
my balloon and hopefully it’ll have enough
power to pull me along like a rocket. This is a world first, this. I don’t think this sport’s
ever been done. I wouldn’t have thought so,
I’m very excited. ( fans whirring ) ( laughs ) It’s almost offensive
the amount of effort gone into a place
like this and then we show up
and do that. Yeah, for scientific
testing purposes – of automobiles and then,
– Have a look. ( laughter ) There is definitely
technique to it as well.
( laughs ) I’m just like,
“I’ve got this.” Something about your flat hair
with your smug face, –with that flapping
in the wind.

( laughter )Goodness, gracious me. That was funny. ( sharp exhale )
I’ve got a headache now
after that. It was just so much fun. Well, that was absolutely
insane. I’ve never operated
a Phantom in such mental conditions. You are telling me
I’ve stood here during this outro and I feel like
I’m like this. – Like, isn’t it–
– Preparing. I’m like wait, oh, yeah, wait
I’m not in there anymore. At one point I was
trying to steer, ’cause the camera kept
panning in the wind and then I was holding it and the screen started
flapping around. But somehow we got some
very usable, lovely
Phantom shots. Yeah, it should be
a test whether you could be
a good camera operator if you can withstand
those conditions. – Yeah, for like–
– A hurricane category one
against me as well, – because I had the wind.
– Yeah, I feel like I need
a certificate or something. Yeah, also, these propellers
are actually from a World War II bomber,
which is pretty crazy
I thought. Yeah, well hopefully
you enjoyed that video. A big thanks to
Horiba Mira for letting us use
this massive wind tunnel. Make sure you check out
part two and feel free to
subscribe to the Slow Mo Guys.

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    And yeah that was very stupid lol.

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