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23 comments on “Opening to Shark Tale 2005 VHS [True HQ]

  1. It feels so weird seeing such a modern film—such a modern-feeling film (which is by absolutely no means a compliment)—and its contemporaries actually on mainstream tape.

  2. [CLOSING[
    1.) "Club Oscar" short film
    2.) End Credits and Post-Credit scene to "Shark Tale"
    3.) Dreamworks Animation closing logo
    4.) "Car Wash" music video by Christina Aguilera ft. Missy Elliot

  3. This video contains content from B_Viacom who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds

    This video requires payment to watch

  4. (REQUESTED) Every Witch Way Magical Rap In Random Mirror
    (REQUESTED) YTPMV Every Witch Way Magical Rap Dogsong

  5. Best VHS Opening Ever, But The Only Way Missing Is Dreamworks Home Entertainment (1998-2004)

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