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OPERATION: GIANT AQUARIUM | Subnautica – Part 20 (Full Release)

Hey, Kevin! Are ya ready for some fun filled adventures under the sea?? *WAPISH* Top of the morning to ya, Kevin *Cute Kevin montage starts* *Magic trick* *Cute Kevin screech* *Cuddling cute Kevin* (Here some food for ya Kevin) :3 *Thumbs up!* Welcome back to Subnautica! Welcome aboard, Captain! Welcome one and all to the undersea adventures of Jack and Kevin, where today, I have been getting some suggestions from people in the comments, which I didn’t realize I already don’t know How my base works. I didn’t realize. Remember I said, oh I can see like Underneath and all that kind of stuff… Oh you guys, still alive? You, guys, still pulsing? You kinda look, like, you’re infected though so i don’t know If you’re, gonna, die or not. BUT, I didn’t realize that because I can See down into it and I could see up under it I can actually connect these. Somebody said that I can, connect bases top and bottom and I can make a, big long tube of aquariums Which I fully intend on doing you know, as the world’s premier subnautica fort builder that I am But I’m gonna need a lot of materials for – what materials do I need I hear you, ask? Well I’ll tell you – A LOT of titanium – the *** – that means I gotta go get a lot of metal salvage! Wow, giving me salt. You gave me one water which is good, but you give me a lot of saalt before that so… That’s not good. Also, eventually I’m gonna have to start labeling These things because right now I just have everything everywhere so I need, like an equipment and organics um.. metals.. rocks… Sand… I don’t know I’m gonna need a lot of different things because right now If I’m looking for something I have to go through, each and every. single one and I always forget where everything is. I actually had a lot more titanium on me than I thought I did! Gasopodegg discovered (*le gasp*) that’s what it is! I’ve got a Gasopod now! The fart-y boys from outside A – eh -are one of them’s in my aquarium now?? *:00* They’re TINY!! *:00* Wow!! Is that what happens when you put stuff in your aquarium, they turn tiny?? Oh, I HAVE to get a reef back. Imagine a tiny little reef back baby in here! I want my reef back, reef back, reef back. Eh I want to do – em – i want my reef-y back reef-y back, reef-y back, reef-y back, reef-y back Rafi, back rafi, back I want my rafi, back rafi, back Yes indeed, we have fun here so I need to put a. Another thing, oh i put you in Fucking terrible location god *** it Okay, you’re obstructing JUStice right now You’re a pain in my *** *** They, still can’t do it mother you’re in the way Okay, we’re gonna have to do this attach components. Because deconstruction first we’re. Gonna do this it’s gonna lead off from here now instead okay, that’s just the way it is Things will never be the same I Think, I need, to get rid of the bulkhead first this is gonna happen This has been one of my dreams as of ten minutes ago So you know it’s gonna happen Okay, I saw that sally I saw. You move around all weird like don’t act like I didn’t see it now can I yes Very good can actually purchase connect it down here right That would probably be better I need a lot more Titanium, okay that’s what, we need, Kevin search titanium go? Nah, I’d never make you search for titanium. You’re too cute. So a little bit of remodeling is about to happen, that’s fine that’s, okay, every house needs structure so I am going to Why can I only search for these things?? What’s going on weekend I search for a bunch of us this can’t be the only things that are in that area Hold on a sec let, me let, me step into the pilot’s seat here for a second and control my cameras cuz I don’t know, what’s going on. Why are my shits everywhere? Alright um Henry’s over there so I’m going to line you up with west Well technically from the base that makes you east so that’s good so what one in in for directions Do I still have the camera on me, no I don’t. Okay, the base is there so I’m going to line you all the way up over here There we go that’s a lot more added data box What you got for me, oh? Goody, I’m gonna go get that I wish you to remote control for your Scanner room so when you were out and about you could just search for something else is it instead of having to come all the way back Thanks Sally!! Preciate you we’re gonna go down here and get this cuz. I didn’t have this one before There’s only one of this in the whole area so I can set it in scan and find any more of them but, that’s fine one is all I need Hopefully it’s a good upgrade i’m not wasting all my time and efforts on this Because i don’t want to waste, oh? we’ve had three I’ve been here before Don’t show *** that I already got!! You, can’t say, oh there’s a data, box over here and then you get over here, it’s like Well technically I was right there, was the data box over here there’s nothing in it but the data, box was still here Cuz, that’s a bunch of shite, whoa! I can put windows in here! Well apparently not anymore Come on you were showing up a second, ago, what’d he get, oh? Aw man, I broke it! oh somebody put a window. Off what it look really cool don’t feel like this is all analogous to my, time here in subnautica Stuff doesn’t work and they’re off sudden it’s like, oh.. You, you wanted to do that thing well now you’re in the water, welcome aboard It’s kind of annoying. so i need – hey Kev! What are you doing, just swimming around having fun? I need to start connecting this *** back up to that as, well cuz Right now that’s not a good In fact it’s VERY not a good Why won’t you let me deconstruct you cuz, you have a ladder inside That is my song that i’m going to sing for Subnautica, oh yeah. Deconstruct you but, now stuff isn’t the way I want it to be Okay, we’ll figure it out. I’ll deconstruct this so then, we figure out our plan of attack I can – still come out here and go across and up. I just liked the idea of having the middle be the place that I went in! Now everything’s ruined, you ruined my playtime fun! Okay, this might work. Let’s stick a vertical connector to you – No, I guess this works But is that really what the people wanted… I mean it looks pretty cool. Not gonna lie, that looks pretty cool I tried to make you come over and connect in here, but this is in the way so I can’t actually do that anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs everybody. I’m just going to keep building. Want to keep building as far down and as far up as I can go. As far up as I can go might be a problem because I have to actually be able to get up on top of that and That’s not really gonna happen in my current state. Wait, what do I need to make the alien containment Thing, do your pieces, *groans* ooooohh lots of glass and lots of titanium… I’m gonna have to do what most people in rural areas do, which is faarm. I gotta go get lots of things – not data boxes!! I’m gonna go look for metal salvage first, cuz Go go look for limestone chunks but it’s never guaranteed, that I’m gonna get what I want out of it. Ooh! Salt, yum! (sarcastically) You just do this for now Are you guys back in. And I think can put some waters back in. Okay, we’re up. We’re ready to go –
ready to – any metal salvage? HaHA, we have some takers. Okay, i’m not going out that way cuz. I want to take sally with, me, sorry, pepper i’m just gonna have to deal right now Pepper i could, try and put a window here if you want see it It’s doing it it’s doing it if i have glass it’ll do it that’s something to look out for because one of the things i like is being able to see out i Like being able to see out everywhere wherever i go and my bass thanks, by the way i mean i figured You’re, doing your job but it’s not a very hard, job it’s like is everything working yeah Cool it’s a bit, weird though cuz. There’s many of these that i’m adding it’s not telling, me my, base strengths anymore, oh? it is nevermind we’re now at four point three so i Still have a pretty strong, bait i’m making an aquarium the entire length of this by the way That’s my plan, ah? Seeing the old version of the game you’d be able to go all the way down Because it would remove some of the land but that started to *** up the game Whenever you were trying to do that so they had to get rid of it but you completely understand because if That’s what god is – better optimization in the game i am all for it? Before it did not run that, well oh? i can go one higher This is my problem i can’t really reach much higher Because it’s kind of out of my, area, unless they, jump up onto one of these Hell, yeah, oh? Nice i actually managed to, oh? I do so it’s one two three four five six seven eight there’s eight Look, at that fast It’s gonna, have all aquariums on the inside of it but i need a lot More glass and titanium now to be able to do this Stupidly, i left sally over here, and swam all the way, back at me on sally i’m sorry Didn’t mean to, oh? i could build another one if i could reach dip it Okay, whatever i need to dispossess some of this though because i need, my space it is time to commence operation. Aquario Because right now i have the world’s Largest amount of glass on me so i’m gonna take a bunch of titanium’s As money as i can muster Get rid of you? Nice okay, and then i am going to start building, my aquariums the dream is becoming a reality It’s about to happen, we are about to make *** i need, to make a hatch in the front of this i Had a piece of quartz and i got rid of it whatever man we’re just doing it this way doing it this way in my way and i don’t even have a ladder back in here now, so i’m gonna put that in You, go there otherwise i can’t even get into the rooms actually I can’t even get into the rooms anyway How the hell am i supposed to connect these Weeds but ladders know these, oh i have to farm even more materials than they thought i did, oh? whatever, oh yeah Dude this is gonna be awesome? Whoa, so can you swim up through here now, yes? Okay, and then put a ladder over here i’m gonna alternate the ladder sides And then build another one oh? I’m so excited for this and eventually i’d love to have glass all the way throughout, my base as, well They’re, actually another level, above, was like that crazy, did i do that i fucking, did i’m a. Nut job Someone locked me up This is all these rooms are gonna be used for is a giant aquarium And i love it. Oh that’s so cool Hey, buddies cuz, i mean i intend on having a lot of fish in here Okay, yeah i can’t go any higher because i don’t have any higher i intend on having the world’s largest aquarium I’m gonna, be like some sort of like maniacal Okay, i might have to get rid of the observatory in that area But attached components must be deconstructed first there is no attached components i don’t even have a fucking hatch there I’m taking away the observatory, because it’s messing up my symmetry There you go, okay, cool So, why do i have to use quartz to make a hatch and not just a piece of glass Think, about it Okay, you go down there, oh? it’s so weird to be Dammit what am i out of glass, oh? man well you need for a glass to make it geez i Already spent a half hour, going around getting glass Why can you hear water sloshing around, when i go by there Confuses, me right right, now i’m gonna build, my hatch Because it’s annoying, me that i don’t have it that i need to go, back up here and deposit all my titanium anyway You were in there how. Many didn’t need to – is that what it yeah – Well at least i’m still scanning for quartz, so that’s all i have to go off and get again It takes a really long time you guys to do anything in this game so you are going to hatch me real nice Just for convenience more than anything all right sally often another firm fill adventure how. You doing kev you’re, doing good i Might put you back in the aquarium eventually with everybody else it is strange that the aquarium oster doors opening, where did it sound like you died It is weird that the aquarium is just one set of like Ecology, then it’s like one set jesus it’s just one set of plants in there and then Outside of that it’s just one long tube for all that fish to go around it’d be cool if there The flora kind of extended beyond it as, well and i coated the walls or something i don’t know? No, chasing, me will you god you’re such sporadic weirdos stop Leave me, alone at the hole Didn’t even you don’t go home, yeah he did He listened seep not all bad Most of them are terrible but they’re, not all bad i also need to circuit more eggs as, well Some of them are around different areas i’ve, also heard that there’s a second cuttlefish We might be able to get a a brother or sister for kevin And i’m very very excited about that finishing the game building a rocket all that stuff that, was fine second coating, fish wow, we may, go down in here could i please yes thanks excuse me a quartz collector Quartz, collector yes quartz collector here to collect early, quartz I’ve heard that you’ve got an overabundance port here and you hey, so i’ve come in here to collect it yes quartz, collector Some of the rest of you are really hard to find so i’m not bothering, my, *** cheeks i’m just to leave Go, somewhere where there’s a lot of courts yes yes down here i like this Can’t you just put all the courts in like one area have like 50 of them You can just take from that would make, my move make, my life a heck a lot easier No, no no stay over there you’re infected still Go, eat some enzymes god jesus christ sally you know long as they sell have you been drinking, oh? Sorry, little fish Sally, sally’s been known to drink before ok drinking on the job is not allowed sally you’re part of altera corporation we have standards What do you mean i spent all their money? I’m not spending all their money i’m borrowing, and utilizing all their money i don’t know if you knew This sally, what i crashed and almost died? All my friends are dead, oh? Horse you didn’t have any friends That’s what made you start drinking in the first place remember Don’t don’t blame your father I’m not getting into this with. You, again, where is this Inventory full, okay i just picked up one of these eggs as, well these eludes, oh, oh, hi This area’s cool i’ve never been in here before i Was hidden right under my, nose all this time right over here in the grassy area hey revie’s, oh You’re, so cute can i get rid of anything Okay, i’m gonna drink, some water i want to see if you got an, egg on you people said they’re on your back I’ve never seen a reef back, egg before whatever Frank, barnacle copper or on your back And your table coral it’s table carl Weird but you got babies though i want to see some rafi babies I, agree life’s hard all around Hey, i am going to break some of this if i can Vittori fall goddamnit i forgot about that aspect, wait how much room do you take up i Don’t know all right i’ll be back revie’s because the, main reason being i can Actually scan for them now and i want to actually scan for refax and go find some babies on them Because i want to see how many
Reef packs are actually in the area i want to turn around and search for them and then see the whole game Light up, yellow with reef, back, reef, back, reef, back, reef, backs everywhere i get a, reef, back you get a reef? Back everybody gets a reef, back let, the great aquario quest begin, anew also known as resume i Want to build, my aquarium bigger badder better than ever. Oh wait i have an egg that i can put in That work, oh? So it the piece just keeps falling down There’s like a seabed that just keeps going down and down and down okay i Get you, what are you Rows of this these pieces of eggs, oh? gross keen up after yourselves will yet Do you, think this is a fucking bed-and-breakfast okay, um i need, more lad, ace Yeah, it’s not like i say laddies i need, more lad ace oh I humor, my spell Right there’s a query in piece number seven thousand four hundred and six Middle are everything just keeps for yeah i don’t know, what you are what are you gonna turn into You’re, gonna turn into something big and beautiful i? Hope so i probably actually could have checked your name already but i like the surprise It’s like when you, wake up christmas morning. You, want to know, what santa brought you? It’s kind of like that but with life Do i have enough to build this Yes i do thought i saw reds there for a second is that the last area i can’t go deeper i can go deeper What has science done i need one more glass? one more glass Nobody, has farmed this much ever in the existence of humanity But it’s, okay, cuz i’m up for the challenge I’m up for the quest it’s like it it’s like a mental Capacity sort of challenge it’s, like how, long can you go before you starts stabbing it everything For lack of courts i think this is the last, one that we can fit into our gigantic mansion of a sea bass Which is all right because It’s starting to get a little scary how. Much aquarium i have i Go, down anymore no can’t go down, anymore so there you have it The joint aquario Your man i don’t think the world is ready for this i’m gonna hatch down at the very bottom of it as Well so i can go inside and look all the way up, oh? my, god it’s so awesome Science has gone too far it shouldn’t be allowed to do this You’re, given a big giant fire too much power to play with Well since i supposed to do? Play normally, no a game full of mystery secrets giant creatures and aliens, what do i do Build a giant, where you To, be fair i did do all the other stuff first so It’s whatever now i can put in glass i wonder can i put in the glass here but he keeps telling Me that i can put in that’s not what. You’re showing me, oh That was kind of weird you look like, you’re putting it on up there and then it came in down here that’s weird Okay, stop being, weird i need another reinforcement plate or else this, whole bitch is going to go down in flames nice no, power Have you not been doing your deadlifts Take that battery out that’s a stinky battery, no one wants that one is a smelly Put that fresh, new, bad boy in you get it nice so they put in any other windows in here Excuse me window, salesman here to try, and see if he wants the windows no No i can’t That’s a big old poo? All right so this is almost all windows except for this one because that was initially supposed to be where my observatory Was which now i feel like man does not need observatories anymore because i can observe the natural universe that is going on inside my house i Can just observe the universe from in here Okay, you’re not telling, me, what my? Stuff is that but, my whole strength, is that so i’m just going to keep building until you tell, me that i can’t anymore And i need a lot more glass wow So, weird when you do this cuz. You kind of? You can even go into Like creative mode or the other modes where you can get sheets and everything and nothing costs you anything to do you can Take the camera you can, go all the way up to the air you can make a giant Base that goes towards the heavens but then it gets a little bit boring after a, while if you Keep doing that then you run out of stuff to do At least this way that’s why, i haven’t got into creative mode Yet and don’t intend on doing it anytime soon is because this is just more fun i get more of a sense of accomplishment Doing it this way It’s slightly, more annoying and time-consuming but it’s it’s fun i need, to get all that courts eventually later because i want just glass Oh all over my *** Well right now i want to change things up i don’t want to go farming too much too long cuz I, want to go search for my ray fees wanna go search for reese rid of the lou, whoa, wanna go search for reef, backs, and Find their babies, and make them mine frontier reef, backs everybody it’s done games over games finished, we did it let’s seriously all the reef backs that are around come on But seem like 700,000 of them when i’ve been playing the game before Maybe some of the cameras just aren’t, near enough to them i know, you’re not a Rabies all right, where are you dropping your bodies That’s what i want to know let’s get down to the thick of it let’s find out how. Many babies a reef back hats hmm It’s kind of cool, that your name is very self-explanatory Because you’ve got a reef on your back It’s pretty genius Okay i’m gonna get a piece of regressed rent the show. Gonna get some red, board i’m gonna *** up this tiger plant, oh it’s ***ing, me up ron, they didn’t find reef, back eggs So don’t know, where the iron i don’t know. Where they look, like i don’t know, where they look, like, guys i don’t know, where an english went But i got more of these things creature egg and unidentified a, whoa? hello, you wanna come for a dance You, better not it’ll like you hey rafi Oh i got very close Your, voice just shakes the whole world I’m gonna go back in and put these, eggs in at least i’ll really get some like, crab squid eggs I’m gonna give it a voice and eggs and all that kind of stuff i should just go down to that facility Where they, had all the eggs and just steal them all Yeah, you think i’m joking but i wish i could Because i think it’s hilarious that the eggs turn out to be tiny versions Like whatever creatures actually in here turns into a tiny version Casa, pod egg, where’s there another one oh? You, guys are layin, eggs okay, well i don’t want that That’s what more these guys doing then, what you are? waiting for you to grow, wait for you to hatch I’m gonna plant you in there don’t know, about the tiger thing being planted in here he’s a bit of a shithead last time i Know this of i had planted grow Hmmm, i don’t know. Ok tiny babies. You grow, big and strong for jack, ah it was a speed, fish that i got Spayed, fish egg discovered spade fish spadefish mother yeah, oh, my, god you’re tiny i Love that they stay so small they’re all adorable Okay, you guys, keep laying more eggs and i don’t like that More spadefish might be okay, more gas pods no no no you guys are, big ol smelly’s So i’m wondering can i get like reaper eggs I’ve never seen those but cuz ii Can’t go sleep i want to i want to, pass the day it’s nighttime i don’t like, that you are not tired enough to sleep Lies i’m very tired look, hmm Super tired, oh it’s just search for creature eggs that’s gonna be fun then i can go get all the eggs that i want i Mean a lot that i’m probably, gonna, be the same i need to memorize, what ones i had. Oh sulley you were in bad condition Thanks thanks needs to hear that after a very long hard, day very long hard day of not being allowed to go to sleep, again Imagine if that was what happened you could just wake up in the morning You’re, like oh i probably going Snooze just go to sleep for a little longer and then your bed was just like now. You’re not tired enough like, oh i Guess i’m not tired enough fit fit fit yes kevin no What are you doing, is he leaving kevin i’m so sorry, oh god i hit kevin Okay, are you, okay, wait kevin follow, me follow, me you know? You can’t drift too far And sudden, we have creature, eggs inside the fucking thing kev okay, you got it you, gotta stay here Okay, stay there i play here i’m so, sorry i’m so, sorry daddy loves you There you go it says, aw it’s all better now right high, five high five Okay, we’ll just do the same thing again, you’re easy amuse me to hit him, oh if you’re so bad Okay, what are you you’re a different ache i like you i like the different eggs the ones, that are different but, eve you’re, new i don’t know, what you are you were coming on the journey follow, me Like a spot egg that’s, gasps pod egg, the Main reason i want like a reef back and everything not only because i love them because i want to see them all tiny You, want to see teeny tiny versions of them all These, still growing, okay there one two *** there’s no creature egg there But you talk, about game that the mini fish shoutout mini eggs Okay, there you go my lovelies Grow, blossom into beautiful little children, okay, let, me leave this episode of sub know She’s here there’s a fun, one i’m glad, we built the giant aquarium next time i’m going to go Off and try and get more eggs that’s going to be my mission again And as always if there’s anything you want to see me do just let Me know in the comments and i will try and get to it as much as i possibly can I’ve done a lot of stuff now Like a lot of there’s a lot of the secret stuff a lot of the cool, stuff to see i’ve already seen By, now unless there’s something super secret that i haven’t seen Yet and i’m all ears to be able to see that but right Now i’m just waiting for my babies to hatch even though the game is lying to me telling me how Many always a lot of eggs down there Next time we’re going on an easter egg, hunt but for now. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it Punch that like button in the face like a boss! And Hi-Fives all round! WAPISH! WAPISH! And thank you guys and I will see you all dudes in the next video! Stop leaving these poorly done subtitles that were automatically generated, or made by an idiot. And stop leaving your personal comments, too. People get extremely irritated by that and it’s going to confuse the deaf people that watch this. Wanted to have like a, whole orphanage of all these babies with, no parents

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