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Organic Snacks for Kids & Fish Stick Tacos!!

Organic Snacks for Kids & Fish Stick Tacos!!

hey guys it’s Geneva Maria here and today
is Tuesday so I did all the of my grocery shopping and so I’m going to
talk about what I got this week yay oh it’s got the farmers market, Trader
Joe’s and Whole Foods those are my three go to stores, so I’m pretty familiar of
what’s there but sometimes I find something new that I’m really excited
about so I’ll talk about a few things today
I always start at the farmers market you never know what you’re gonna find really
great stuff it’s all fresh it’s local it’s all in season so I got
strawberries family eat seeds out there organic some great cilantro which adds a
lot of great flavor to tacos and salads and stuff like that of course
blueberries this season’s really short on blueberries so you’ve got to get
those when you find them at the farmers market and Rainier cherries one of my
favorites very little cruncher than bing cherries and the flavors not as
intense but it’s still really great. kids love them too so that’s why I got the
farmers market today and also some ground beef that I talked about that
last time so now Trader Joe’s I go there for flowers. They have a great selection
most the time and that’s a really great price so I got three bouquets today the
smaller ones were only four bucks and this third one was only six so fresh
flowers are a great way to add color to your house or put them in the guest bathroom
so when people come over they see that I think that’s really classy I always have
fresh flowers around the house what else I got at Trader Joe’s I’m
going to make fish tacos this week I’m really excited about that
so I got some pre-cut up cabbage I’m going to put them on these tortillas
that are flour and sorry they’re corn and wheat that are soft but they got a
little less carbs when just flour tortillas and the fish I’ve got is this
is kind of funny and these are actually not some trader Joe suspect these are
from Safeway these are fish sticks I’m sometimes it’s hard to make things
completely from scratch so instead of battering the fish myself and cooking it
which I’m not really great at cooking fish I got these fish sticks and I just
put those in the taco they’re really yummy
Gordon’s surprisingly is a great product for fish they have barely any
ingredients it’s like four ingredients great price so that’s what I’m going to
do man actually on the back of the that build your own tacos see up great idea I
love salmon from Trader Joe’s in the frozen section they have wild caught
salmon and you don’t want to do farm-raised you don’t know what they’re
feeding it so you want to get wild caught when you can and I got salmon this week
same as the only fish pretty good at cooking I’m gonna I think fry it in the
frying pan with a little bit of butter that sounds pretty good
also at Trader Joe’s they have the best dips and sauces again busy mama too
always on the go I don’t have time to make things from scratch all the time so
I get a lot of things pre-made at Trader Joe’s to add on to fish or steak or
whatever you’ve won added to just add some great flavor and a save you a lot
of time so this week is a new item Zaung sauce
that’s a very spicy green herbal sauce so it’s called the Indian pesto so I’m
going to use that this week onto some kind
chicken dish they think and also they have a great artichoke jalapeno dip YUM
put it on some chicken bake it in the oven good to go so the last thing I want
to talk about I got at Whole Foods my kids are snackers it’s all eating
snack all day so I always try to find stuff where I can hide healthy
ingredients without them knowing love grown is a great company they have
cereals that look and taste yummy for kids they look like the cereals that
counted crunch or frost up like so they’re made with way better ingredients
this one’s um they’re made with beans and lentils ah so you get your kids some
great protein and fiber which I know is always hard from me
it’s again a my yeah kids diet and they taste really yummy they would never know
and then I also Annie’s a great company I get their their whole-grain frosted
flakes there’s just yummy and sweet like normal
frosted flakes but they’re made with a lot better ingredients like whole grain
oats it’s another great way to get some protein and fiber in your camels and
Pirate’s Booty who doesn’t love that has actually on sale this week at Whole
Foods and stuff that’s on sale if you’re a Prime member you get extra 10% off so
yeah alright guys thank you so much for stopping by if you like what you saw
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