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Orientation at Fisher

Orientation at Fisher

Orientation at Fisher is a two-day
program. Students come to campus and are introduced to the campus environment.
They have a broad overview session. They’ll have some Fisher specific
sessions they attend over those two days. So orientation is designed to answer any
questions that students or parents have, provide that comfort level that everyone
feels that they understand what’s going to happen and can be successful at the
university. The morning of day one students and parents attend a
university-wide overview session. In this session they hear from faculty about
the differences between high school and college and then oftentimes they’ll
split up parents and students to talk about that general transition and how to
be successful. In the afternoon of day one, Fisher students and
parents will come to an information session specifically about business. And in this
session, it’s led by an academic advisor, we talk about degree requirements,
course selection, studying well, in kind of that general overview of starting to
think about picking classes for their first semester. At the end of the session we just open
it up for any Q&A and advisors just walk around. Any student or parent that has
their hand up that has a question, we approach them and answer them
individually. On day two, students come in with their courses already selected,
that’s their homework for the night before. And so they come in to their
one-on-one appointment with our courses selected and we review them to make sure
that they’re appropriate, there are things that they need, and they’re not
taking something that they already have credit for. After their one-on-one
appointment, they go up to a facilitated computer lab and actually get on and
schedule their own courses. They get to choose the days and times for their
classes for their first semester. The one-on-one appointments are only for
students and, so, while the students are in their appointments and then
scheduling their classes, Fisher offers a couple of options for parents to attend.
One option is with Fisher’s Office of Career Management, which is our office
that deals with anything related to internships, full time jobs, job search
kind of things and, so, parents can go and ask any questions about professional
development opportunities or the internship search that they might have
related to their student. There’s another session that parents can attend with
Fisher’s Office of Global Business and, if they go to that one, they learn about
education abroad opportunities, our global internship program and things
like that. Fisher really blew me away. Everyone was
super great and supportive and then actually meeting my advisor, it just
really made me feel like I made the right choices, what my major was to be
and what school to go to. My parents enjoyed the orientation experience.
They were able to see exactly what my life would be like on campus. I feel like they felt
really comfortable with the college that I chose. I’m just excited to be here. For Fisher, it really is about creating a family experience. Ohio State is a large campus; when students
come to Fisher, we want to make sure that they know that they are not a number,
we know you by name, there’s a lot of guidance that we can provide to students
and we’re happy to do that.

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