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Origami Fish

Origami Fish

The origami fish is an easy classical model we begin with a square shaped sheet of paper and fold diagonally we fold our triangle into a smaller triangle now we bring these edges aline open the fold now we fold this line to the corner turn over you can see how the corner touches the line repeat with the other flap this time you can fold the edges aline fold this triangle up and fold it inside this will be a mauntain fold and this will be a valley fold just fold along your crease and push it inside there are two layers take the lower one an pull it down I like to do it like so, not entirly out so I get a symetric shape, but do as you like you maybe this this crease fold along it, edge to edge be as precise as possible for a nice fish repeat with the other flap now there are two flaps pull them in inside and backwords (inside reverse fold) the shart line is intersected into 2 equal parts by the flap this will result in a middle sized fin repeat with the other flap those triangles will be folde inside just like triangle of the fin just push it inside the body and repead with all 4 triangles the precreases make it easier, but are optional for the fins on the side first fold like shown open and fold the edge aline with the crease you just created open and scaush fold like shown and repeat on the other side and that is your origami fish!

98 comments on “Origami Fish

  1. @Thechachafriends yes, if it's not to hard to fold, it should also work. please try, and report back with results!

  2. woah!….the constant 'rotating'-of-the-paper was really hard to keep-up-with let alone follow. I started to feel more like I was being asked to see if I could spot the sleight of hand in a trick of prestidigitaion were! Yikes! Still, my 3/4 finished bodged orange fish looks almost fish-like if I half-close my eyes., Think I'll stick to [6"sq origami paper] cranes and butterflies for my dinner party guests to play with. less stressful.

  3. hey thanks for this tavin! this is awesome. i have to do some origami for a geometry extra credit assignment. this helped out a ton! thanks! would you post more videos?

  4. cut it into a square otherwise it wont work
    you can use just about any type of paper, as long as its easy to fold, like wrapping paper or printer paper

  5. I really love your fish, but towards the end you start going very fast and I do not get the end, and i would really like to be able to make this fish. You begin to go to fast about after You say this is side fin or back fin, then I get really lost and I canot fnish the fish. Also you kinda get your hands in the way Other than that you do a fabulous job. I really want to finish this I love this fish

  6. Thank you for posting this but could you please stop moving its really hard to see where you are folding thank you~

  7. Hey, this fish is nice but it is very hard for someone who begins ! Thanks for the vid but please could you stop changing the position of the paper when it is not necessary, I just begin the origami art and that makes the explanations more complex to understand ! Thx though !

  8. pretty nice and simple fish to make, but the way you present it, is complicated, you're doing to fast and sometimes it's hard to follow you.

  9. I failed miserably about 10 times before I finally gave up. I actually used to be able to make this fish a few years ago, but I didn't keep up practice. I kept failing at the same point too, I was really confused.

  10. im stuck on the fourth step what line touchs wat corner? i haave reoeted 100000000000000000 times and failed each time

  11. This is the most difficult origami video I've ever tried to follow. There are much easier fish to make in half the time. 

  12. Goes fast, turns flips and rotates so quick and random, hard to follow. Plus both hands block the most intricate shots. Good origami, but bad video.

  13. it'd have been better if you had narrated with either text or voice!!!

    I didn't understand any folding pattern after 3 minutes.

  14. According to a book instructions is to use a fish base… I find your tutorial easy to follow but for the fins part. mine doesn't look like yours final result haha

  15. Well done, thank you. I was able to follow your video while muted and played on a tiny, pixelated cell phone screen and still managed to make a 3/4 inch fish out of a gum wrapper, so I don't know what everyone was complaining about.

  16. I think maybe it was a good video, but I may be stupid as what I have on my desk does not resemble a fish

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