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Originales Tacos al Pastor – ElSazóndeSilvia

Originales Tacos al Pastor – ElSazóndeSilvia

Hi! Welcome to my channel Silvia’s cooking like I promised before today I’m going to make pastor style tacos these tacos are delicious I hope you like them specially now that everybody are on holiday make some tacos you are going to love them remember if you like my recipes share them with your friends subscribe to my channel El Sazon de Silvia and thumbs up! let’s begin with the ingredients we are going to need 1kg pork fillet you can use a different part of the pork, leg, loin, whatever you prefer we are going to need 5 garlic cloves 3 peppercorn 6 cloves more pepper cummin marjoram a small piece of achiote paste this depends on your taste but it’s 1 tbs approximately 4 guajillo pepper this is a dry chipotle pepper also, we are going to need 1/2 cup vinegar (any) I’m using pineapple vinegar because that’s the flavor I like half cup of water I put the peppers soaking in 1 1/2 cups of water and if you want you can add pineapple if you can’t find fresh pineapple you can use pineapple in syrup in order to get the special flavor for pastor style tacos sorry, my mouth is watering we are going to grill the pineapple those are all the ingredients for tacos, but we also need cilantro (coriander) onion, lime and the special sauce for these tacos, you can see the recipe in my channel well these are the ingredients, let’s start we are going to beging wiht the peppers we are going to soak them because we want them to be soft so we can blend them in the mortar we are going to grind the spices we have here except the achiote and garlic the mortar is perfect for that but if you dont have one just use the blender let’s start grinding then add the spices little by little to get a good powdery look once the spices are grounded we are going to blend the peppers in the blender after they were soaked and are soft we are going to blend them save the water that was left of soaking the peppers in case we need to add more liquid to blend all the ingredients apart from the peppers add the garlic, achiote and salt add the spices and if you didn’t use a mortar just add them here to blend everything together and add the vinegar it’s all blended now we are going to pour it into a bowl remember if you think the consistency is too thick you can add a little bit of water that we saved earlier. The marinade is ready so, now we can marinate the meat once your marinade is ready we are going to add some to each fillet if you want to avoid the smell of spices on your hands you can use a brush or with your hands you can use gloves or a plastic bag, whatever it’s easier for you we are going to add the marinade in both sides not too much we just want to make sure that each fillet have the classic flavor of pastor style we are going to do this with all the fillets its easier with the brush I tried the marinade and I did’t need to add salt, it was perfect for me but if you think yours need some salt you can add a little bit more only if it’s needed now that finish marinating all the meat we are going to leave it in the fridge for about an hour I don’t recommend you to leave it longer because the vinegar has a really strong flavour and it can’t leave an acidic flavor, so one hour it’s enough cover the meat and leave in the fridge for one hour One hour has passed and the meat is ready for the grill if you don’t want to grill it you can add a little bit of oil to a frying pan because I don’t have the enormous skewers used for this recipe or you can make something similar and cook it in the oven but using the frying pan is the quickest version well, the pineapple I have here peeled we are going to slice it so we can grill the pineapple too cut each slice about 1.5cm you can choose the thickness for best flavor we are going to remove the core that it’s going to avoid the weird sensation on your tongue then cut in half and we are going to grill it along with the pork fillets we are going to put the meat first then the pineapple. The pineapple realizes its juices and gives the meat a fantastic flavor which is typical of these tacos. Smells amazing! I let them cooking for 3 minutes each side because these are thin fillets you don’t need to cook it for a long period of time, also you want it to be soft not crunchy. Take the fillets out of the pan Now we are going to slice the meat no, seriously! this smells incredible!! while I’m cutting the meat I’m going to heat a few corn tortillas these tortillas are delicious they are so soft and the are great for tacos well, now I’m going to cut it in small pieces it’s so tender that it’s falling apart flip the tortillas before they get burned hmmm this tortillas are delicious and the meat I totally recommend you to try it and to cook your family real tacos and they are going to love you even more cut the pineapple we are not going to add a lot of pineapple to every taco only 1-2 little pieces just to intensify the pineapple flavor from the grill and because it’s a basic ingredient for these tacos my camera man is telling me to hurry up because he wants to try the tacos and my mum who’s accompanying me and also checking how I’m cooking because she is an amazing cook the best one I know well this is ready, the tortillas are ready too and the most sides for tacos the special sauce onion lime and coriander let’s start putting everything together don’t forget the pineapple look at this! now we can add onion coriander the quantity is up to you if you want to add onion only or you don’t want to add anything it’s OK too and this sauce this sauce it’s just spectacular I hope you fancy this tacos that’s how they look the flavor it’s just amazing! I dear you to make them leave your comments and thank you for watching and remember if you like my recipes subscribe to my channel El sazon de Silvia (Silvia’s cooking) share them with your friends and thumbs up! and don’t forget to make this recipe!. See you next time!

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  1. Claro que sí sé antoja, Hola Silvia, que ricos sé ven y fácil de hacer, los preparo el domingo que sé reúne mi familia, gracias por compartirnos, saludos para ti y un fuerte abrazo para tú Mamy qué hoy te acompaña, y que Dios te siga bendiciendo. 👍😘

  2. sra. Silvia la carne se puede picar y agregarle el adobo y después freírla se ve muy rico estos tacos saludos bendiciones

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