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O’Tacos Giant GIGATACOS CHALLENGE in France!!

O’Tacos Giant GIGATACOS CHALLENGE in France!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Extra-extra very very excited tonight I’m going for overall win number 423 and my second in the country of France a couple years ago I got a win for a burger challenge down in Lyon, well tonight and I am in Lille, France and I’m here with Radim from the Czech Republic, you guys all know him we’re taking on at O Tacos they’ve got about 30 to 35 locations around France but we’re taking on their Gigataco Challenge now we’ve basically got until they close tonight at 10:30 and it’s doing like 7:30 so basically it’s a one setting time limit but this is about 2.5 kg or about five and a half pounds now it is filled with five different needs a couple different chickens there’s some hamburger I think some chicken cordon bleu chicken nuggets and then some sausage but we also each got to pick two sauces to go in there I went with samurai sauce and then a biggie burger he went with barbecue sauce and then I think an Algerian one but that makes we have it got one sitting it’s about 18.50 about basically 20 euros for this massive meal but if we finish it in the one sitting we’ll get it free through are you ready? Lets get this challenge started! All right now as I said they’ve got like 30 to 35 locations around friends they said about 12 people have won through out all the locations but the challenges only available during the evenings on Thursday so we’re here on Thursday we can take the challenge I don’t know what the record is I’m going to try to get this down you ready? All right I’ve got my timer he’s got head one two three good now you’re not allowed to use utensils So I’ll start on this side and work my way. 10 minutes and 15 seconds then I forgot to say the hardest part of this challenge it’s loaded with frickin french fries! Cool so we got plenty of time to finish let’s keep going! 13 minutes 20 seconds in go most of the tortilla here down but you’re not allowed to use utensils so it’s going to get a bit dirty Thank you! It’s getting serious! 26 minutes and 15 seconds in we just got a little bit left, which is a lot. I’m starting to fill up but we won with a big bottle of Coke to help us get the rest our bones keep going 38 minutes in definitely struggling, I know he is over there too but we got some time to work with will keep on finishing using the soda to get this down! Over fifty minutes and a couple bites left. There isn’t much but it’s a lot. 53 minutes and one second oh wow that was rough! Radim over here he knows he’s not going to finish so he’s going to throw in the towel and maybe take it home for dessert later but liked all the meat, a little bit rough at the end because you couldn’t use a spoon or anything but awesome challenge very excited and happy to have my second win in France here in Lille, France at O Tacos vs. their Gigatacos challenge I’ll be I think the 13 person ever to finish and probably not the record but just very happy to get the win so thank you see us and thank you guys for watching!

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