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Oven Baked Tacos Recipe | Cait Straight Up

Oven Baked Tacos Recipe | Cait Straight Up

Hey guys you’re watching Cait Straight Up
and I’m your host Caitlin and today I’m going to show you how to make an entire
tray of baked tacos at one time this video goes out to a super-fun subscriber
of mine Pauline who requested tacos so not only am I going to show you how to
make some tacos I’m going to show you how to make a bunch of baked tacos at
once I was super pumped the first time I did this I felt like I was like oh my
god this is a game-changer in the world of tacos because it’s just like so many
baked tacos at once and it’s awesome so I think I want to share with you guys and
when Pauline requested tacos I was like that’s the recipe I’m doing I’m throwing
it up there right now so I love tacos and I also feel like tacos is such a
vague thing you can have so many kinds of tacos you’re gonna have beef tacos
chicken tacos fish chocolates I mean taco taco taco I love tacos
you know I make a lot of gameday recipes here I do a lot of hosting I’m always
having friends over I’m always having get-togethers my birthday is around
Cinco de Mayo so I’m always having fiesta kind of parties where tacos are
necessary my least favorite thing about tacos is it’s kind of hard to make a lot
at once however this recipe kind of takes care of that you bake the tacos
you melt the cheese it gives it an added freakin bonus of flavor and you get
about 12 tacos at a time so it’s perfect so we’re starting our recipe by getting
our ground beef ready we have 1 package of ground beef that we are gonna start
cooking stove top just as you would normally brown it up any other time that
you’re using ground beef in a recipe while we’re browning our ground beef up
on the stove we’re gonna add 1 small yellow onion that’s diced nice and small
into our beef we’re then adding 1 can a very small can of diced green chilies
we’re adding a taco seasoning I like to make mine homemade is actually the video
before this one you could get the link right above it is something that is
really easy to make homemade but if you have to go ahead and buy a taco
seasoning packet you’re gonna let your ground beef
mixture simmer down for a little bit and just allow the ingredients to cook
together before moving on to your shells alright guys so we have just
regular old box of old El Paso 12 taco shells here I like this because it’s the
perfect amount to fit in a pyrex dish you could get a nice back here of
however many taco shells and a couple up front and it’s the perfect amount for
you to put into one tray into your oven so then you’re gonna want to line them
all up lay them up so that you can easily fill them it doesn’t have to be
perfect don’t obsess over this step it’s actually harder than you think to get 12
taco shells kind of in upright position so as long as they’re upright you’re
good it doesn’t have to be perfect so next up you’re gonna want to fill your
beef tacos so I like to do about one to two tablespoons per shell you could
always go back and fill any ones that look a little bit kind of empty but you
want to kind of press it down a little bit so it’s nice and firm in your shell
and you’re just gonna keep on filling throughout your tray you should be able
to if they’re standing upright you should be able to just kind of hold on
to them while you’re filling them once you got your tacos stuffed with its
delicious beef filling that we made stovetop we’re gonna take a nice taco
blend of shredded cheese and we’re gonna pour it over each and every one
so it’s taco night you decide how much cheese you want on your taco but I’m
gonna kind of do a healthy little love I’m gonna do a healthy little spread
there but just go ahead and put your cheese right over your taco again this
doesn’t have to be perfect guys it doesn’t have they don’t all have to be
lined up perfect it’s all gonna kind of bake together we’re gonna top it with
some green onion some scallion it’s gonna be great so just get your cheese
over there make sure that they are all nice and kind of covered it’s going into
a 425-degree oven for about 15 minutes until your cheese is melted after about
10 to 15 minutes in your oven your cheese is nicely melted over your tacos
they’re baked they’re awesome they’re ready to eat I usually just like to top
mine off with a little bit of some scallion I think it’s just the kind of
finishing touch to throw on top of your tacos everything else is baked together
all those awesome flavors that you added your meat is kind of cooked into the
shell into the cheese it’s really I mean this is gonna be a really special taco
if you enjoy tacos on the Reg then try this tray of tacos because it’s a little bit different it’s not something you’ve had
at a restaurant or for yourself at a different time and I really think you’re
gonna love it look how awesome those look I mean just
dig the freak in it looks so good little hot can’t touch them yet for me but I
can’t wait to eat them I’m going there right after this I’m gonna make sure to
subscribe to Cait straight up for more recipes like this on every Tuesday
sometimes in between on Thursdays and Sundays we try to get as many up as
possible for you guys so make sure to include your request below if you have
any questions do that below as well or you can always tweet at me
@caitstraightup I would love to see you guys follow me on Instagram I have so
many fun pictures I like to see what you guys are cooking so make sure to do that
there as well and other than that I cannot wait to see you next time
we is such a fun season of delicious freakin food coming up it is not summer
anymore we can like kind of add on a pound or two and not be in our bikinis
it’s going to be great we’re gonna have fun I’ll see you next time bye bye

9 comments on “Oven Baked Tacos Recipe | Cait Straight Up

  1. Tried these tonight and family loved them. Only difference is I didn't bake them for 15 min. Must be an oven thing, but after only about 6 or 7 minutes at 425 degrees these babies were golden brown and ready to eat. I'm afraid if I had baked them longer they would have burned or shriveled up.

  2. I made some last night and they were delicious! BUT, I struggled a lot with making them stand up, I would stand one up and the other would fall (after being filled). I really am hoping not to have to use the stand up ones as they are big and bulky and not as easy to handle while eating I would think. Suggestions welcomed.

  3. I always bake my tacos! You know how the package for hard shells suggests heating the shells up a bit in a warm oven before filling them? Well, years ago, I happened to buy a package that suggested filling them with meat first, and then baking them. They are so good that way! You can also add the cheese, salsa, and sour cream (I actually prefer plain yogurt) and bake it all together, then add your cold veggies like lettuce when they come out of the oven.

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