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Overnight Tropical Jungle Scout Catch and Cook w Barramundi Perch Eel Jack EP.406

Overnight Tropical Jungle Scout Catch and Cook w Barramundi Perch Eel Jack EP.406

Andy’s fishing Hi everyone Andy from
Andy’s fishing here I’m doing the intro right in the middle of the episode it’s
a good one mmm this is my breakfast I caught it
last night smoked eel mmm so good being in the jungle again so
guys enjoy it’s a mega walk in here but every time I come in the jungle catch my
food it’s um it’s great so enjoy the show you come across this sort of thing oh that’s a big logjam in the forest let’s
see like squish hmm the great thing doing these expeditions
is that I’m a human snail wherever I stop that is my home is everything in my
backpack oh the bad thing is climbing trees like
this right in my path that’s not too bad this one’s easy to get over what a boar
is in this sea then yeah a lot of borers yeah the river oh oh pretty small
life to find some better water but we made it what I’m doing is walking down the river
or in in the eel river or along the river wherever I can get to a good spot find a
find a hole it’s deep enough this is probably bit shallow and now here try and
catch some fish this big you won’t see him but yeah such a cutie I’m still good
him okay yes I’m just just working my way along the creek under trees through
tree. I quite like doing a bit of rock hopping so can be a little bit
dangerous but so as you step on the the dry rocks it should be okay a little bit
of a jump here okay let’s see if we can do it okay almost one it’s getting stuck
on these branches here oh my gosh put a I caught, that’s a
rainbow fish I think try to attack my lure I’m gonna keep that and use it for
shrimp bite over the shrimp trap there you better get him before he jumps off
that’s pretty cool we have shrimp trap bait these pretty
little fish will make good bite later on just thought I’d stop here and give you
another perspective on how dense this forest really is some you try and walk
through that it’s about kilometer an hour maybe 500 meter than our very tough
guy that’s why I like it it’s just so remote one too many slips and my shoes
are wet so it’s actually easier walking right in the middle of the river oh yes I’m gonna say to tarpon but I’m
not sure hasn’t jumped this is a very very light rod but if you fish the right
way all hang on that’s a jungle perch oh I think I have my dinner I think there
is a nice jungle perch that’s why I didn’t jump oh yeah that is a really
good fish I feel a bit guilty one that big, but I
haven’t got anything else at the moment oh wow that’s a good fish the size of
that oh I actually feel a bit guilty I don’t
think I’ll eat this guy this is a very very big jungle Perch and get you
in the shallows I’m gonna let you go come on buddy
that is a monster jungle perch Oh that’ll be better actually there would
be the fattest one over the court and it’s probably close to the longest one
of it the court to get a measurement on this guy he is that’s 26 46 centimeters
look at that there’s such a beautiful fish and I just stopped to have a little
shower before I find a camping spot what an amazing fish look at his color
on them and now yeah these guys are big breeders I’m I’m gonna have to let it go
like I can’t eat this guy yeah I’m still hoping for shrimp or or
eels tonight but what an amazing fish just Nina
glamour shot with this fish to wine Holly now the water too much longer of
it look at that that is amazing jungle perch, Wow you
know having caught one of these guys ages and to get one this big
is just really great so I’m just gonna let it go amazing that was amazing fish
I had to let it go they’re such a cool fish they’re not not
in big numbers that was probably the the heaviest one i’ve ever caught. I might
have caught one about the same length but definitely the heaviest and what are
you guys are asking is this little rod up to it I reckon it did pretty good
yeah a little-little real nice smooth drag and as long as you keep that rod
bent you’ll catch a fish yeah that’s that’s the lure that did
it go that way eccoda lure little tiny guy nice little oh so I’m gonna
hear a little bit more I think and then think I find a camping spot
it actually gets dark in the jungle really quickly it’s probably about 4
o’clock maybe maybe 420 or something like that I’m just going a little splash
in the river back here and here then find a camp spot I’d really like an eel
for dinner tonight they’re one of my favorite things in the bush and I’m also
going to try for some shrimp so this starting to get a little bit
dark I’ve got wet pants actually feel quite refreshed after the shower and a
nice fish but I find a spot to set up camp and now I’m trying to catch my
dinner yeah, smoked eel. okay it’s not that easy going
it’s been a big flood through here and it’s getting quite dark so hopefully I
can find a nice spot soon I think they’ve actually nice water
hole down here so we’ll just try and find somewhere next to it and I can
pitch my hammock but this doesn’t excite me in here at all
I ended up here that’s my chest right there oh man
it’s a nice water hole but and I can’t spot just sort of drop down over this
this log here and I need to go that way I’m lucky that was ground not water Oh looks fishy but I don’t know fishing oh
man how am I gonna get through here all
right guys I’m gonna keep moving through here oh I want to struggle gotta find a
campsite it’s getting really light but I can’t
help it’s got a fish try each of these holes it just looks so good
now it’s almost sunset and then it’s gonna get dark in about 10 minutes
Oh fifteen oh that last bit was not conducive to finding a camp spot yep
it’s getting darker and I’m still walking through knee inside deep water just not the right spot gotta find a
good spot so everyone this is not the place I wanted to end up tonight I’m
right in the bush here the creek is just there on the river but the jungle is so
thick after the storms that I can’t find a really good spot and it’s getting too
dark for me to see yeah this is just a little makeshift light I made up to film
with I didn’t bring a head torch which is a little bit silly at least I don’t
think I did I think I left it out anyway I’m gonna set up camp I’ll show you
where I am in the morning but I’ll get a fire goin and I’ve got a couple of
potatoes here I’ll put the shrimp trap out hopefully I’ll get something and the
Eel line, but I’m gonna cook the eel in the morning if I get one yeah
adventure in the jungle doesn’t get much more adventurous than this I think I
went at least at you know two K’s further than what I wanted to but yeah
let’s get this set up how do you like my new space man light it’s a strip light
that I’ve just wrapped around my head the things that are glowing there is is
actually my ears but I thought I find it pretty funny so yeah I’m gonna try and
set up my camp here I’ve got a tree over that way and a tree over this way and
this just gives me enough white to barely see so I’ve got a couple of these
strip lights I’ll ring them up shortly this is a fun trip the crazy things I do
got a nice fire going it takes a little while with the soft rainforest timber in
the jungle but the yabby traps been out for a while I haven’t put the eel line
out yet I’m gonna check the yabby trap first I’ve saved the fish so if an eel
takes the bait we’ve still got some extra bass I want to use the whatever I
catch in the shrimp trap as your bait so I’ll rig that up shortly that’s probably
good another 10 15 minutes to burn down until I can start cooking my potatoes
and I hope some shrimp so let’s go actually go and check that right now
it’s actually quite steep down to the river
I am yeah be traps down there somewhere I fell in before not put the trap it
that’s a bit of a yea 2 handed job to get up down i should be able to get let’s
see didn’t make it sit down here, there’s a gap with water here Oh
yep I can hear them flipping around well yeah a few shrimp in there I’ll set that
Eel line up the big one and a small one we use the big one I reckon we
want a nice eel , shrimp freshwater prawn whether you want to call them, just get out
front and a little feed him onto the hook and all I’ve got is just a spool of
thirty pound monofilament that’s all I shouldn’t need hopefully mr. Prawn hand
will just drop him in the water I was just trying to dry my pants and the tree
just moved let’s see if I can feel anything on that I’ve taken my shoes off
with that line all right there’s a nice meal for you a meal for any of you all
right nice little bit of coals Chuck that’s a bit close to the fire all right I’ll take 20 minutes I’ll say I just got
some creek water I got a little peppermint tea going on with some looks
like a mayfly extra protein very nice he’s not moving what okay now to see if
they’re done we get an off and yeah thing they’re done alright let’s eat him
let’s try mr. potato smells good so all I did was um I scallop the bit of the
potato out in the middle put a clove of garlic in it some pepper and some butter
he’s very hot out look at that yum yum it’s almost winter here and I’m sitting
by the fire without a shirt on it’s actually really quite warm I’ve got a
little bit of salt to put on the potatoes I um I didn’t put that on first
because I didn’t want the salt to suck all the moisture out of potatoes okay
the tree is shaking for a second time there it is trees moving Oh trees really
go wasn’t it having to do this I got a
torch I’ve got a camera and I got mmm one hand Oh yep that’s definitely an Eel,l
feels like an Eel alright I left to climb down there there
we go now where is he The line’s under my feet I can feel it oh
now he’s stuck now he’s stuck always wrapped around something yeah I can see
what monster Eel they’re under stick here he counts here he counts all right all
perfect size now how am I gonna grab him my foot under there on the edge okay oh
I was gonna hurt my back sure come on mister yeah
let’s see if I can grab him, I have him. I’m just gonna throw him up there
somewhat okay let’s get up there before you fall back here we yeah all right
we’ve got he ah I’m gonna have breakfast Smoked eel whoa
all right ah I’ll see if I can show him to you ah look at that he’s our good Oh
tequila’s now keep on a half good overkill a half all right that’s some
dispatching so how’s that crazy you’re fishing at night I haven’t even eaten
the first potato yet so in the morning I’ll show you how to prepare the eel
properly I’ve seen a lot of people do it and Australian eels you’ve got to do it
a proper way if you don’t do three or four specific steps beginner tastes
horrible the way I do on they’re extremely delicious
so yeah I’ll do that in the morning I think we’ll have a fish first though
because one of the / I’ve got to put put the eel in salt so that’s one other
things are going to do I still have a fish as soon as it gets light hopefully
although you know usually it’s a bit dark in here at night mmm but I love it
when a plan comes together that jungle perch was amazing fish eel bonus I got
breakfast and little gourmet yeah forest forest jungle potatoes just preparing
before you come throw them on the fire and then delicious I nice being out here
again it’s everyone I’m in the hammock
It’s time for bed I’ll see you guys in the Morning, more adventuring in the jungle she just I haven’t even gone anywhere
and there’s about a half a dozen Mangrove Jack right in front of camp here I’ll
make that 10 there’s at least 10 let’s see if we can get one more they’re very
spooky I just freaked out my god that was pretty cool
they’re hanging around but they’re very cautious very cautious thank you before
I go for a fish I’ll just show you around camp mmm thump there’s all this
timber here that’s been washed out by floods timber here’s washed out by
floods and this bit was actually a little bit bare so that was actually
good and luckily that tree and that tree just the right amount of pot this is
the hammock some pretty company especially if you if you’re in a place
where um yeah there’s no flat ground and this this is not flat ground at all
so just sleeping bag ground mat and a little pillow if you want to buy one of
these Hennessy make them this is this one I made myself but I have a look at
my eBay store Hennessy makes one that’s probably better than this but yeah and
then yesterday when I was getting the eel and the shrimp I was going down here
now from where are my feet are to the water’s about a six foot drop and it’s
um yeah bit of a pain whenever I’m walking through the bush like this I’m
always looking at the ground not at the leaves that I can see on top but at the
ground cuz my worst fear is stepping on a snake out here I’ve seen a few few
little snakes so far Keele-back snakes nothing too bad I kill you but I
don’t really want to be ill in the forest by myself okay
what a nice little spot don’t see anything right away we’ll go down this
ride have a flick got him yes. oh nice Tarpon was it’s
happened well fish for about half an hour but a couple lookers but yeah water
is very clear and the fish aren’t really biting so I think it’s time head back to
camp prepare and cook that smoked eel and then we can yeah fish fish a lot on the way home so if
you’re a bit squeamish you might want to look away for this bit what I’ve done is
I put a loop of line in his mouth and out through his gills just to hang him
up and you need a fairly sturdy tree that’ll become apparent very soon and
normally you’d gut fish but I’m not gonna do that because that’s extra work
so I just want to go underneath that first layer of really let that green
skin I’ll show it to you once once I get going so eels and I think this is a
long-finned eel they have pretty much two layers of skin so if you see that
layer there that I’ve removed that that gray there is actually almost another
layer no idea where this is to pull the skin off there we go that’s working very
nicely there when you get it right it just it goes very easy and it’s
literally just just that like the last three millimeters of blade that I’m
putting under his skin there so I’ve got enough and then what I’m gonna do is cut
a slot in the skin there we go and that becomes my little handhold I just peel the skin back like that now
that we’ve got it started and sound took a little what you can just pull the skin
down like so as file we need a sturdy tree any guy not the neatest in the
world but I’ve got skin off one side so that’s one secret you take the skin off
Australia kneels and this this fiber is second skin I actually really like that
that’s some I find that very tasty and you can see the the oil in that that
meat some eel is a very very nice nice meat so this is bottom so we’ll cut
about here I go beautiful little tree fern thing there that’s cool so I did
say we leave it as one piece but what I really meant was we’re not going to cut
into smaller pieces what I want to do is just cut it in half down the middle now
a guy literally literally just taking a fill it off one side leave the other
side with the bones on it and I know people are gonna ask me about
this knife it’s a real steel 101 and you can have a look on Amazon shop in my
description because everyone always asks about the knife and yeah it’s a great
knife for bush bushcraft I reckon very sturdy very sharp yeah there we go
there’s one Phillip the other one’s got the bones in it now deliberately
brought some salt and normally you brine an eel but because I want to eat it
fairly quickly I’m gonna use a quarter of the salt for each fillet those of
you that have never eaten eel before that pinkish hue and the meat that is
the most delicious part that white meat near so much but that pink you that’s
that’s the oils so what we’ll do is we’re going to get some
one piece of fill it for one bag no water needed you just throw it in there
then we zip it up we want it doesn’t matter if it’s airtight or not but we
want the salt to stay in there and we coat to fill it in the salt now what
that does it will draw the moisture out of the fish but leave all the tasty oils
in there so we’ll leave that for about I know 15 20 minutes enough time to make
our morning tea 200 grams of Phillip and a tablespoon of salt let’s get some
water and have some tea and now here I’ve just changed the lure to a little
shrimp that may entice some of the finicky critters and then we want to get
a few few sticks so that we can put a fish on the fire all right my tea is
done I’ve just made a really nice big bed of coals here it’s a little bit of
smoke coming off it which is good we’ll put some big sticks here and then we’ll
put our little sticks across here I’m just gonna flick as much salt off as I
can’t there we go and we’ll do we’ll just skin side down first I think we’ll
do is we’ll turn them quite quite often as well any one I think they’re cooking
pretty fast I’ll try this one this way up look pretty done the fins are burnt on
that one a bit but the rest of it’ll be delicious or that that bit there
especially there let’s give these others off as well ah my plate here is I
believe it’s a native nutmeg mmm that one go in brown let’s try some of this
eel mmm mmm very tender and nice is that check out I got the color on that heel
is my favorite food in the jungle mmm so much better than barramundi mangrove Jack
even crayfish and shrimp this stuff I don’t know if you can see it there’s a
little layer of fat right under there mmm oh wow and it’s not too salty
flicking the salt off before I put on the fire I think was the trick I’ve got
a fair way to get home but you definitely fish on the way home it looks so good
this is a trout stream they’d be fish all through here but not North
Queensland let’s keep walking see we can find a bigger pool just spotted Barramundi
and the openings on your tiny little fish and this big mangrove jack right
over here I’ll just walk through these reeds there Mangrove jack is looking
straight at me now oh there goes to mangrove jacks and the barramundi big
mangrove jack is still here let’s get a shot at here one another big mangos Jack
he’s not as big as the biggest one let’s see we can get a shot okay Lureis in the
war yep he’s on it he’s on it Matt he’s freaked yet not they’re freaked out
waiting we how cool is that he’s hiding right under my feet
oh it’s Barramundi, oh no it’s a mangrove jack. yes – no it’s two waters to clear for
them Barra’s got it yes put him I was
watching the Barra oh he’s the mangrove jack looking at the barramundi seriously
insane there’s the mangrove jack going away and mr. Barra’s just here yeah jack
is still watching let’s get this barra I know where Jack went okay little
barramundi he’s put any 45 centimetres long
hey cool is that all this mr. Jack right there right there swimming along look
ceremony mr. Jack oh all right see ya yep I can see three mangrove Jack
just swimming out in the open I don’t know catch him but who says
camouflage doesn’t work standing right out in the open
fish you’re looking at me when I still catch a barramundi
and just show you that lure I got him on I didn’t show you before but it’s a
yeah I’m saku and I think it’s an OOP dog sa nu P dog great little lure and
did the trick just now see when you’re nah I know I’ve just shown you that the
lure that I caught that fish on but the jacks aren’t going for the surface so
I’m tying on any Ecooda shallow diving and it looks quite realistic yeah I’m hoping
that cuz I can I can still see them swimming around here not right now but
every every two to three minutes there’s a group of them a school that that um
swims right by me Oh God now it’s something very small abandon grunta oh
and you didn’t really grab it in the mouth he must had a swipe at it and I
got it in the top of his head but look at that but has that first cast yeah
he’s talking very quietly they are very spiky little critters oh oh here we go
quite cute I think they’re or they’re one of the bigger bait fish in here that
the Barramundi and the mangrove jacks like to eat off you go buddy he’s good
there it goes ah oh there’s a bear is Bera don’t don’t even stop and think I
could be the one I caught before actually seemed fine yeah I think that’s the the one I caught
before looked about the same size and he did not go for that at all yeah anyway
that’s a might go round a bit for bit limited in this really shallow water but
that was very cool very cool indeed well there’s a jack there’s a mangrove jack yeah
thing that bit tom bit nervous in this shallow water let’s go find a little bit
deeper cool it’s not so easy funny so still quite shallow here let’s go a bit
further very dense all day and what’s happened is the main canopy is has come
down in all the storms and now all this under stuff undergrowth understory is
just just booming so normally we wouldn’t have all these leaves and
plants coming up but yeah it’s all just part of nature can I see anything in there you can see
the water but I can’t see any fish there not that I could catch them anyway you
know it’s just a mess ah I can’t even like get a bit access
here balancing that 5 foot off the ground with all sorts of stuff on my log let’s just have a flick from here I
think it’s nice nice hidy hole in this just bit of a tree in debris climbed out
a little further and there’s mr. mangrove jack swimming right at my feet
almost no hope of getting him at all I’ll drop the lure in but he’ll just
freak out straight away no debt oh it’s like a whole bunch of them that’s where
he was not all right going Oh Clearwater does make it tough very tough oh I look down and I think that’s a
mangrove jack just when I was saying it’s too tough
it is a mangrove jack there’s another one coming over look so many fish under
my feet I didn’t I wasn’t paying attention when this one grabbed it
he’s only a little fella here’s another one come look two more oh there’s about
six thing this is fun little guys but so much fun and great species is true so
far let’s see lift G up without falling off the log
actually he’s not too bad at all he’s definitely no legal fish but yeah nice
nice mangrove jack about 28 centimeters hey beautiful fish there alright oh wait
you go buddy there we go hey if you get buddy sorry about the release but he’s
good yep there he is yeah that’s cool just
out in the open well here he comes from all away
hey good Oh guys my rod okay guys oh just broke my rod and I lost the fish
that’s not a good selling point for these rods I mean that was a legal size
mangrove jack it was probably 40 centimeters and I did
have the drag up a little high so that was my own fault yeah I mean these rods
are really just for real small fish not illegal starts mangroves yeah fish is
still sitting just there there’s another one yeah I just pushed it too hard no
you get that Laura I just got that fish aren’t any Eccoda I’ll have to look at the
exact name of it but breaking that rule was my fault I um I did have the drag on
the rod the real way too tight for that little rod I just wanted to catch some
of these these bigger fish in here I might try and fish it just like that I
mean I can’t really cast it but if there’s a spot further down I might
might have another guy here’s a spot I can reach the water I should be able to
catch a fish it’s um probably one of the deeper spots in this hole and now I’ll
see how I go I think I’m pretty much done with this rod on this trip I can
say I am a bigger recoder see if that gets the fish going off I’ve
seen a couple in here but they don’t see me playing ball got a Barramundi am I gonna get this guy
needs every log oh and he snapped me he snapped me off
bagger that’s it that’s ha no just dropped it
I thought he snapped me for a scene no control with such a short rod tap it yes yep I knew he’d jump off I knew he would
jump off power they’ve got very bony mouth so everyone I hope you enjoyed my
video I’m doing generally overnights and catching Kooks now I’ll do the odd just
fishing video but mostly it’s the the longer format every Tuesday is when I
upload so Tuesdays hit the bell on the subscribe like on and that way you get
notified straightaway hopefully I’ll see you hopefully I’ll see you soon
thanks for watching everyone please subscribe and click the notification
bell so you get notified of my new videos I do them every week I’d also
like to say a big thank you to my patreon supporters and people who’ve
donated through PayPal some of you have gone far beyond what I’ve ever expected
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