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Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular

Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular

We’re in Grey County and we’re in Owen Sound. It’s almost like having an extended family for me. My family came to Canada and settled in Owen Sound a little over a hundred years ago and
they’ve really never left so I spend a lot of time here. I’m a person that is a huge believer in giving
back to the community that supports me. We represent a number of clients from
this area and we thought that this was one way in which we can give back to the
community by sponsoring this event and being involved in assisting in the event.
We have a very proud tradition at Lerners of giving back to the
communities and the regions and the municipalities who support us and Grey
Bruce and Owen Sound is one of them. We have, for a long time, been helping
clients and their families who come from this community and who need our help.
With so many things that unfortunately the governments are not fulfilling the roles
that they perhaps should be or they don’t have the money to fulfill those roles that I worry about not just my children but the children that
they may have because if we don’t do something we’re condemning them to
terrible future. Well many of our clients are people who get a lot of satisfaction out of being
outdoors and conservation interacts with all of those activities and Lerners is
happy to support efforts to keep those kinds of outdoor pursuits and
activities alive and vibrant and continuing to grow and we participate in some of those events ourselves in our own personal lives. You know, I’m not like a lot of other lawyers, I’m not sort of a shirt and tie guy
all the time and I like to be outdoors and do outside things and we have the
ability to get along so well and so quickly because we have those shared
interests so the Salmon Spectacular is very important to this community and this
region, it attracts a lot of the kinds of people who we act for as clients and it’s just a natural fit that we would want to support them. Well I think what’s special about the area is that
first of all it’s a beautiful area, my cottage being where it is Grey
Bruce is basically almost at my doorstep so we spent a lot of time here. Well people who live in Owen Sound they
live in Owen Sound because they like being outdoors, they like the natural resources, they like the changes in the weather in the seasons, and I’m with them in all of that. They’re also, dare I say hardy, and don’t suffer fools easily, and I see them eye-to-eye on that point too. These are people, that like me, started their day, and something terrible happened and I’m
there to try to help them figure it out. I try to talk to clients in plain English, I’m honest in the sense that if I don’t know the answer to the question I just tell them I don’t
know and I go find out and I try very hard to treat them as though they were my own family. Well I think that I first and foremost
bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise and from that knowledge you can help people probably more easily
than other people could. The truth is that there are a lot of lawyers practising in this area of law and what Lerners has as
compared to many of the lawyers in the marketplace is a lot of experience. We’ve
been doing this now over eighty years, that’s a long time so I would say that a Lerners lawyer, generally speaking, brings a body of experience and reputation and training that isn’t easily matched in other law firms but over time I think we’ve proven to clients that those attributes we bring to the cases are really worthwhile. They’re also going to have to deal with insurance companies and forms to fill out, they’re going to deal with people that are going to be trying to come to get information from them, they have to deal with the hospital saying we’re about to discharge your loved one and oh by the way the government no longer provides any support and you’ve got to go out and find that support yourself and you’ve got to pay for it yourself. I can take all of that burden off of their shoulders, they can concentrate on trying to get their
loved one better and not have to worry about all of the other things

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