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PALETEROS | Mexican Survival Guide

PALETEROS | Mexican Survival Guide

Oh my gosh, it’s so hot I feel like I’m melting. That’s called sweat, it comes out when your body heats up. I know what sweat is I’m not that dumb. I’d beg to differ. Is that what I think it is? Is it the elotero from episode 5? No, the elotero has a horn, this.. this is exactly what we needed! Those bells signal an escape from the heat a temporary oasis of freshness it’s the joy that fuels my smile, the warmness of my heart it’s the paletero! The pale- what? I don’t think I’ve even seen you run that fast! Like my mom says, this is the only guy worth chasing and for good reason Hold on, isn’t that the taquero from the party? Hey I got bills to pay too man. So why are you out here? He’s the paletero, the guy that sells paletas, which are frozen fruit bars. Does he have a permit to be selling these? This goes against code section 11473, I’m reporting this! Oh, he has a permit it’s right here. Okay, I was just kidding I won’t report him. So what’s so amazing about a paleta? It looks like an ordinary popsicle. Compared to paletas, ‘normal popsicles’ are trash! Take that back! Chris, paletas are made with fresh natural ingredients they have a hypnotizing array of colors and some have chunks of fresh fruit the flavor selection is never ending and includes things like strawberry, pecan, and so many others! There’s more? Yea, the flavors are actually separated into two categories Paletas de aguas, which are water and juice based pops. And paleta de leche, which are milk based pops. And a lot of the flavors are based on the traditional fruit you can find in Mexico. Flavors like.. Limón Guayaba And my personal favorite, mango con chamoy. It’s mango with a chili sauce. So all those paletas fit in this little cart? Actually yea, the push cart is legendary! It comes fully equipped with a state-of-the-art bell system. Two all-terrain tires. And the cart has a vinyl finish to show off the paletas. You wanna try one now? Yea, sure! What flavor is this? Sandia, or watermelon. Wow, this is so amazing! It’s so refreshing and cool! It’s like an explosion of flavor in every bite! You were right! This is way better than ice cream and ‘normal popsicles’! I told you so! This man holds the key to our heart. Paletas are happiness on a stick. I like that, it has a nice ring to it. Can I try yours? It looks really good. Yea, just be care- ful.. Oh my god.. I thought this was supposed to be enjoyable not spicy! Who wants spicy popsicles anyway?! He cries a lot huh?

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  1. Seller: I will quit because I am not making enough mon-
    Me: If you go out of business can you give me the WHOLE supply of Paleta in your house!

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