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Pan Fried Salmon & Spiced Lentils | One Pan Wonders

Pan Fried Salmon & Spiced Lentils | One Pan Wonders

Hey guys welcome back to chef
development and if you’ve got keen eye you will probably notice that the words
you are hearing right now are not the words coming out of my mouth. Somehow I’ve
managed to film this whole thing without recording any audio whatsoever, I have no
idea what’s happened. I’m an idiot basically! So here I am gibbering away to
a microphone that’s not even on, probably extolling the virtues of this wonderful
dish that we are doing today. Why don’t we just crack straight on while I sit
here and think about what I’ve done. Today; one pan wonder, pan-fried salmon
and spicy lentils. So for this recipe you’re gonna
need: 2 fillets of salmon, some olive oil, some green lentils or Puy lentils
work brilliantly, a red onion, teaspoon of cumin, one garlic clove, a little bit of
balsamic vinegar, some pickled ginger, soy sauce, tomato ketchup and sweet chili
sauce, some fresh coriander and finally a lemon. First thing I’m gonna do is soak
our lentils, preferably you should be able to do this overnight to get the
best results, but thirty minutes will be absolutely fine.
This soaking is gonna help plump up your lentils, hydrate them slightly, which
means you’re not gonna have to cook them for anywhere near as long, or as hard, so
there’s less chance of you overcooking them later on. Once your lentils are
soaked drain them through a sieve and put them to one side. Now this
is a one pan wonder so we’re going to be using a frying pan to this whole dish.
So put your lentils into the frying pan, make sure you get all of those guys in
there, then you’re going to add enough water just to cover your lentils. Now
normally I’d be saying make sure you added salt to the water but these are
lentils, so pulses, beans, lentils; we never add salt to the water because it ends up
making them tough. So put the salt away you can put it in a little bit later
once everything’s cooked. Bring the pan up to the boil and cook for about thirty
minutes or so or until the lentils are just tender. So while the lentils are
cooking that’s the perfect time to start getting the other ingredients ready for
this dish. So you need to slice your red onion, you can crush your garlic, I’m
gonna use a microplane again, I love this thing it just makes a perfect puree every
time and then just chop up your pickled ginger and your fresh coriander and
you’re ready to go. Once your lentils have had the cooking time, make sure you
taste them to check that they have cooked all the way through. The last
thing you want to do is have crunchy lentils in this dish. Once they cooked
drain them off and then put them to one side. Now we come to the salmon, this stuff is
delicious, now we’re gonna season it really really well with some salt and
black pepper. I would season it all over skin side and
flesh side, people don’t season their fish enough and therefore they never get
it to taste as good as it needs to be. Try make sure when you get your fish if
you fillet it yourself make sure you’ve scaled it properly. If
you’re getting your fishmonger to do it or getting it from the supermarket just
check that that skin has been scaled more often than not especially from
supermarkets they leave the scales on not what we want for this dish. So the pan you just cook the lentils
in give it a wipe out and you can put it back on the heat with a little drizzle
of olive oil inside as well. Make sure it’s really nice and hot, then you can
start adding your salmon. Place the salmon into the hot pan skin side down
now make sure you push it down gently like I’m doing here, this is to make sure
that the skin is flush into the pan. Salmon skin has a tendency to curl up
when it hits the heat of the pan, so we push it down flat to make sure that
every part of that skin gets nice and crisp. This is the only way you can
guarantee super crispy skin on your salmon. Fry those salmon fillets for
about 3 minutes on a high heat until that skin is nice and crisp, then
carefully flip over the salmon and cook on the other side for another 3 minutes
until the salmon is just cooked. You don’t overcook that salmon so make sure
you’ve just got a nice little line of dark pink fresh running through the
middle of it, just like you’ve got here when it looks like this that fish is
ready to go and it’s going to be perfectly cooked. Once that fish is ready
remove it from the frying pan and drain it on some kitchen paper. Put it to one
side and leave it to rest while you finish off the rest of this dish. So to
finish off this dish we need to do is add another splash of oil to the pan and
put over a medium heat, then add your red onion and garlic and cook until it just
starts to soften. Add your cumin, stir over the heat for another minute or so,
just to cook out those spices then you can add your balsamic vinegar and
cook out for a minute until almost completely evaporated.Then add your
cooked lentils, your pickled ginger, your soy sauce,
ketchup and sweet chili sauce, your coriander and the lemon juice to the pan
and stir everything together until heated through.
Taste and adjust the seasoning of this dish add some salt and pepper is necessary
and then this dish is ready to go! Let’s get it served up with that salmon! So here I am eating my dish talking to a
camera and a microphone that isn’t on and probably say something very funny
and poignant and was likely to be a viral sensation, but I guess we’ll never
know! So if you like this recipe why not hit that like button and if you’re new
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watching, I’ll see you next time! BYEEEEEEE!

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