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Pan Fried Salmon with Creamy Lemon Spaghetti

Pan Fried Salmon with Creamy Lemon Spaghetti

Today I’m making pan-fried salmon with
creamy lemon spaghetti and courgetti. Okay let’s start cooking! So we’ve got
around 350 grams of spaghetti that were using here. I’ve got a pan of simmering
water over there. I do find it hard not to use a whole packet of
spaghetti for four people, i am a little bit of a carb addict,
but we have got courgettes spaghetti going in here as well so we can lower
the amount spaghetti a little bit. So that’s about 350 grams gonna put that in
there and then let that bubble away, and then next we’re going to turn the pan on
and we are going to heat up a little bit of olive oil about half a tablespoon
should do it and then I’ve got a teaspoon of butter as well in there, and lets go for a spatula. So
here’s the salmon we are going to use for four people we’re going to use 3
fillets of salmon, you could probably get away with two fillets if you wanted
to but I find that we’re quite a hungry family so three is good for us. Sprinkle with a little bit of salt and pepper before we put that into the pan.
You’ll notice I’ve got this wrapped in lovely grease proof paper like I’ve just
picked it up fresh from the from the fishmonger but I haven’t just go from
the supermarket really look nice okay so that butter is just starting to melt and
we’re going to put the salmon into the pan skin side down first.
So in goes one, in goes two and there’s three. Give My hands a little rince. okay so we’re going to go for about
three minutes on each side that won’t cook it fully but that’s okay because
we’ll be taking it out and shredding them up and putting it back in
later to carry on cooking so that’s it that’s very nicely let’s just leave that
alone with a little bit so three minutes on that side now we’re going to make our
courgetti, so let’s get spiralizer and we get our courgette here. Just a
regular medium courgette what I’m going to do is just get my chopping board and
just chop the end of that so I’ll move that over there get a couple of things
out the way find myself a knife so I’m just gonna cut the end off there and
that just makes it a little bit easier to get into the spiralizer. Got to say
when I first bought this spiralizer I did worry that it was going to be one of
those things that was just going to go left in the back of the cupboard but I
actually do use it quite a lot so it’s good not just for courgetti but you
know even for making spiralized potatoes for making those really skinny fries and
for carrots things like that it’s great to put into salads really it gives quite
like cougettii they prefer spaghetti but I’m just about starting to get to it
and get them getting them to eat it and I think one of the things I like about
it is that the the strands of the courgette are massive you know you can
get like a meter long strand there, just stop that over flowing bowl okay that bit off the end there get rid
of this I have actually got a bin down here I’m not just chucking rubbish on the
floor. Then lets just put all that in the bowl So whilst I’m here I’m gonna cut up the
sugar snap peas, I have got about 85 grams of sugar snap peas they’re, that about a cup full, just just chop them roughly really just into the nice little bite-size chunks. that salmon is almost ready for turning just finish these off first so it really
rough don’t worry about making them look neater pretty Right I’m going to turn the salmon over Thats just starting to brown nicely on
the skin side, we are going to be removing the skin as well of course
because this salmon is gonna get flaked up nicely in the salmon dish
and I’m just gonna get my tongues out and agitate this spaghetti a
little bit so it doesn’t all stick together so what we actually do with it spaghetti
is we kind of cook the spaghetti so it’s almost doing it so it’s about a minute
from being cooked and then right at the end we add in the courgetti and we’ll
also add the sugar snap peas into the water as well and that’s just to heat it
through so they’ve still got a nice little bit of crunch and they don’t kind of
come out all mushy, you want them to be lovely and vibrant and green so now that I’ve
turned the salmon over I’m also going to add the onions into the pan so that they
can start cooking so I’m going to turn the heat down a little bit so I don’t
want to burn the onions let’s just add those around the salmon about here and
that starts the onions cooking nicely so the idea for this dish is to just try to
get everything else cooking and prepared and completed by the time the spaghetti
is finished so there’s a little bit of a race against time but it’s fine it
doesn’t take that long to do right so now that I’ve got the sugar snap peas
cut as well it’s gonna put those over here and oh there goes one in my cream but dont worry about it Going to get my board out for my salmon let’s get a knife and fork that’ll just help me
get the skin off the salmon so keep those onions moving you really want them
to be nice and soft so you know kind of five or six minutes and they should
soften up nicely really That salmon it’s looking pretty good it’s just going to
flake at the edges just at there at the thin end so I’m gonna take that out in a
minute just whilst that is finishing up I think
what I’ll do is get my garlic cloves so we’re going to put two garlic cloves in
with the onions wants the salmon comes out so take those out here is that over
to one side and just give them a little bash with a knife just to help get the
skin off and you should hear a pop when that’s when that skin is ready to come
off and then we can peel it hopefully peel it there we go. Little tip
for you if you do find that your hands are smelling of garlic once you’ve
grated the garlic or chop the garlic or peel the garlic you can just run your
hands under some cold water and just give your fingers a rub against some kind of
stainless steel so if you’ve got a stainless steel sink or one of those
little stainless steel soap bars that’s really handy for removing the smell of
garlic so I’m gonna cut my garlic crusher at the ready get the garlic in
there alright and that is ready so now I’m going to get rid of this rubbish try
to keep the kitchen tidy as I go and put the salmon onto the board one two three just leave that on there
for a minute so as you can see it’s kind of cooked at the bottom here and it
should the skin should peel off quite nicely but it’s still quite pink in the
middle and that’s fine it will poach in the cream in a minute anyway
so let’s give these onions a little stir, the’re now just starting to
soften nicely and I will add in the garlic, just get a knife to get that lovely garliciness out and
that’s just going to cook for another minute or two before I put anything else
in there so whilst those onions are cooking let’s give the spaghetti a
little bit of a move around again that is not far off from being ready and then
let’s get the skin off so that’s peeling off quite nicely you’ll find it’s a
little bit harder at the thicker end the skin wants to stay on there I always
take this little brown bit off as well because the kids complain when they see
brown bits of fish even though it’s perfectly fine to eat, let’s get that in the bin, and another one here you can see that’s just pulling off
nicely and that little brown bit just under the skin as well for that and now the
a third one so like I say three fillets is pretty
good for four people I find four four you know fairly hungry people but you
could get away with to just stick a few more veggies in there if you wanted to
so let’s give these onions a little bit of a stir and now I’m going to turn up
the heat a little bit and I’m gonna add in just a little bit of white wine just
to bubble away you only need a couple of tablespoons really just gives it a
little bit of extra flavor you can leave it out if you want to it’s quite
optional and that’s bubbling up nicely with the onions and the garlic and
once that’s bubbled for a minute then we can add in the cream so I’ve got about
five tablespoons of cream there and also that sugar snap pea that jumped in there
from earlier, let’s add that in give it a little stir and then we’ll just let that
heat up slowly and I will zest the lemon as well so I use about the zest of one
whole lemon in this dish and then I also tend to zest a little bit just to put on
top as a garnish at the end it’s also quite nice to put a little bit of lemon
juice in at the end as well it just adds a little bit of extra flavor with that
cream you might think it might split it but it doesn’t split the sauce at all it
just cream kind of reacts with the lemon juice and just creates a really lovely
savory flavor so I think that will do and then let’s add this salmon back in
and we can just flake it up in the pan okay with that, move that out of the way
and then just flake it gently with your fork and that will just continue to cook
through for a couple of minutes with the cream with and with the onions so it you
know really only probably needs another two or three minutes and that’ll be
lovely and soft and tender, I might just add another little pinch of salt and
pepper there again that’s totally up to you I think that the spaghetti is about
a minute away from being cooked so I’m going to add our spiralized courgette
into the pasta pan there we go and also add it in the chopped sugar snap peas so
they’re gonna be lovely and crunchy let’s rid of that as well and clear our
work area a little bit Ok so, get my tongs just move it around a little bit
that spaghetti is practically cooked so just before I drain the spaghetti what
I’m gonna do is take about a cup full of the pasta water let’s get a scoop here
and this water is lovely and starchy so if you’re making any kind of pasta dish
where you’re going to be adding the pasta into the sauce and you want to
make sure that you know the pasta is lovely the sauce is lovely and thick and
kind of creamy the starchiness from the pasta actually adds an element of
creaminess to it as well so you can use it to kind of loosen up
the sauce without the sauce turning really watery so I’m just going to put
that to one side in case I need it a little bit later turn this down a little
bit let’s give it a little stir and that salmon is pretty much done so still a
couple of little pink bits in there I’m gonna turn off this spaghetti now and
I’m going to go over to the sink and I’m going to drain that carefully let’s just put that back in the pan so we
don’t dribble water all over the kitchen and then now that can go straight in the
pan with the salmon, so you can see just how lovely and bright and
vibrantly green the courgette and the sugar snap peas are there so they’ll
have a nice bite to them a nice crunch and that that courgetti wont all
kind of fall apart it’s only being cooked for one minute so just as that
it’s kind of mixing together I’m going to add in a little bit, just get my chopping
board, a little bit of lemon juice so I’m going to chop that zested one
and what I find to do sometimes is and you can use a juicer which I often do
but if you just want to be a little bit quick it’s just to cook the very edges
of the cheeks off the lemon because there’s often not very any seeds in
there so you can just squeeze without worrying about getting any seeds in your
dish okay and I’m going to add a little bit of that pasta water from befor just to
loosen it up a little bit there we go and then let’s test the pasta together again so mix it all together and then what I’m gonna do at
the end there is I’m going to put it onto a plate
and I’m going to do a little bit of lemon zest on top, some Grana Padano and
some black pepper as well and serve it with some lemon wedges, so let’s get a
plate out, over here this is the bit now where you see how long this courgetti
is because I won’t ever be able to get it on the plate in one go and try make it
look pretty at the same time well let’s do our best here, so if you’ve never had a
courgetti I would definitely give it a go
myself I don’t tend to go with just courgetti because I really do like my
pasta so I tend to go half and half and that works wonderfully so this you’ll
probably find the salmon is kind of gone to the edges at the pan a little bit
here and that’s fine just grab a few pieces of those really beautifully
cooked pieces of salmon and then I’m gonna bring it over here and let’s add a
little bit of a lemon zest to the top it’s just a beautiful lighter way to
serve pasta really so we can see that a little bit of Grana Padano and finish it
off with some black pepper and thats it, we’re done

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