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Pan Fry Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce | Pan Seared Salmon with Ginger Garlic Lemon Sauce

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to share with you pan-fried Salmon with the ginger garlic and lemon sauce and how do I do it I’m going to share with you I have a three-pound of a Salmon so I’m going to use a half of it so the first step will be the marinating and the second step will be the sauce so I’ll marinate Salmon with the black pepper and salt is a 1 teaspoon each and all-purpose flour and we’re going to use a couple of 4 teaspoon olive oils or pan fry to make our delicious sauce I’m going to use a 2 tablespoon butter salt will be according to taste but I’m using a 1/2 teaspoon 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon each diced onion ginger garlic cilantro 3 tbsp lemon juice what I had done I cut the salmon into small pieces even this is fresh I washed it with the cold water and a patted dry salt we go into season salmon the black pepper and we’ll do the same thing turn it over and the seasoned bottom also and black pepper now grab salmon and I’m going to give a coat nice coat of all-purpose flour so once it’s coated put it back on the plate I’ll finish up the rest the same way all the Salmon pieces are coated nicely and now we’re going to pan fry these I’m going to use a nonstick fry pan and we’re going to keep the gas medium I’m going to use a couple of TSP olive oil I’m just going to make sure that all the bottom is covered with water so I’ll lay out the pieces down like this and keep your flame to medium we don’t want to disturb them for three minutes it’s about three minutes of cooking as you can see it’s nicely in the color once we’re going to cook the other side now on a medium flame we’re going to cook the bottom side with the skin on for like five to six minutes and now I’m going to prepare my sauce all have pan ready bring butter once butter is melted bring ginger garlic now bring onion we’re going to cook it for a couple minutes I will add salt as well the five minutes they are looking beautiful nice in color and now I’m going to turn them over before I do that going to cook on the side so I’m going to put it on the side like this so each piece we’re going to do it like that so we’re going to leave it for like a minute then after one minute I’m going to turn it on put it on this side I’ll bring soy sauce lemon juice we going to going to keep it for one minute to the all salmon pieces are really cook but I’m going to bring it on this end so it will give my crispy look bring your gas to low medium and we’re going to keep it for five minutes and let’s go so what sauce is ready I’m going to turn the cap off with the low flame we cook it for five minutes and I’ve turned the gas off look at how beautiful perfect our salmon is all ready to bring sauce ginger garlic lemon sauce I will quick and easy Solomon fish with the ginger garlic lemon sauce is already and I hope you like it and if you like it please like subscribe easy steps cooking thank you BYE BYE

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