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Pan Seared Wild Chum Salmon Fillet with Seasonal Salad by Chef Ned Bell

Hi friends it’s Chef Ned Bell here for the
Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver and my baby YEW Seafood + bar. And today I’m goign to
show you how to make an incredibly simple, really fast, nutritious and affordable salmon
recipe that you can duplicate at home for you and your family. Now I love wild salmon.
We have 5 species of wild salmon in the Pacific Ocean and depending on the season… who doesn’t
love sockeye salmon? Who doesn’t love pink salmon? Or spring salmon? One of my favourite wild salmon is
chum salmon. Because first of all, it’s delicious! Second of all, it’s affordable. And it’s plentifully
available. A great salmon and really simple to cook. I got this wild chum salmon from
my good friend Shaun Strobel at Skipper Otto. Skipper Otto’s is a phenomenal Community Supported Fishery
that I love using in my restaurant and more importantly I love using it in my home because
the quality of the seafood is second to none. I just realized here that I have my great
little Skipper Otto’s sticker. I think now this has to go on my chef jacket so that I
remember that I’m cooking chum salmon today. So let’s go cook the salmon really quickly.
When you’re pan searing you want to start with a really hot pan. Hot pan, some Canola
oil a little bit of kosher salt sprinkled on top. I just like to keep it simple. When
you put the salmon in the pan always put it away from you. The reason that you’re doing
that is so that it doesn’t splatter on you or your fingers. So a couple of minutes on
this side. Like so. Great big thick heavy duty cast-iron pan or stainless steel pan
that’s hot with hot oil, you’re never gonna have it stick. A little bit of a trick when
you’re cooking anything in a big pan like this and you want to flip it, pull it
off the heat, turn the heat down a bit, and then all you gotta do is get in there with
your hands and flip the fish like so. Really simple, right? Maybe 2 to 3 minutes per side
for a 5 ounce piece of fish like this is all you need. So you want to make sure that you
do not overcook this. I finish with a little bit more flavour. So, butter just to sort
of glaze. Of course butter tastes great. The lemon… for the acidity and the citrus. And
then what you do… you just nap it over the salmon like so. Look at that gorgeous glaze.
Chum Salmon looks fantastic, salty, caramelized crusted chum salmon. Perfect. Ready to rock.
Let’s go to the plate. Alright. And there the salmon is all ready to go. Perfectly cooked
and it’s going to taste awesome! Alright. We’re doing a salad. Now the great thing about
salads is that you can build the salad however you want. You can throw as many veggies, as
many different ingredients in it. The recipe can evolve depending on what the season is
or what you’ve got in your fridge right now. 2016 is all about pulses, or a fancy name
for chick-peas, lentils, dried peas. Things that are going to fill up your tummy but are
going to be delicious. I have a little bit of butter lettuce here. We have our canned
chick-peas, that have been rinsed. I’ve made a roasted red pepper hummus. I have some sun-dried
tomatoes, it’s all about flavour without too much fat. Black olive tapenade, again a little
bit salty. Lots of flavour. We have some Windset Farms heirloom style tomatoes. Colours are
just fabulous. And then we just have a simple lemon vinaigrette. You can use any vinaigrette
that you want to make or that you’ve got in your fridge. Then we take our wild, chum salmon
and we put it right on top. We have some dried olives here. Oh my goodness, this is looking
incredible! And there you go. This is our wild chum salmon from Skipper Otto, our friends
at the Community Supported Fishery. A fishery I love to support. You can support it, too.
Look them up. Go to the Farmer’s Market. Skipper Otto. All about great ingredients. Affordable
chum salmon. That you can do at home. Look for more recipes.

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